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Top & Best Chinese hat Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Chinese hat: How to choose the best kit in 2022?

Do you need accessories for speed, explosion and motor coordination training? Then the Chinese hat can be exactly what you are looking for! With a small kit, you can build circuits capable of helping all types of people.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher of any sport, if you are looking to give your students better physical conditions or if you just want to train alone at home: The circuit with Chinese hats is a great option. Stay with us to understand your benefits and how to buy the best kit possible!

First, the most important

  • The Chinese hat is versatile and can help with various types of training, both in simple gyms and in specific sports.
  • Speed, agility and motor coordination are some of the best skills worked on circuits with Chinese hats.
  • You can choose your Chinese hats from important features such as dimensions, materials, colors and number of pieces in the kit.

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Buying Guide

Do you know exactly what the Chinese hat is for? How can you get the most out of these little pieces? What advantages do they offer over similar accessories?

Read our buying guide carefully and discover each of these answers!


What is a Chinese hat and what is it for?

A Chinese hat is a small accessory, with a shape that resembles the garment that names it, which serves to demarcate paths or spaces during physical or sports training.

By placing a number of Chinese hats on the floor, a circuit is created that serves to train various physical or technical skills. Therefore, accessories are important both in more functional training, such as crossfit and the like, or in sports such as football, tennis, basketball and many others.

A physical education professional or trainer who knows how to use Chinese hats will add a lot to your repertoire, but you, inside the home, can also follow information from the internet and take advantage of these accessories to get in shape and improve some skills!

Did you know that the traditional hat worn by Chinese people in ancient times, with a wide and flat shape, is so well known that it gives name to several other things? It’s not just the training accessories: There is a plant, an auto part and a chimney cap with the same nomenclature.

What are the advantages of wearing Chinese hat in your training?

Like other circuit or path demarcation accessories, such as cones or mini-cones, Chinese hats are used for training in agility, speed, motor coordination or specific skills. This versatility makes them highly sought after.

Chinese hats are quite small, which makes them more beneficial than cones, for example, and multicolored, giving more ideas for building circuits and allowing for more creative demarcations.

With a very reduced price, they present great cost-benefit. And normally, the materials are light and durable, which means that they do not break with treading or shocks, nor do they offer any risk of injury to those who are exercising.

Check the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of Chinese hats:



  • Versatile: Help with functional or sports training
  • Enable various types of circuits
  • They have great cost-benefit
  • They do not break easily, nor offer risk of injury


  • They need space to form an effective training

What types of training can be done with Chinese hat?

As mentioned, the Chinese hat can be used both in functional training and in specific sports. Are we going to list the main uses of this accessory?


    • Functional training: Circuits with Chinese hats can be part of functional training, that is, that mimic everyday situations and movements and generate several benefits such as weight loss and physical conditioning for their practitioners.
    • Sports circuits: Many sports wear the Chinese hat during their training. From football to tennis, from basketball to handball, skills such as movement, ball control, precision and tactical mastery can be developed.
    • Physical development: A circuit with a Chinese hat well done and repeated several times can lead to major improvements in physical skills such as speed, agility, balance and motor coordination. This can be done both in gyms and in sports training.


In general, the Chinese hat helps to develop various skills. It is an important ally of athletes and also of ordinary people!


Chinese hat or training cone?

Another accessory widely used in similar situations than the Chinese hat is the training cone. However, more and more he is losing space in high level training.


The Chinese hat allows for more condensed training and with closer pieces.

The main issue is that the Chinese hat takes up less space and allows for more condensed training, with pieces closer to each other, which ends up being quite positive. This also gives the chance for complex circuits to be formed in small places, such as backyards and corridors.

The cones can be more suitable for training in very large places, as they allow a better view of the circuit from a great distance. But this is a very specific advantage, since not everyone has a football field at their disposal.

It is also worth mentioning the very good price of Chinese hats and the possibility of using various colors to facilitate the understanding of what should be done. This is why the little accessory is increasingly preferred by professionals!

We have prepared a table comparing the two accessories:


How much does it cost and where to buy a Chinese hat?

Chinese hats can be sold individually or in kits. The second option usually offers the best value for money. Anyway, the average price per unit is unlikely to leave the range between R $ 2 and R $ 5.

You can find Chinese hats at stores specializing in sporting goods, gyms, and functional training. The best option, however, is to purchase over the internet, mainly on Amazon. Also, check out Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a Chinese hat

You already know the main benefits offered by the Chinese hat. Now, you need to choose the ideal model for your needs. We have selected four fundamental criteria to help you:

  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Colors
  • Price per unit

In the following lines, we talk a little more about each one of them!


The variations in dimensions of Chinese hats are not usually very large. Some can be 4 centimeters high, others reach 7. Some have a slightly larger diameter, others are smaller. In any case, you will not find anything that is outside of expectations.

So, how important are these dimensions? The bigger the Chinese hat, the more difficult it will be to place it in small spaces. For small space training, great for agility and explosiveness, you should always opt for the most compact accessories.



During training with a Chinese hat, it is common for practitioners to end up stepping on or hitting the accessory in some way. If it breaks easily or is not resistant, you are sure to have quick damage.

Chinese hats must be impact resistant and flexible.

Therefore, you should choose Chinese hats that are impact resistant and flexible, capable of being wrinkled and returned to their original shape. There are some very good materials, especially certain types of plastics, that can behave like this.

Polyethylene, used in foam types and plastic bottles, is one of the most recommended materials for Chinese hats. Another option that usually makes consumers happy is the silicone polymer.


You can buy a kit of Chinese hats that consists only of pieces of the same color, another that is completely colored. Often, it doesn’t matter. However, in more complex circuits, it can be an important issue.

This is because there are circuits that ask for different movements or actions, and this can be demarcated precisely by hats of different colors.

Another important factor is how far the colors are visible: For circuits in larger spaces, an orange Chinese hat makes better paper than a white one, for example.


Price per unit

Each Chinese hat kit has a different number of units. So, to find out the real price of each one, you must divide the total price by the number of units.

If you find kits of similar materials, with similar dimensions and color configurations that suit you, the best way to make your decision is by cost per unit. Choosing what doesn’t weigh in your pocket is always a great option!



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