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Top & Best Padel Racket Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Padel Racket: Which is the best of 2022?

In intense growth since the 90s, padel is a sport that mixes tennis, squash, badminton and has its own particularities. Among them his own racket.

If you are looking for a racket to start your practices or simply believe that the time has come to invest more in your favorite sport,will help you choose the best paddle racket for this new stage in your life.

First, the most important

  • The ideal paddle racket for you will be defined according to your level of skill and performance.
  • Durability and flexibility are fundamental aspects for your choice.
  • The value does not define quality, but represents the amount of technology invested and the manufacturer’s recognition in the market. On average, a paddle racket costs between R $ 400 and R $ 1,000.



Buying Guide

Padel is a relatively new sport, but it has won and has been gaining more and more fans. A mix of tennis, squash and badminton that combines fun and lots of physical activity.

To practice, a good racket is essential. To help you find your model, we have prepared a

What is the paddle racket?

New sports always draw attention. Padel was born in the 90s, and although its most famous ‘relative’ is tennis, it also has elements inspired by squash and badminton.

An essential item for the practice of this sport, the paddle racket has some very important variables to be analyzed when making your choice. It has different shapes and weights, it may or may not be perforated, and unlike tennis, it is a racket without strings.



In fact, in the comparisons between padel and other sports, the use of walls for the execution of plays stands out, as occurs in squash. The padel court is about a third the size of the tennis court, but the balls are quite similar.

This similarity makes many players, especially beginners, substitute padel balls for tennis balls, which are more common, accessible and often cheaper.

But there are those who want to extend this similarity and adaptation to rackets, using models from other sports to practice paddle tennis. Although more expensive, practicing paddle with a specific racket has its advantages.

What are the advantages of the paddle racket?

Among the advantages of the paddle racket, we can highlight that they offer exactly what you need for the sport, making the moves easier.

Because they have the appropriate weight and size for the sport, the athlete’s performance is better when he has a specific racket. But it is still versatile, it can also be used in beach tennis.

As a disadvantage, we highlight its price, which is still quite high. And because it is such a specific sport, there are still few models available on the market.



  • Weight and size suitable for the sport
  • Besides padel, it can be used in beach tennis
  • Better performance and control


  • Generally higher price
  • Smallest variety of brands and models

What are the holes in the paddle racket for?

The main purpose of those holes found in paddle rackets is to reduce air resistance. That way, the player will need to apply less force when hitting the ball. But a dosage is necessary, as a racket with many holes can lose power in strokes.



What is the ideal racket for each level or age?

You have decided to buy a paddle racket for your activities, as a gift for your son or a friend, or to exchange your old model for a newer and better one. Among the factors that define your purchase, is the level of skill and performance.

It is essential that certain characteristics are taken into account, such as shape, weight, balance, material of manufacture, among others. But what should the ideal racket be for each level of experience, skill or age?

    • Beginners : Light to medium rackets, round and thin (36 mm to 38 mm)
    • Intermediates : Medium weight rackets, round shape or teardrop shape (36 mm or 38 mm)
    • Advanced : Any shape or weight. More experienced players usually use larger formats (38 mm).
    • Children and the elderly : Lighter, smaller and thinner rackets. Some brands produce specific models for children and also for the female audience, and older age categories.


How much?

Keep in mind: Buying a paddle racket is not a pretty cheap thing. Despite not defining quality, the value represents the level of technology that is invested in the model and the recognition of the brand in the national and international market.

Rackets usually cost between R $ 400 and R $ 1,000, making it more difficult to find models in the entry fees. You will find models of excellent quality and performance in the range of R $ 600 to R $ 800.

Where to buy?

Finding a good variety of paddle racket models may not be as easy as other types of rackets, such as tennis or table tennis. But in recent years, the sport has grown so much that the task has become less complicated.

Specialized sports stores are usually the best option. Smaller local stores such as the giants Centauro and Decathlon can have a good range of brands and models.

If you already know the model, or want to have access to a greater number of options and variety of brands, run for e-commerce. The online market has stores that are steadily growing and stores like Netshoes or the world leader Amazon are the right destination.



O punho é uma parte fundamental a ser analisada, pois é o contato do jogador com a raquete de padel. Um dos pontos que você precisará analisar a espessura, para saber o que melhor se encaixa na sua mão.

And the most important factor will be adherence. The racket needs to be the extension of the hands, and it is the grip that will be responsible for this adjustment. In addition, it absorbs shocks by hitting the ball and needs to absorb sweat well.

The grip, which is the grip on the racket, needs to be efficient. Many players add overgrips to increase grip, and change regularly, as hands sweat and grip deteriorates quickly.

See in this video some tips on how to overgrip your paddle racket (the video is in Spanish, but you can select the autotranslation in Portuguese):



Manufacturing Material

Padel rackets are mainly made of fiberglass or carbon. Cheaper to produce, fiberglass is more common and found in cheaper models. Kevlar is also used in some high-quality rackets together with carbon.

Carbon fiber rackets achieve a good combination of strength and control. Some models have a plastic cover, very useful for beginners, which let the rackets fall or scrape on the wall or floor more often.

The core, the inner part of a paddle racket, can also be found in two different materials: foam or EVA. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you need to understand and evaluate what fits you best.

The soft foam (polyethylene) gives the player more sensitivity. In addition to feeling more the impact of each move, this racket makes contact with the ball faster and the chance of effect moves is greater. The downside is that the foam is very elastic and the blows are less powerful.

EVA rubber is harder and less flexible, making the game more difficult, especially in winter, when the balls are heavier. On the positive side, in high-speed matches, rackets with EVA cores are ideal. EVA cores are more durable than polyethylene.

Despite the difficulty of identifying the material used just by looking at the racket, the sound that is produced in the impact of the ball is quite different between one model and another.


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