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Top & Best Karate Kimono Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Karate Kimono: How to choose the best in 2022?

Are you taking your first steps in karate practice? You already know this martial art, but need to get a new kimono? Then you came to the ideal article! We will teach you all the details necessary to buy the best karate kimono possible!

Martial art that helps the body and mind a lot, karate has been present for many years. The use of the gi is mandatory, so you need to know the rules and details necessary to make the correct purchase. We’ll talk about regulations as well as comfort!

First, the most important

  • Karate kimonos have their own characteristics and are different from those indicated for other martial arts.
  • A karate kimono must be white. In addition, each federation has its own rules regarding measures, presence of brands and the like.
  • A karate kimono must be made 100% in cotton, but there are variations in quality and type of fabric that may appear at the time of purchase.

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The best karate kimonos: Our recommendations

With studies and expert assistance, we have selected some of the best kimono models available on the market. So, you already have a great idea of ​​what to buy.

  • The kimono of a renowned brand
  • A great karate kimono for kids
  • The best cost-benefit


Buying Guide

We arrive at the purchase guide, sector in which we answer your main questions about karate kimonos. We are going to talk about the modality as well as the clothes.

Sit comfortably and carefully follow the next lines to learn all about the sport and the gi!

What are the advantages of practicing karate?

Karate is a martial art with centuries of tradition. He was raised in the Ryukyu Kingdom, now part of Japan, inspired by Kung Fu. Its practice is not only intended for combat, it also has purely technical presentations.

On the physical side, karate is able to help you with endurance, cardiovascular capacity, muscle development and weight loss. When working all over the body, martial art develops positive characteristics in breathing, body control and balance.

But there is also a lot of emphasis on karate on the mental side: It is excellent for those who need more discipline, concentration, respect and persistence. Like most martial arts, it is built on strict philosophical principles that bring clear benefits to life.

Another great advantage of karate is the possibility of using it as a self defense.

We have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of karate practice:



  • It does very well to various aspects of the body, from muscle development to breathing
  • It is recommended for children
  • Helps in mental and values ​​development
  • Can serve as self-defense


  • There are fewer practitioners compared to other martial arts

What differentiates karate kimono from other modalities?

You may be wondering if there are differences between karate kimonos and those in other sports, such as judo and jiu-jitsu, and if those indicated for one sport also work for the others. Unfortunately, these accessories are quite different.

Karate kimonos are thinner and shorter than those for judo and jiu-jitsu. This is because it is a sport that does not have a ground fight, that is, there is no risk of tears or wear due to constant friction. There is also no footprint of a practitioner in the clothing of another.

As a martial art based on blows with members of the body, karate also needs its kimonos to be “starched”, thus highlighting the noise of receiving kicks or punches. This also helps in scoring points during competitions.

One more difference is that in karate kimonos are mandatorily white, while other martial arts allow for some varied colors.

Therefore, you should look for a specific karate kimono: The differences are quite clear!


What do the rules of karate say about kimonos?

The complete karate uniform is actually called karategi. It consists of a jacket, whose real name is wagui, pants, shitabaki, and a band that must be changed as the practitioner advances his techniques, known as obi.

The specific and universal rule about what we call the gi is that it must always be white. This goes even for cleaning, since in most gyms and competitions you will not be allowed to present yourself with dirty clothing.

Specifications on sleeve sizes, bars and collars, inscriptions, possibilities for brand or sponsor names and other details vary by federation. Once you start practicing karate, read the rules of the entity that governs the sport in your state or city!



Did you know that one of the reasons why karate requires white kimono is the connection of color with purity?

Because it is a martial art that does not use weapons and even emphasizes this in its name (empty hands, from the Japanese), karate uses white as a symbolism with purity. There must be only the strength of the human being, nothing more!

Which fabrics are ideal for a kimono?

Karate kimonos are almost always made of 100% cotton. However, there are still some differences in the type of cotton used that can take you on different paths.

Denim, for example, is a type of very hard twill that comes to resemble jeans. It is cheaper and has only intermediate resistance. It is usually indicated for beginners and for those who do not train very often.

More experienced karatekas can choose canvas as a fabric for the kimono. Also made entirely of cotton, it is made with much more care and, therefore, can have greater resistance. You must analyze the weight of the part to know its real durability.

Weight is the measure of mass per unit area of ​​a fabric and is widely used, for example, on canvas. The higher this number, the more you will have a durable gi that is able to withstand the setbacks of the sport.

There is still the possibility to find kimonos that mix cotton with other fabrics such as polyamide and polyester, however, they are not really suitable for practicing karate.

See the table below for a comparison of fabrics:


How to take good care of a kimono for karate?

In order for your kimono to last a long time and always be in great condition, you will always need to apply appropriate maintenance to it. This goes for both cleaning and storage.


Kimonos can shrink or suffer damage if washed incorrectly.

Kimonos can shrink or suffer serious damage if taken incorrectly. If you find stains, rub them on your hand in a localized manner. Place in the machine sporadically, only with washing powder and other white parts and in the most delicate cycle possible.

The iron must be used at the temperature indicated by the label and only in the wrinkled regions. The kimono needs to be properly folded, or stored straight, with a hanger in a large space.

The expectation of the durability of a good kimono with correct maintenance is between five and seven years.

How much does it cost and where to buy a karate kimono?

The prices of kimonos for karate vary according to the fabric, weight and quality. You will find models from R $ 100 to R $ 500. Depending on your intentions, the cheapest ones may be enough, especially if you are a beginner.

Stores specializing in martial arts, sporting goods and karate academies themselves are good places to purchase a gi. We recommend that you make your purchase over the internet: Amazon has excellent options, as well as Amazon international and Mercado Livre.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a karate kimono

Now that you know the benefits of karate and the details of your kimonos, it’s time to choose the ideal model. We have selected four technical criteria that can help you:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Ergonomics

Below, you know more about each one!


As with most garments, the sizes of kimonos vary according to the manufacture. However, they are much easier to identify than other types of parts.

You will find the number of kimonos already related to the height of the fighters, such as “170”, indicated for people up to 1.70 meters, “175”, for those who measure up to 1.75 meters, and so on.

The same logic also applies to children’s kimonos. Always choose the number immediately above in relation to your height.


Before thinking about any specific design for your gi, you need to know the rules of your local federation. There is no point in buying a copy with a beautiful design or logo of the highlighted brand, but not being able to use it!

Consecrated brands try to make kimonos comfortable and beautiful.

If your local federation allows larger logos or designs, you will have a range of options at your disposal. Especially established brands always seek to personalize kimonos and make them not only comfortable, but also beautiful.

You can be more discreet and prefer a completely white kimono, which is certainly possible, or choose a model that reflects your personality more. There will always be possibilities for your choice!

Compliance with regulations

Each federation has its own regulations for kimonos. When you start practicing karate, you need to keep in mind what your intentions are. Just train at your local gym? Participate in competitions? Become an international athlete?

It is from this prior knowledge that you must choose your kimono. With it, you will know which federations you need to comply with the regulation and how it will be the best option to adapt the clothing!


Kimono manufacturers also take into account the varieties between modalities within karate and practitioners. There are models that seek to be ergonomic in different aspects of their use.

You can choose, for example, a wider model under the arms, which gives fluidity to the movements and is ideal for combat. Or models reinforced at the seams, with extra resistance, for heavy training.

Read the specific details of each model and understand if it is suitable for your needs!




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