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Top & Best Karate track Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Karate track: How to buy the best in 2022

The karate belt is an indispensable accessory for one of the martial arts that has more followers in the world. If you need to buy one, you have come to the article that will teach you everything you need to make the best purchase!

Karate can bring numerous benefits to physical and mental health. Its practice is recommended for all ages and is still fun and stimulating. The track, however, is fundamental! It is part of the sport’s costume and demonstrates its level. Below we will discuss issues such as materials, sizes, mandatory and graduation.

First, the most important

  • The belt is indispensable for practicing karate. Not only does it have the function of holding the karategi, it also indicates the level of knowledge and the progress of each one.
  • It is possible to find strips in synthetic, natural or mixed fabrics. The indication is to avoid washing or ironing the accessory in any case.
  • Before buying a karate belt, it is necessary to pay attention to the regulations of the local federations. This is especially true for those who intend to compete.

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Buying Guide

Now let’s talk to both those who are thinking about starting to practice karate and those who are already experienced in this martial art and need to change lanes.

In our buying guide, you will find answers to all the most common questions on the subject!



What is the karate track for?

As in most oriental martial arts, such as judo, jiu-jitsu and taekwondo, karate uses a waist belt. It has two different functions.

The first, most palpable, is to hold the clothes. Since the costumes used in these martial arts are usually open at the top, something is needed to keep them closed. Tying a band around your waist usually does this function well.



But more important is the meaning: Because it has a color variation, the range indicates the level of knowledge of each practitioner. It serves, therefore, to differentiate the evolution that people have already had within the modality.

Karate, like other martial arts, is based on respect and discipline. The band system helps to accentuate these characteristics.


Did you know that the estimated time to reach the black belt in karate, respecting the minimum periods for each new test, is nineteen years? Without a doubt, it takes a lot of effort and experience!

Is it mandatory to wear the belt in karate?

To train or compete in karate, you will need to wear a complete outfit. In this case, it is formed by the gi (which in this martial art is called karategi) and sash.


The belt is indispensable for practicing karate.

It is even possible that some gyms allow a beginner, in their first or second class, to train without their clothing. However, this will not happen for a long term, since the discipline symbolized by karategi and the belt is indispensable for the practice of this sport.

When you are sure you want to practice karate after an experimental class, you will need to purchase a white belt, the first in the long way to go.

How does belt grading work in karate?

Karate has a long track system with many details. When starting to practice the martial art, the person wears the white belt. Gradually, it undergoes tests (with a minimum spacing of six months) to prove that it has the knowledge to move forward.

The white stripe is followed, in order, by yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, brown and, finally, black. However, there are also several sub-graduations that need to be achieved, such as the number of tips within each of these colors.

When reaching the black belt, the athlete can still evolve by receiving a number of “dan”, that is, it is always possible to acquire more knowledge!

It is worth remembering that this order concerns shotokan karate, more popular in and in the world. There are other styles that can have different systems.

What are the karate track sizes?

Karate bands do not usually have large variations in size. Of course, you will not buy one of the biggest models for a child, which will generate a huge amount of rolled up cloth, but otherwise the acquisition is not the most complicated.

The smallest karate belt measure is 1.80 meters, suitable for young children. The longest, 3.10 meters, ideal for adults with large waist. There are other numbers in the middle term that serve for everyone to find a size that has a perfect fit.

To help you with choosing the ideal range for adults or children, we have prepared a table that you can check below:

What are the advantages of having a quality range?

Do we really need to invest in a quality range? Does disbursing extra money here give you any benefits?

The first point to note is durability. A good stripe, made with high-grade fabrics and with correct seams, will last much longer than a simpler one. So, if you don’t plan to take a graduation exam anytime soon, you can rest assured about the strength of the accessory.

But what if you are going to go up every six months and therefore don’t want to spend a lot of money on each new color? In that case, you need at least your belt to be accepted by local regulations, especially if you intend to compete.

We recommend that you check that the chosen track complies with the rules of your local confederation. Thus, you can have peace of mind in your purchase!

Check the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of having a quality range:



  • Increased durability
  • Better visual appearance
  • Greater chance of adaptation to national and international regulations
  • Ideal for competitions


  • It may not be worth the investment for anyone looking to change lanes quickly

How to take good care of your karate track?

Para que a sua faixa dure bastante e esteja sempre bonita e apresentável, é preciso tomar alguns cuidados especiais!

Faixas feitas de tecidos naturais encolhem com facilidade.

Quando feitas de tecidos de fibras naturais, as faixas são resistentes a alvejantes e solventes, mas encolhem com facilidade. O ideal é deixá-las de molho quando aparentarem sujeira e depois preferir colocá-las ao sol a usar o ferro de passar roupa.

No caso de fibras sintéticas, até é possível fazer a lavagem, já que o encolhimento é menor, mas não se deve usar o ferro de maneira alguma.

O ideal é evitar processos duros (como lavar e passar) com as faixas, deixá-las ao sol quando possível e prestar atenção se há problemas quanto a encolhimento ou perda de costuras. Um modelo de qualidade pode durar por alguns anos!

How much and where is buy?

The price of a karate belt varies according to quality, material and brand. The cheapest models cost around R $ 20, while the most expensive, ideal for competitions, can reach R $ 150.

Stores specializing in sporting goods, martial arts products, or the academies themselves with karate classes can offer good banners. You can also make your purchase over the internet, preferably on Amazon,  or Amazon international.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a karate track

After talking about several fundamental aspects of karate and its bands, it remains to discuss technical criteria that can help you when buying. We selected four important items:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Respect for regulations

Below, we talk more about each of them:


Do you care about the beauty of the track? Provided that within the regulations, brands are free to place their logos and other information on the accessory. This can generate very nice visual effects!

It is possible to choose tracks with simple details, such as Adidas’ three stripes, or with more elaborate logos and designs. Everything is a matter of what you find most beautiful and feel comfortable using!


How do you know which is the best material for your track? This is a difficult question to answer. It all depends on comfort, durability and price. There is no better or worse option, but the one that most appeals to everyone.

The most common bands are those that mix cotton and polyester.

There are strips that are made entirely of cotton, ideal for those who are allergic to synthetic fabrics, those that have a higher percentage of materials like polyester and those that are easier to find, that make a good mix between the two materials.

Unless you are allergic to any of the materials or feel uncomfortable using them, you can pay attention to other criteria, such as price. Both cotton and polyester are usually quite durable in bands.


The bands in karate are used for a short period of time: Every six months or a year, the practitioner takes a graduation exam and needs to purchase a different colored accessory. Therefore, they need only have a limited service life.

If you want to take karate calmly and stay longer in each track, the ideal is to choose models that have greater durability. Look for established brands or models recommended for professionals!



Respect for regulations

Each karate federation usually has a specific regulation. As such, the standards set for the ranges may vary according to state, national or worldwide regulations. Not all competitions accept the same models.

Before buying a band, find out what local federations are asking for accessories. Thus, you can get right on important issues like dimensions, size and shape of logo and number of seams.


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