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Top & Best Mini soccer ball Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mini soccer ball: What is the best of 2022?

Part of the charm of football lies in its simplicity, which can be played by anyone, anywhere, in any way. For a lot of people, just a few socks and a pair of slippers are all that the game is made of. Can you imagine then with a mini football? No need to imagine: we’ll talk about it all in today’s.

Made with the same material and the same marks as normal balls, mini footballs are ideally sized to be versatile in types and locations of play. In the Guide below, we will show you all this versatility, the designs, the materials, the uses, the best models, in short, everything you need to know to choose your mini football.

First, the most important

  • There are several sizes of mini soccer balls, but they hardly escape the variation between 30cm and 45cm in circumference.
  • The best models of mini footballs are those launched by the major brands of sports equipment: Nike, Adidas and Puma.
  • The price of a mini soccer ball varies between R $ 30 and R $ 80.

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Best mini footballs: Team favorites

Like everything that is related to football, there is a huge variety of brands, types and models to choose from. In this list, we reduced these options by three, containing only the best mini soccer balls on the market, our team’s favorites.

  • The mini ball for skilled players
  • The best looking mini ball model
  • The best cost-effective mini ball


Shopping Guide

The mini football multiplies the options for using the full-sized ball. If there are actually fewer game options, there are countless activities and especially places where it is possible to roll, bounce and have fun.

There are also countless varieties. There are several sizes, designs, colors and themes. We will explore all this offer in our Shopping Guide, with accurate and valuable information about the use and the market, in order to help in your search for the ideal mini soccer ball.

How big is a mini football?

A mini football is, by definition, smaller than a football. The field ball, the largest of all, is between 68cm and 70cm in circumference. The futsal ball, the smallest, is between 62cm and 64cm in circumference.

The mini ball does not have an official size, not least because it is not used in any sport, but they are smaller than the measures mentioned above. Yes, there are standard measures used by major brands of sports equipment.

You will therefore find models with approximately 30cm in circumference, others between 40cm and 44cm and even between 45cm and 48cm.


Mini soccer ball: Nike or Adidas?

On any store shelf or after any search on the internet, it is inevitable that you will find yourself among offers of mini footballs (and everything sports equipment) from Nike and Adidas.

Both brands produce quality models, but with some structural differences and market strategy. Knowing these differences can be very useful for your research.

Starting with the catalog. Nike has several types of mini ball, but they are mainly concentrated in those with team prints, which honor players, such as Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, and teams, such as the, French, the English.



football lovers can rest assured: Nike also produces replicas of the official  championship ball!


Adidas also throws a lot of team and player balls, but it also focuses a lot on championship balls, especially the UEFA Champions League, with which it has a contract.

On the material, Nike has a standard composition of rubber, polyurethane, polyester and polyethylene, while Adidas always makes its balls with 100% TPU coating.

Among the most striking features of the mini balls of these two brands, we highlight the variable number of segments and machine stitching of Nike models, and the numerous offer of Adidas replicas, with precise copies of the balls they supply to the various championships around the world.

How are the mini balls of football teams?

As a result of sports material supply agreements, many of the main teams and world football license their image – names, colors, badges – for the major sports brands to use in their products. Among these products is the mini soccer ball.

Each brand has its look. Some, like Nike, transpose the design of the game uniform that she launched, like a mini Corinthians ball that has the same stripes as the shirt.

Adidas, in turn, values ​​its three stripes and uses the same color as the uniforms, such as the red of the Flamengo model. Puma creates new concepts, such as the Palmeiras mini ball with whirling spirals.


How much does a mini soccer ball cost?

Anyone who thinks that a mini soccer ball has a mini price is wrong, especially the models of the big brands, which have some of the same technologies as normal balls and mainly the same quality of material.

The minimum price with which you will find good mini balls is R $ 30. Already launches, special editions and with licensed prints can reach R $ 80.

Where to buy mini footballs for souvenirs?

The price of mini soccer balls makes it the best alternative to buy them in larger quantities, if we are talking about physical stores, of course.

On the internet, sites such as Mercado Livre stand out for their relevant offer of sets of dozens and even hundreds of models, almost like a virtual wholesale.



Purchase Criteria: What to notice on your mini football

Whether in front of a bookshelf or on a website, the time to choose your mini football can be tricky. So that you don’t get lost in the huge offer, we put together a list of purchase criteria, which will help you to compare and select the best models.

  • Size
  • Composition
  • Design and number of sections
  • Print


It’s even funny that size is the first criterion of a mini ball. It turns out that each manufacturer produces its mini ball with a specific size – a circumference, to be more exact. Some brands even have more than one mini ball size, like Adidas, with Q1 (44cm) and Q3 (47cm) balls.

There is no right measure, just the most suitable for your claims. Be aware, therefore, of the circumference of the mini ball, especially when shopping online, as there is no way to have an exact notion of size from the photos on the shopping sites.


The material of the mini ball is a vital point in determining how your experience with it will be. It is by the composition that you know if it is a more resistant model, to hit a ball in the backyard of your house, or a more decorative model, that with any kick here and there it will already scratch and ruin the print that won you over.

The ball for the kids should have a lot of rubber in the composition.

If you are looking for a more resistant ball, give preference to those that contain PVC and similar in their coating. If you want a ball for the kids, look for models with a lot of rubber in their composition. For softer mini balls, go after TPU coating.

Design and number of sections

A very efficient way to establish the performance of a mini ball is by its design. A model that will have fun on the grass, for example, is one that has a color design designed to always be visible, mixing white with details in other bright colors, such as red and yellow.

Another aspect of the design to note is the number of sections. As a rule, the greater the number of buds, the more resistant the ball will be, while a smaller number of buds makes the ball lighter, not necessarily in weight, but with a greater flight with each kick.


For many people, buying a mini ball does not have to be very scientific. It’s just a ball, after all. For these people, a great option to compare and select a model is from its look, its print.

The starting point you can take is between models with common prints or thematic prints, from any team, selection or player.

If you choose the second case, the best idea is to cross your team preferences with the visuals you like best, that is, between the mini balls with the themes you like, choose the most beautiful one.




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