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Top & Best Tela siding Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tela siding: Know how to choose the best one in 2022

Today’s topic is siding, also known as cerquite, a fundamental element for insulation and safety in civil construction. We are going to bring you a lot of information about your use and the acquisition of good models.

In any work, be it on streets or avenues, or on private properties, the use of siding canvas is necessary. But, after all, why is this component so important? And how do you know if you should use it? Stay with us on the next lines and find out all those answers!

First, the most important

  • Used all over the world, the siding fabric is a barrier of isolation and universal signaling that a certain line must not be crossed.
  • You can use a siding screen whenever it is necessary to insulate an area, or when there are works and renovations going on in one place.
  • It is very important that the siding canvas is manufactured in strong colors: It must be seen from afar by people.

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Buying Guide

Do you know exactly what a siding canvas does? In what situations should you use one? How can it help in the daily work?

The buying guide is the sector in which we bring answers to all these frequently asked questions!



What is a siding canvas and what is it for?

When there is a work in a public area, such as streets or parks, or private, such as residences and condominiums, partitions and signs are needed to keep people away from this risk area. That’s where the siding screen comes in.

Also known as the screen name cerquite, its main function is to isolate and signal an area. It serves as a physical barrier that shows that a particular place is not allowed access.

The siding screen is not an impossible barrier to pass, nor does it have an access control function: It is just a sign and a demarcation. Therefore, it should have strong colors and be made with a thick fabric., the siding screen is classified as collective protection equipment, since it guarantees the safety of many people at once, and regulated by the Regulatory Standard 18.



Did you know that, although modern plastics are now the main fabrics used in siding canvases and construction demarcations, straw was a pioneer in the subject? For a long time, it was with it that areas were isolated and it was indicated that places should not be accessed.

What are the advantages of canvas siding?

As signaling equipment, the siding screen has a very specific use. Therefore, its main advantage is precisely this universal representation of the barrier it carries.

When seeing a siding screen, people know that a certain area is demarcated. Thus, they do not cross the barrier and do not crash.

When you use a siding canvas, you are ensuring safety for your work. You warn everyone that the area must not be overtaken due to the risk of accidents. It is the ideal way to have the responsibility to signal where changes are taking place.

The use of the siding fabric is quite specific, and this is a disadvantage. You obviously must not use it where there is no work, nor any need for barrier signs.

See the table below advantages and disadvantages of the siding fabric:



  • Ensures safety for works
  • Universally recognized signage
  • Gives privacy to construction workers
  • Demonstrates responsibility for preventing accidents


  • Very specific use: Should not be applied on a daily basis

In what situations should siding be used?

The siding screen should be used whenever it is necessary to isolate an area for safety reasons. This applies both to external areas, such as streets, avenues, viaducts and the like, or internal and private, such as houses, gardens and condominiums.


The siding screen is not an insurmountable barrier, but rather a sign.

Therefore, it can be applied in situations such as works, renovations, constructions, interdictions, traffic signs, isolation of risk areas and much more. We remember once again that this is not an insurmountable barrier, but rather a signaling.

In a domestic environment, the siding canvas is recommended for situations of works in gardens, backyards or for closing a certain room. Whenever there is an area that should only be accessed by people who will perform a certain service, isolation is useful.



What are the siding canvas materials?

To be applied to a siding canvas, a material does not need to be physically resistant, that is, to be impassable by people, but to be resistant to the actions of nature such as rain, sun, water and wind. For this reason, some very modern plastics are used.

The most used is polypropylene, capable of withstanding all the actions of nature and with a reasonable weight, ideal for a little physical contact.

There are also those who manufacture siding screens in ultra-thin sheet metal, excellent material for the safety of both those inside the signage and those outside. However, the price is a little higher and there are no important protections, such as those against ultraviolet rays.

Several other plastics are used and you should pay attention to whether they have good density and are resistant to the actions of nature. Eventually, you will find models made from recycled material, a good idea for those looking to protect the environment.

We compare in a table the siding screens made of polypropylene and other plastics with those made in ultrafine sheet metal:



How much does it cost and where to buy a siding fabric?

Siding canvases are always sold in large rolls and therefore you must evaluate the price per meter. We found models with values ​​between R $ 1 and R $ 2 per meter, and this should be the average on which you will be based.

Stores specializing in civil construction and renovation items are the best places to buy canvas siding. You can also make your purchase over the internet: We recommend mainly  Amazon, Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a siding fabric

If you already know that you will need to use a siding canvas on a construction site, you only need to decide which one to buy. We have selected four technical criteria that can help you choose:

  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • Durability and resistance
  • Density

Next, we’ll go into more detail about each one!


The main factor for choosing a siding fabric is the measurement. You will need to know exactly the size of the area that will be surrounded in order to buy the correct length of material for demarcation.

Most sideboards are sold in rolls of approximately 50 meters. If you need something more than that, you will have to choose more than one package. The most common height is 1.20 meters, enough to prevent people from trying to jump over the barrier.




As the main function of the siding screen is to signal that an area must not be exceeded, it obviously must have strong colors. People need to see your presence from many meters away.

Orange, dark green and dark blue are the most used colors in siding screens.

Orange, dark green and dark blue are some of the most used colors in siding screens. You should always opt for a model that is sure to be noticed from afar, especially if the demarcation is in areas close to highways or busy streets.

With a weak color or that is not noticed from a distance, the siding screen loses its main function, which is the signaling that a place should not be accessed. Also choose a model that stands out in the environment that will be installed: No green screen in a place with lots of nature, for example!

Durability and resistance

When installed in an outdoor area, the siding fabric must have resistance to ultraviolet rays, the actions of the sun and the actions of water.

Always read the resistance specifications of the chosen siding fabric. You will have a huge loss if you need to change it after a rain or something similar!

Protection against ultraviolet rays is very important for the safety of workers who will be inside the defined area.



The density of a siding fabric is important as a physical barrier. As much as the main function is always signaling, eventually a greater resistance to a touch or an attempt to break can help.

If you want your siding fabric to be more than a mere signaling barrier, you can see in the technical specifications what the density measurement is. This is an optional category, but it can eventually be useful to make the possibility of accidents even more difficult.


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