Top & Best Captain Band Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Captain Band: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today we will talk all about the captain’s belt, the accessory that marks a centuries-old tradition in sports such as football, rugby and handball.

In some cases, having a captain’s belt goes beyond participating in the history of the sport, but in meeting rules of tournaments and championships. Even when it is not mandatory, the visual designation of a captain gives his team that serious tone that is always welcome in any competition.

As no team is the same, nor are their captains, the tracks are not all the same. In this Guide, we want to help you choose the ideal model that fits you, your team or your captain.

First, the most important

  • Try to guide your choice according to the colors of your team’s uniform. There is no use in visual identification that is not distinguishable.
  • The role of captain, as well as his belt, is as old as the first rules of football and rugby, more than a hundred years old.
  • Its price can vary between R $ 10 and R $ 90, depending on its technology in the fabric and the adjustment to the arm.

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Buying Guide

The captain’s belt is more than an accessory. It symbolizes a leadership position, a responsibility, an honor, in many cases. So much so that football teams, like Barcelona, ​​to be only among the giants, personalize their tracks, with designs referring to their culture or their city.

Its weight in the world of sport is obviously mirrored in the sporting goods market. There are a variety of strip models, with different designs, fabrics and technologies, which employ certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about all of this, right below, in this Buying Guide.


What is the captain’s belt?

The captain’s belt is a sporting accessory, an armband, more specifically, that identifies the captain of a team. It is normally used on the biceps of the left arm, under or above the sleeve of the shirt, which makes it necessarily a different color from the uniform.

Its use has been dated since the beginning of football and rugby , which have a common origin. The captain has protocol functions to perform before and even during a match, and the belt assists the referee and fans to identify him.



Thiago SilvaCaptain of the Football Team

“The team is ready, the coaching staff has prepared us. We are on the right path. Tite always speaks to focus on our game:” Game is played, not spoken. If you go behind the scoreboard, keep playing; if you get ahead, keep playing. Mentally we have to be strong “.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the captain’s belt?

The use of a sports accessory always carries some advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, first, is being in accordance with the rules, whether in a competition or not. The sash is as much a part of the game as the uniform, the sock.

Then, the use of the band makes the function more than figurative. It makes, in a way, the captain of a team. It is a step closer to a more serious and united team.

The captain’s belt can be used in various sports.

Finally, the captain’s belt is versatile. Not only because it can be placed on any arm within your team, but also because it can be used in all the sports it is inserted in, be it football, rugby or handball.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, surround the negative aspects of its use, its adaptations to be a sports accessory. The first, for example, is discomfort, in some cases, due to bad finishes or poorly made, loose or too tight adjustments.


In the same vein, the velcro closure of the straps can be uncomfortable, and, above all, wear out over time, thus losing their grip and, consequently, their fine adjustment.

What can also wear away is the fabric of the band itself, or its elastic, lacquering the model, and, again, impairing its fit.


  • According to standards
  • Officials position
  • Versatile


  • Uncomfortable
  • Velcro wear
  • Lacerate

Which is the best: Common or double-sided captain’s belt?

Despite its significance, and its weight within the sport and the market, the captain’s belt remains a simple product, an armband, an adjustable fabric, an accessory.

There is, however, a basic and quite objective variety to consider when searching for the ideal model: between the common and double-sided bands. The common one, as you can imagine, is the traditional band, with its seams and drawings described above.



The double face follows the same principles. The only difference is that its opposite side of the fabric can also be used, without affecting the velcro closure or its adjustment on the arm.

It usually has different colors on the other side, often in the opposite situation. If one face is yellow with black details, for example, the opposite is black with yellow details.


Should I buy a standard or custom captain’s belt?

Another variation that you can find in your search for captain banners are among the standard ones, that is, with the manufacturer’s design, or the personalized ones, with designs, logos and / or colors of your choice.

Aesthetically speaking, personalized tracks are, at the very least, more fun, even though they were not created by professional and specialized designers.




The team experience can also be amplified by them, with designs that refer to the team’s culture. Many football clubs even follow this logic.

On the other hand, the leading companies in the market do not usually offer customizable models. The standard models, therefore, tend to gather the best fabrics and technologies, in addition to being more versatile, as they are not “stuck” to the visual identity of a single group.


How much does a captain’s belt cost?

The price range of the captain range usually varies between R $ 10, in the simplest, and R $ 90, in models of more complex fabrics and even packages with more than one unit.

Where to buy a captain’s belt?

It is possible to find quality tracks with specialized sales in physical stores of major sporting goods chains.

On the internet, however, you can find a greater variety of models and prices, and you can make your entire purchase from the sofa in your living room. In such cases, sites Amazon is the most suitable for your purchase.





Purchasing Criteria: How to choose the best captain range for you

Below, you will see our exclusive list of selection criteria, with aspects of the product to be noticed and compared at the time of purchase:

  • Color
  • Material
  • Close
  • Comfort

So, let’s talk about each of these items, for your choice to be very well grounded, that is, the best possible!


Color is the primary criterion for choosing the captain’s range. After all, the banner serves to identify the captain easily. Colors similar to the uniform, or similar, in short, that can confuse those who see from a distance, are contraindicated.

At the same time, you should think about the colors of a possible booking or travel uniform, and also, keep in mind the identity of your team. You don’t imagine Corinthians wearing a green captain’s belt, do you?


The material used in the range is an important item to be considered in your choice, it will dictate your comfort, its versatility, even its durability. Ideally, the model is or contains elastane, to facilitate its adjustment on any arm.

Other materials are also flexible, like polyurethane, and comfortable, like neoprene. It is also important that the fabric is breathable or has good sweat absorption.



The closure of the captain’s belt, being the absolute majority of velcro, is as important as any other element of the product. After all, it is its quality that says whether the fit of a model is good or not. And you will want a good fit track.

Try, if possible, to test that part of the track. Open and close repeatedly, and analyze if there are parts without adherence or if they “come out”. Either case indicates a poor quality zipper, and a headache after using the band a few times.


For any clothing accessory – which, in this case, the captain’s belt is also – comfort is almost imperative. In sport, then, it can mean your maximum concentration, and your best performance, as a consequence.


The best way to observe this item, in addition to finding out about the materials, and testing it in person. You can also observe the finish of the model, if there are points in the region of the closure and harder reliefs on the face that is in close contact with the skin.


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