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Top & Best Children’s boot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s boot: How to find the best pair of 2022?

Hi, how are you? aToday’s text was made for the little boys and girls who are falling in love with football, and for you, who want to see them enjoying this passion, taking their first steps, passes and kicks. We will talk, of course, about children’s boots.

In the following Guide, we will help you navigate the market for children’s boots, whose variety of brands, designs and models owes nothing to adult boots. With several sections, lists and lots of information, we will help you choose the ideal children’s boot.

First, the most important

  • The main brands of children’s boots are the same as adults: Nike, Adidas, Puma and Penalty.
  • There is a greater offer of children’s models for indoor soccer, a modality with tradition in the initiation of many children in the sport.
  • The price of children’s boots varies between R $ 90 and R $ 300.

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Best children’s boots: The ideal pairs for each field

The following list may surprise you. After all, the best children’s football boots on the market are listed below. They are models from the best brands, with technologies and designs used in adult models, but with the right adaptations for children.

  • The children’s boot for any lawn
  • The best children’s futsal boot
  • The ideal model for society


Shopping Guide

The children’s boot is a child’s first major commitment. The ball is the first passion, but it is free, it is a game. With the boot, the round becomes part of a sport, without, of course, losing the fun.

It is not necessary, however, that your small or small wanted to be great players so they can play with big cleats. It doesn’t take much to find them either: our Shopping Guide shows you everything you need to know to choose the best pairs.

How is Cristiano Ronaldo’s children’s boot?

Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one of the greatest soccer players of all time, with several titles won by clubs and selection, numerous performance records in his name, in addition to five FIFA awards for the best in the world.

He is also one of the biggest idols of kids today, who imitates his way of playing, hitting the ball, behaving, and even dressing, at least with regard to his boots, whose models are, of course , widely sold in the current market.

One of the main boots of the CR7 is made by Nike, the  Mercurial Superfly. The children’s version is the Mercurial Superfly Academy.

It is a modern model, with comfortable lining and the Dynamic Fit collar , the famous “bootie”, which wraps around the ankle like a second skin. The upper is synthetic and entirely textured, to enhance the control of the ball, one of the best attributes of the Portuguese ace.


Is it worth buying a children’s boot from Penalty?

Penalty is a traditional sports equipment brand and, even competing nationally with all the sports giants – Nike, Adidas, Puma -, they rarely get the attention they deserve.

With a huge tradition in indoor soccer, the brand has, therefore, a great expertise with children’s boots, since futsal is the initiation modality of many of the footballers.

In order to remain active and competitive in the highly disputed children’s soccer market, Penalty bet on two fronts, on products with a good cost-benefit ratio, and expanded its presence in indoor soccer.



Did you know? Penalty is a genuinely Brazilian sports brand, founded in São Paulo in the 1970s.


Thus, the children’s models of the brand are very resistant, for the constant use that this age group has of this type of footwear – often using them socially – and with economical versions of fashion technologies, such as the boot or the textured leather, and all at a good price.

All of this, it is good to say, in a wide variety of designs, formats and visuals, mainly in futsal models. At the same time, there are few field and even children’s football boots, with less competitive attributes.

In the same way, there are few field football idols who wear Penalty cleats. The greatest soccer player of all time, Falcão, is the brand’s poster boy, but it is unlikely that a player from the heart of the little ballet player will use a model.


  • Cost benefit
  • Salon tradition and children’s models
  • Largest design offer


  • Little supply of soccer shoes
  • Without idol models

How safe are children’s cleats with cleats?

A delicate issue related to children’s boots, and soccer for children in general, is the presence of locks in the field boots, that is, how safe they are. After all, there are plenty of examples of professional players with injuries caused by these “adventures” of football boots.

It turns out that children’s models are very different from adults and professionals in this regard. Children’s boot cleats are entirely made of rubber, with damage greatly minimized. In other words, it is not the presence or absence of locks that will guarantee the integrity of the little player. Football, after all, is a contact sport.


Kids football boots: Nike or Adidas?

The great dispute between Nike and Adidas for the sports market, has its great representation in the niche of children’s boots. Both brands have a catalog of respect for young children, with designs, materials and technologies of quality and innovation, but with some basic differences.

Nike, for example, has exclusive lines for children, at least in the name. All models are identified as Nike Jr. , or at least have the Academy sub-line , to indicate that they are for a younger age group.

Adidas, in turn, replicates its main lines entirely, only with smaller numbers. This makes its variety greater than its competitor.

Moreover, if there is something that unifies the offer of each is the great presence of models used by players, such as Neymar Jr., in the case of Nike, and the clear separation by age at Adidas, with Kids models (between 4 and 8) years) and  Boys (8 years or more).


Where to buy a cheap children’s boot?

Children’s boots were developed in materials, technologies and innovations, and their value invariably went up. The price range for quality models is between R $ 90 and R $ 300.

But it is perfectly possible to find cheaper models. There are many sales of children’s shoes in stores, and a large offer of older editions and lines on the internet, on sites such as Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Comparing children’s boots

No matter how big the store shelves may be or how endless the pages of the shopping sites may seem, rest assured. Our last list summarizes the most important points to note in children’s boots, so that you can easily choose the best pair for your little one’s game.

  • Age and number
  • Field, salon or society
  • Idol’s boot
  • Brand

Age and number

It is important to say that we do not want to teach you here to buy shoes with the right number. The point here, in fact, is to remember a few points that can help you make a smarter and more cost-effective purchase.

The first is that many cleats have a very tight beak or leather, which can be uncomfortable or even hurt. The second point is that the growth of children’s feet does not stabilize until they are 12 years old (girls) and 15 years old (boys).

Thus, it is worth considering a boot with one or two more numbers.

Field, salon or society

It is always important to remember to adapt the boot to be purchased with the modality to be played, even if childlike. The most popular field, salon and society, have different terrains, balls and playing styles, and need different boots, from the sole to the mooring.

The futsal boot needs to be more resistant and lighter.

In addition to the question of locks, in general, the soccer boot needs to have a minimum of stability for the foot and a certain lightness, in addition to resistance. The futsal boot needs to be even more resistant, and lighter as well. The society one needs to have great traction and a good mediation between lightness and durability.

Idol’s boot

Going after the boot used by the child’s idol is a very efficient way to choose not only the ideal children’s boot, but also approved by the wearer. First because they are good boots, from big brands, with cutting-edge designs and materials, only adapted for children’s use.

Then, they are easy to find boots, either because they are prominent lines in their brands – especially if they are used by great players like Neymar, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiane, Megan Rapinoe -, either because there are many models used by idols, either that is, do not rule out the possibility of buying a boot already used by the idol, not necessarily the one currently used.


Another way to be followed to choose the best children’s boot is to make your selection from the brands. Start with the big ones, Nike, Adidas and Puma, and be sure to take a look at models from Penalty, Topper and Mizuno.

This path is not necessarily shorter, not least because there are large catalogs of children’s boots from these brands, but it is certainly safer, in the sense that, regardless of the model chosen, it will have satisfactory quality and performance.


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