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Top & Best Thermal box Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Thermal box: How to choose yours in 2022?

If you enjoy spending the day at the beach, camping, fishing or even if you value healthy eating, this article is for you. Today we are going to talk about an indispensable item for these situations. If you thought about the cooler, you’re right!

They are ideal for keeping drinks and food at the right temperature, in places and situations where a refrigerator is not available. And with the evolution of technology, it is possible to find a huge variety of models, with different sizes, accessories and features.

To make your buying decision easier, amid so many options, we will help you understand what is important to consider before choosing your ideal cooler

First, the most important

  • The cooler works as a portable refrigerator and is essential for those who value healthy, practical and economical food. For the perfect functioning of the box it is necessary that the material is of quality. We will show you how to analyze these and other factors for you to buy the ideal thermal box.
  • The idea that the cooler is only used on special occasions is out of date. We will show that this is a useful item even in everyday life.
  • Do not confuse cooler with cooler. We will explain the differences between the two and why the cooler is the best option.

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Ranking: The 6 best thermal boxes on the market

A cooler is useful not only for outings, but also for everyday life. Thinking about the importance of this product, we have selected the best models on the market so that you have a choice. Check it out below:


Buying Guide

Whether for your camping trip, going to the beach or simply transporting your food to work, there is the ideal thermal box for your needs. If you are looking to learn more about them, follow us

We will see all the details about this essential product for any home. For you to make your purchase safely, let’s talk about the differences between the cooler and the cooler, in addition to other details.


What is a thermal box?

You may ask yourself: why should I have a cooler? Wouldn’t it be better to buy drinks and food when I need it?

We can answer you simply. With a cooler you not only get the food you want and keep it properly, you save time and money.

Not to mention that, depending on where you are, you may not find establishments that sell food.

But if these justifications are not enough, we will explain in detail how a thermal box works and why you should have one.

The thermal box is a kind of portable refrigerator, with thermal insulation inside.

Capable of preserving drinks and food for up to 12 hours, it is an essential item for anyone who spends the day at the beach, travels to remote places, spends hours in fishing or camping.

The fact is that, through the conditioning and refrigeration system it is possible for you to guarantee fresh and healthy food and drinks even when there is no refrigerator or commercial establishment nearby.

We will talk about the factors to be observed before choosing your thermal box, below in the Purchase Criteria .

Why should you have a cooler?

The thermal box, however, does not only serve to guarantee practicality when it comes to leisure and fun.

Nowadays, with the return to healthier eating habits, many people prefer to cook their own meals.

And the cooler comes in as an ally to take your meals with you, whether for work or college, for example.

For this, there are smaller thermal boxes that are very easy to transport.

This is an increasingly common function as the cooler is the safest way to keep your meals fresh until the time of consumption. And with that, avoid the risk of food poisoning caused by heat, for example.

The fact is that, according to the Ministry of Health, about 670 cases of food poisoning are registered annually. Usually caused by poor food preservation.

Another special function of the cooler is the proper preservation of vaccines and medicines.

Although it is not a product that is always used on a daily basis, you should not think that the best option is to have a Styrofoam box or a very cheap thermal box.

Even if you use the cooler only on weekends, holidays and vacations, you need to ensure the strength, smooth operation and durability of your box.

Otherwise, in addition to stress and possible food poisoning problems, you will end up having more expense to replace your cooler with a better one.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the thermal box?

We already know some of the advantages of the thermal box. This is a product that keeps food and drinks fresh and healthy for up to 12 hours, which alone is worth the purchase.

It is also a practical product since, as it is portable, the cooler can be taken anywhere.

Another advantage is that with the use of the cooler, in addition to saving money with the purchase of food – often more expensive and less healthy -, you also save on energy.

Even in beach or country houses, if you decide to spend just a weekend, it will be cheaper to use the thermal box than the refrigerator.

Not to mention that with the cooler you will have everything you need at hand, including a barbecue at the club or on a boat trip.


But, as the saying goes, not everything is flowers. Despite all these advantages, the cooler also has some cons.

One is that the thermal box does not work alone. Ice must be added to the interior to maintain the proper temperature. And that can mean an extra expense, depending on the time you use the box.

At this point, it is important to guarantee the quality of the ice, which must be made with drinking water.

This is because there is always a risk that the ice will melt and come into contact with the food inside the box.

To avoid any type of contamination and still save on expenses, you can make your own ice, using pet bottles since the most recommended is to use large ice stones.

This is also why it is important to consider the organization of your cooler, which should have enough space to accommodate the ice.

Today it is even possible to find tutorials on Youtube on how to organize your cooler. This way you can optimize the internal space and ensure the correct form of storage to preserve your food.

It is also important that you use small pots with latches, so that all food is well protected and the contents do not spill into the box.

The video below is a good example of how you can organize the content in your cooler:



Another point that can be considered a disadvantage is that, if the box is large, transport can be more difficult. But we will soon show that some models offer a solution for this.

As we have seen so far, the thermal box has numerous advantages.

What we call disadvantages are almost always extra care that you must take to ensure the best functioning of the product.

So that you can then have an overview on this topic, check below the table of advantages and disadvantages of a thermal box:


  • Practice: can be taken anywhere
  • Versatile: can store ready food, fresh food, drinks, ice cream, medicine and vaccines
  • Saves energy
  • Ensures fresh food, preventing food poisoning
  • Saves money with food on the street, like on the beach, for example


  • It can be heavy and difficult to transport depending on the size
  • Requires extra care to store food well in airtight sizes
  • Extra expense with ice, which must be drinking water
  • It takes organization to accommodate ice, food and drinks

Cooler or cooler?

It is also very common that you get confused between the cooler and the cooler, which are different in terms of efficiency.

But it is important that you know that these are two different items when it comes to thermal efficiency.

The cooler has a rounded shape and is made of hard material on the outside and fabric on the inside. Some are entirely made of fabric and can be folded.

Because of its material, the cooler has less power to conserve temperature, is less resistant and less durable. Therefore, it is not suitable for storing food.

The thermal box is the option that resists more time, conditions food and drinks better and has a longer shelf life.


Because of its more resistant material, the thermal box is the best option if you want an effective and quality product.

In addition to offering more size options and keeping the temperature for up to 12 hours.

Check below the table with the basic differences between a cooler and the cooler:

How much?

The variety of models, sizes and technologies also reflects the variation in the prices of thermal boxes.

Today it is possible to find coolers whose prices range from R $ 6 to R $ 1,500.

As we already said in this article, the important thing is to ensure that your thermal box is made of a quality, durable material that guarantees thermal insulation.

The ideal is to have a good thermal box, quality and durable. For that, it may be necessary to pay a little more, but with the certainty that you can have a thermal box for long years.

Therefore, a very cheap thermal box can bring unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, you also don’t have to buy the most expensive one.

Where to buy?

You can find coolers in adventure sports and fishing stores. It is also possible to find, in a lesser variety, in department.

However, nowadays, the best option to buy is in online stores.

In them you will find more options of brands, models and more varied prices. Besides, of course, making your purchase from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. And you still get the product at the door.





Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare before buying your cooler

Before you decide which thermal box to buy it is important to know that there are some fundamental items that differentiate them from each other.

We want you to purchase a product that meets your needs and has a long life for you to get the most out of it.

And, as there are several models, it is normal to have confusion about the ideal size, the most important accessories and the type of insulating material.

To clarify your doubts, we will show you the main factors that you must observe before buying your thermal box:

  • Insulating Material
  • Capacity
  • Anti-leak system
  • Multipurpose caps
  • Handles and wheels

In the next topics we will explain each of these factors so that you can make the best choice.

Insulating material

As already mentioned, the thermal box is composed of an internal part with thermal insulation and an external part.

Both parts must work in harmony, so that they maintain the proper internal temperature.

The outside is usually made of polyethylene, a plastic resin resistant to impact, low temperatures and chemicals.

Experts suggest that you choose white and light colored boxes. This is because, as the white color better reflects the sun’s rays, there is a greater conservation of the internal temperature of the box.

The inner part of the thermal box is usually made of polyurethane foam, which is considered one of the best thermal insulators.

It is a material that prevents the temperature from rising or falling inside the box. And that is what, along with the ice, will guarantee the preservation of food and drinks for long hours.

Expert tip for assessing whether the product is of high quality: the whiter the inside of the cooler, the better the quality of the insulating material.


Another decisive factor to consider before purchasing your cooler is storage capacity.

In general, the capacity of this product ranges from 5 to 150 liters. But most manufacturers help you with this account by informing the number of cans that each box holds.

A 26 liter cooler holds 41 cans of soda.

Remember that you will need space to put ice, in addition to food and drinks.

You also need to evaluate the space you have available to store your box when you are not using it.

Multipurpose caps

Together with the anti-leakage system, the multi-function lid can help you a lot.

Today it is possible to find models that have a lid with automatic lock to reinforce the maintenance of the internal temperature, the preservation of food and make the transport of the box safer.

Some lids are also reversible, serving as a tray to support cans and glasses.

Handles and wheels

Be sure to check if your cooler has handles and wheels. These items will make your life easier when getting around.

The choice of the handle type is personal. The most common models are equipped with either two side handles or with only one larger handle.

Wheels are essential, especially if you choose larger boxes. Taking the full product from the cart to the place of use can be a very complicated task without the training wheels. So, make sure your box has this facility.

Anti-leak system

It is important to note whether the thermal box model you have chosen has an anti-leak system.

This is a fundamental resource that reinforces the preservation of the quality of food and drinks in your box.

Have you ever thought that the ice melted and ran down your car at the time of transport? Avoid this headache by ensuring that your box has this system.


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