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Top & Best Children’s tent Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s tent: What is the best option of 2022?

Today’s review here from is for you, who value the fun of your little one (s) and are always on the lookout for new activities and cool ways to play. We bring here the complete guide for one of them: the children’s tent.

Children’s tents are a safe space for children, and a breeding ground for their imagination. In the article below, we will provide you with all the information and help you find the best space for your children, whether inside the room or outside.

First, the most important

  • Children’s tents can have various shapes, from tents to castles, from huts to pyramids, and sometimes even a combination of them.
  • In these combinations, it is very common for manufacturers to use tunnels to interconnect the structures, giving the product a different dynamic.
  • Another very common advent in children’s tents is the sale of plastic balls, those of a ball pool, next to the set.
  • You don’t need to invest a lot to have a quality model. There are cost-effective models starting at R $ 50. Still, you can find top-of-the-line models for up to R $ 500.

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Best children’s tents: Kids’ favorites

Among princesses, heroes, tunnels and balls, we chose the best children’s tents on the market. We select not only the highest quality models, but also those that please the children, from their designs to their games.

  • The best princess children’s tent
  • The children’s tent for hero fans
  • The tent model for the whole class

Shopping Guide

If Gonzaguinha is left with the purity of the children’s response, we are left with his games, like the good old “hut”. With a children’s tent, you combine this fun with greater practicality in assembly (and especially in disassembly) and can take it to other levels and other spaces.

In this Shopping Guide, we will show you everything you need to know, such as the main formats, designs, varieties and any information that helps you choose the ideal model – and the most fun, of course.


How to set up a children’s tent?

As there are several shapes, designs and models of children’s tents, there is not only one way to set it up, of course. Still, there are two main methods for raising them.

The first, which concerns quick-assembly models, is not exactly a method. This type of tent is already assembled, and has flexible rods, which are folded when stored. In such cases, simply loosen the rods and the tent takes its shape naturally.

The other most common way of setting up a children’s tent is similar to assembling common tents, connecting connectors, rods and fasteners. The method, in this case, is also similar to that of “adult” tents: forming a “skeleton” of the tent in question with rods and / or tarpaulins and lifting the structure.



What is the price of a children’s tent?

Again, the variety of materials, designs and types of children’s tents has an impact on this issue, in this case the price variation of the product. You can find basic models, but of a certain quality, from R $ 40 R $ 50.

As the material improves, the size and the more popular the character that prints, the price goes up, as does the complexity of its design, which can combine two or three formats in one. In this logic, the children’s tent can reach up to R $ 500.



Is it worth buying a children’s tent with a tunnel?

One of the types of tents that are most successful with children are the ones that have tunnels. They usually interconnect two different tents, or at least two different “rooms” in the same tent.

Choosing such models can be a very smart investment. Starting with the fact that they are bigger tents, and have more children, like, for example, the friends of your little ones. This makes it more versatile, because it can entertain both your children and the children of your guests, in a hypothetical party.



Tip: if you are going to choose models with a tunnel, take only those whose tunnel has breathable mesh in the fabric. It will make the tent more airy, it will prevent children from feeling trapped and it will also provide a better view of the games.


This versatility is also due to the fact that you can couple and uncouple the tunnel and its parts. We explain: in a model with two rooms and a tunnel, you can remove one of the rooms and use the tunnel as a different entrance.

This, in the end, makes the model more fun, since there are more possibilities for games, ideas, creativity.

The negative point is the price, which is a little higher, even because it has more parts and components; it is also for the assembly, which is a little more complicated than the folding models, especially if you make changes to your “architecture”; and the space, in short, that needs to be larger to accommodate the entire structure.


  • Greater capacity
  • Versatile
  • More games


  • Price
  • Assembly
  • Space

How is the children’s princess tent?

Another type of stall that is very successful among children is that of princesses, that is, with the theme of princesses. They can either be tents shaped like small castles, with lighter colors and princess decorations, or they can be printed by the most classic Disney princesses.

There are even models that combine drawings of different princesses, bringing together Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in one model. What a meeting, no?

You do not, however, need to be stuck with licensed products. As the royal theme is very common, there is a great offer of quality models that take your little ones to the world of royal fantasies.



Children’s hut or cottage?

Although there are several formats of children’s tents, there are two bestsellers, the owners of the shelves, whether physical or virtual: the tents of the hut type and those of the house type.

The hut has a triangular, even pyramidal shape, and resembles the huts of Native Americans. It is a type of hut much more compact, even with a higher height. They are more cozy too, and therefore are better used indoors.


The cottages are more fun outside the home.

The house tent is literally in the shape of a house, that is, rectangular, parallelepiped. They are models with greater internal space, can accommodate more children, and therefore are more fun when assembled outside the home.

This larger space, in addition to four “walls”, allows the model to accommodate, together with children, plastic balls, such as those for a ball pool, which is already more difficult in the huts. I Where to buy a children’s tent?

You can find quality models with licensed characters in many major toy store chains, such as RiHappy and PBKids. Just don’t expect to find very competitive prices for this type of establishment.

However, for a greater variety, be it of models, of formats and mainly of prices, we indicate that you do your research and your purchase through the internet, both in the online versions of the toy stores, as in purchase sites like Amazon and Mercado Livre, which allow you to do everything in the comfort of your home sofa.


Purchase Criteria: How to choose the ideal children’s tent

Now let’s go to our exclusive list of purchase criteria. It is she who will give you that final strength so that you can avoid the pitfalls of toy stores, and leave there with the best children’s tent possible.

  • Occasion
  • Material
  • Format
  • Theme


The first point to think about before proceeding with your purchase is when the children’s tent will be used. Even because there is a very important division between the product, that is, tents for games and tents for camping in fact.

Although children’s tents for camping are rare, it is important to think about these issues, even for the sake of economy. Have you ever imagined buying a tent all prepared for the adversities of nature, and using it only when playing in the living room?



There is little care when it comes to products for children. Ideally, the material of the children’s tent of your choice, which ultimately comes down to the composition of its fabric and structure, should be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Opt for lightweight synthetic materials.

Opt for models with light and resistant synthetic materials such as polyester, avoid metals, glass and other allergenic materials. Give preference, if possible, to tents with breathable mesh and also with UV protection.


The shape of the children’s tent is not a preponderant one, but it is a useful aspect for the comparison and selection of models. There are models of play type, hollow type, tent type, house, castle, with tunnel, in short, an infinite number of formats, for the infinite number of possible games.

Think about two things when choosing the shape of the tent: the space in which it will be set up, such as the bedroom, the living room, the backyard, and, obviously, the taste of the main stakeholders: the children!



Another point that should have the participation of the little ones is in the theme, that is, the drawing, the motto, the characters, in short, that print the tent. There are stalls of all types, of heroes, princesses, dolls, dolls, cars, in short, for all tastes.

Keep in mind, however, that licensed models tend to be more expensive. At the same time, products with generic characters, in the sense of being imitations of famous characters, take some “shortcuts” in relation to the quality of the materials, especially the structure.


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