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Top & Best Kangoo Jump Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kangoo Jump: What’s the best of 2022?

Today’s text talks about a device that came up with everything in the 90’s and changed people’s way of running and walking. We are talking about Kangoo Jump, which has been revamped and is starting to regain its space in the fitness market.

In this Guide, we will go deeper into Kangoo Jump, its varieties and, mainly, its exercises and respective benefits, in addition to presenting our selection of best models and other tips for your purchase. All this so that we can help you find the ideal model for you.

First, the most important

  • The Kangoo Jump was originally designed for running, but has gained strength in recent years from products, including classes, courses and the like, geared to gyms, along the lines of Zumba.
  • Both in running and in other exercises, Kangoo Jump reduces up to 80% of the impact to the body, through its large springs under the feet
  • The price of Kangoo Jump has only a small variation. The oldest and most basic models cost R $ 800, while the most recent and advanced models cost R $ 2000.

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Shopping Guide

Kangoo Jump took the ” Power-Walk ” to another level, boosting results and reducing impacts. Today, the product brings these benefits to the context of gyms, with specific training and activities for their use, integrating well-being with their daily lives.

And whether for a workout, a run or a powerful walk, there is an ideal Kangoo Jump model. In this Shopping Guide, we want to help you find yours. For this task, we will share the most important information, the most popular varieties, the benefits, the exercises, in addition to other valuable tips.

What is Kangoo Jump?

Kangoo Jump is a jumping shoe , a “jumping shoe”, in free translation. They are ergonomic boots with high density springs attached to their soles. The product concept has been dated since the end of the 19th century, obviously, without high density springs.

Its development as a product, however, only happens in the disruption of the 1990s, a century later, being widely sold as an accessory for joggers , park, street and weekend runners.

The product lost strength at the turn of the century, but recently found its marketing path by adapting from the asphalt to the smooth floor of gym rooms, for specific classes for its use, in the molds of Zumba, the athletic dance, to name a example.



How to use Kangoo Jump?

Something that has not changed since the emergence of Kangoo Jump was the way to use the product, which replaces a shoe, that is, it must be placed directly on the sock. The right method for wearing and using the Kangoo is very similar to that of a rollerblade. The boot even has a design inspired by in-line skates .

You must be seated to put them on. Ideally, your foot should be tight, but comfortable inside the boot, which is closed with a rigid buckle. Kangoo Jumps shoes, which cannot be too tight, say, you must take a position with one knee resting on the floor and the other flexed at 90º.

Once standing, the skid logic returns: don’t stop moving! The tendency, when you are standing still, is to shift your weight forward or backward, and you will be rocking like a rocking chair. But the product is Kangoo Jump, not Kangoo Swing , is it?


What are the benefits of Kangoo Jump?

The entire market and the logic of Kangoo Jump is based on the benefits it brings to the user. Let us, in order to keep the text objective and informative, explain its main ones.


Exercise has very little impact on the knees and joints.

The first is, of course, the possibility of doing a physical exercise with very little impact on knees and joints, up to 80%, to be more exact. Then, the continuous and regular use of the boots helps in postural correction, both for the simple fact of exercising regularly, and for its ergonomic design.

Last but not least, especially for those who want to lose a few pounds and / or keep in good shape, Kangoo has a high caloric burn in its exercises, even a simple run.

Among the few counterpoints, there are injuries that can be caused by misuse, such as wearing the wrong way, using the wrong size or having a weight incompatible with the model. Another negative point is its lack of practicality, after all, we are talking about a product that uses a rigid boot with a large spring on its sole.


  • Exercise with reduced impact
  • Postural correction
  • High caloric burn


  • Misuse injuries
  • Not practical

What is the best Kangoo Jump?

Pointing out the best Kangoo Jump is a complicated task, not least because there are models with very specific groups of users, and for them, their Kangoo Jump is the best.

Yes, there is the most successful model on the shelves, whether physical or virtual. The XR3 and its different versions, is the Kangoo that best combines design, features and durability, the ideal tripod for any fitness equipment, right?

Such is its popularity that a special edition has been developed, with a different color palette and aesthetic details different from ordinary editions.


Kangoo Jump or Jump?

Since the focus is jumping, let’s compare the two fitness products that work with this movement, including a common name: Kangoo Jump and Jump.

Both focus on exercises with reduced impact on the knees and joints, as both work with springs and heels. The use of the two is different, but they are equally impractical: one must be worn like skates and the other is, well, a small trampoline.



In common also, the connection of both with the zumba: the Kangoo Jump gained strength with classes in the dance style, while the jump is used to make a modality of it.


Another similarity is the calorie burning level of your exercises, which is quite high. What really sets them apart, at the tip of the pen, is that Kangoo Jump is much more versatile in the places and situations that can be used.

Where to buy Kangoo Jump?

There are three places where you can buy a Kangoo Jump. One of them is in authorized resellers of the brand, in physical and selected stores and on the internet as well. Another selling point is Kangoo Jump’s own virtual store, which contains only the latest releases and models.

The best place, in our opinion, to buy your Kangoo Jump is on the internet, more precisely on shopping sites like Amazon, which have a great offer of models and prices, and allow you to make the purchase from the comfort of your home.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your Kangoo Jump

The following list provides important points for you to notice Kangoo Jump of your choice, before completing your purchase, of course. These are criteria, that is, elements that are characteristic of the product, and that indicate whether such a model is ideal for you.

  • Supported weight
  • Size
  • Impact
  • Line

Supported weight

Because it is a product that works a lot on the idea of ​​absorbing the impacts of exercises on knees and joints, the weight supported by the model is of paramount importance. There are even models tailored to obese people, for example.

The idea here is simple: before proceeding with the purchase of any Kangoo Jump, make sure you are within the supported weight range, both for more and for less.



Size is as important an element as weight, as it also interferes with the balance and fine adjustment of the product, as well as its results, including healthy use in general. Kangoo Jumps, of course, have their own numbering, based on the numbering of ordinary shoes:

  • XS – ” Extra Small”  – Between numbers 31, 32 and 33;
  • S – ” Small” – Between the numbers 34,35 and 36;
  • M – “Medium” – Between numbers 37, 38 and 39;
  • L – “Large” – Between the numbers 40,41 and 42;
  • XL – “Extra large” – For numbers over 42


In this item, two orientations are valid. The first is to give preference to the latest models, which have the most modern technologies for damping and absorption / reduction of impacts.

If you are not going to be guided by the models’ release date, look for impact absorption systems. The most important and efficient so far is the IPS, the patented Impact Protection System , which reduces up to 80% of the damage from common exercise impacts.



Finally, a very practical way to navigate through the Kangoo Jumps catalog is from its lines. Names like XR3, Pro7, in short, each line has a characteristic, and some are specific to some group of consumers, such as Powershoe , developed only for children.


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