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Top & Best Children’s books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s books: How to choose the best in 2022

Books teach new words, develop reading, and let your imagination run wild. And if for adults they are very positive, for children they can be even more. That’s why today we will talk here about children’s books, be very welcome!

In a multitude of titles and genres, children’s books are allies of children and can be a great way to teach them from early childhood.

And if you are looking for one of these for your little one, know that in this text we will explore the entire universe of children’s literature and at the end of reading you will be ready to choose the best one. To do this, just continue with us until the end.

First, the most important

  • There are children’s books for children of all ages, and it is essential to choose options that are suitable for the age group of those who will read them.
  • For younger children books with textures, designs and many colors are the most beneficial.
  • It is essential to encourage reading among children, and for this there are children’s books with an initial value starting at R $ 1.

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Ranking: The 4 best children’s books

Amid so many options for children’s books choosing the best is no easy task. However, there are titles that are truly successful and appeal to a large number of children. To show you what they are, we created this ranking. Check out:

Buying Guide

Reading is essential at any stage of life, but in childhood it is even more important. That’s because it helps in the knowledge of words, develops reading, stimulates the imagination and much more.

To make this moment even more fun there are children’s books, titles that bring the most diverse stories to delight the little ones. And if you are looking for one of these, but still have doubts about which one to buy, just continue with us, because in this shopping guide we will answer all of them.

What are children’s books?

Children’s books are titles created specifically for children. Thanks to this, they have language, images, textures, leaves and many other aspects specific to them and that differ from the options more geared to teenagers and adults.

This is a very broad branch of literature and there are thousands of options for children’s books designed for children of all ages. Currently, options are found in paper, in fabric and the newest are digital, in e-book format.

Did you know that on April 18th, National Children’s Book Day is celebrated? That date was instituted in 2002 in honor, a writer famous for stories like and who dedicated himself to children’s literature.

What are the benefits of children’s books for children?

All child development experts point out that reading is an excellent tool for children’s growth. That is precisely why there are so many options for children’s books for sale.

Thus, the first major benefit of these products is that they contribute to the development of concentration, vocabulary and memory. They also help with reasoning and attention, working in oral and written language.

Other positive points of children’s books are that they stimulate curiosity, imagination and creativity. In addition, they present the world to the little ones without the need to leave the house.

It should be noted that this type of product makes children more curious. They also help to create empathy with others and improve their behavioral problems with aggressiveness and hyperactivity.

In view of all these positive points, it can be said that children’s books have no disadvantages and every child who has contact with them is greatly benefited.


  • There are different genres and stories
  • Help the development of children
  • Improve behavior
  • They act on imagination and curiosity
  • Assist in oral and written vocabulary


  • Do not exist

Paper or digital children’s books: Which to choose?

When it comes to books, there are people who are passionate about paper copies and others who adhere to digital very well. However, which is best for children?

The truth is that there is no rule regarding this and both paper children’s books and e-books have their positive and negative points.

When it comes to feeling textures and smells, ordinary books are highly recommended. Even for children who are developing coordination and touch they are a great tool. However, they take up space and can be heavy to carry.

Different from this are e-books. In this world where technology is already very present in the lives of children, including books in this universe can be a way of bringing reading closer to the little ones.

Thus, it is possible to download them on tablets , e-readers or cell phones and thus make the child start reading these contents through their electronics. One positive point about this is that digital books are very interactive, which also helps to spark interest.

Speaking of portability, e-books also win, since in just one device it is possible to have thousands of titles, without carrying weight or taking up space.

How to encourage children to read?

Due to so many positive points, many parents want to encourage their children to read and for that there are several techniques that can be used.

The first step is to start this stimulus from a baby, creating a reading habit with the child. Another technique that works very well is to be an example, since naturally the little ones imitate what their parents do.

In addition, when reading to the child try to use different intonations, mimic and gesture and show them images, letting them touch the different textures.

When the little one is a little older and has already learned to read, it is important to encourage him to do so. So ask him to read it for you and help him interpret the stories. Another very important tip is to look for children’s books on the theme most appreciated by the child.

There are even more ways to encourage children to read and some examples are going to libraries and bookstores with them and setting up a reading corner at home.

What are the main genres of children’s books?

Children’s literature is very rich and composed of titles that fit in different genres. The stories were the first to be released and they fit stories of princesses such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, by the Brothers Grimm.

There are also fables , one of the best known genres, whose main authors are Aesop, from the famous story.

The chronicles are also very important in children’s literature and the is the holder of many works such as I grow anyway.

For slightly older children, fiction and fantasy tend to be the most pleasing and in this genre the Harry Potter books, written by JK Rowling, fit.

How much?

Children’s books have a wide variation in price and this changes according to the success that the story makes, the number of pages and of course, whether it is physical or digital. There are even many free options available, which makes encouraging children to read even easier.

But thinking specifically about the paid copies, know that there are children’s books with prices from R $ 1 to around R $ 200, in the case of kits with more than one volume.


Where to buy?

Finding children’s books to buy is very simple and easy, since in any store that sells this type of product they are available. That way, in bookstores, department stores and even hypermarkets they can be purchased. Some examples of stores are and Carrefour bookstores.

Online it is also possible to purchase children’s books, having the main facility of not having to leave the house for this. With that, there are many sites where there is a wide range of options, such as:

    • Amazon
    • All Book
    • Free market
    • Submarine
    • Inside History



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing children’s book options

Are you determined to purchase a children’s book for your child? So know that in addition to everything we have already explained to you there are some factors that must be taken into consideration to make the best choice. Are they:

  • Child’s age
  • Material
  • Number of pages
  • Quantity of colors, drawings and interactive elements

Below we will explain each one so that you can choose the ideal book.

Child’s age

The first point to be taken into account when choosing a children’s book is the age of the child who will read it. It is worth knowing that there are different types of books that are suitable for each age group.

  • From 0 to 2 years old:  The ideal are the options that have designs in vibrant colors, textures and volumes, in addition to music. They should still have few objects per page and simple rhyming phrases.
  • Between 3 and 5 years:  Children are already more interested in books that have everyday situations and that contain simple information, shapes, numbers and colors. Titles that address topics about friendship and differences are also indicated for this phase.
  • Between 6 and 8 years: You  can give books that have a slightly more complex plot. Good stories for this are those of adventure and emotion, but always looking for options with chapters so that reading is not boring.
  • 9 to 12 years old: The indication is for science fiction, fantasies and stories that address everyday situations.


When looking for physical books there is the option to choose copies made of paper or fabric.

The difference between them is that the models made with felt and other fabrics make the child enter into a sensory game, which is very important for their growth. Thus, with them it is possible to feel textures, layers and shapes in a broader way.

The paper ones are great for older children who already have coordination and have a reading habit. This is because they are unlikely to tear them or leave them dented, not to mention that they have longer stories and full of plot.

Number of pages

Thinking about the number of pages is also essential. This is related to how long the reading will take and how much it will hold the child’s attention.

With this in mind, remember that longer children’s books are suitable for older children who already read alone. Those with fewer pages are ideal for smaller ones that have not yet read or are starting, and can be finished in a short time.

Number of colors, images and decorative elements

Every product aimed at children must be rich in textures, colors and elements. This is because in addition to drawing their attention, it also helps in their development, allowing their knowledge to expand.

Therefore, bet on specimens that are full of these components. Thus, the likelihood of the child enjoying the book is greater and this reading will become beneficial to him in several ways.


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