Top & Best Adult tricycle Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Adult tricycle: How to choose the best in 2022?

The subject of today’s article is the adult tricycle, an object that can have excellent functions both for urban mobility and for those who still want to learn to ride a bicycle after childhood or just exercise.

Do you want to know why having an adult tricycle would benefit your life? If it is what you need? Or understand how to choose the ideal model, whether electric or kinetic? So stay with us on the next lines and find out everything you need to make the best purchase possible!

First, the most important

  • A tricycle can help a lot in getting around the city, in addition to involving good physical exercises for the whole body.
  • Most tricycles have accessories such as baskets and small bins, ideal for transporting purchases and keeping the city clean.
  • Those who have limited mobility or are unable to cycle can opt for electric tricycles, excellent for people with reduced mobility.

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The best adult tricycles: Our opinion

Let’s start the article with good tips: We have prepared a list of tricycles for adults that are able to please different audiences. You can certainly trust the models below!

  • A complete adult tricycle
  • The beautiful and discreet model
  • A great cost-benefit


Buying Guide

We imagine that you came to this article with a question hammering your head: “Is it worth having an adult tricycle”?

So get ready: You will not finish our shopping guide without knowing the answer!

Why buy an adult tricycle?

There are many possible reasons for purchasing an adult tricycle. It is an efficient and safe means of transport, able to help a lot in urban mobility. Easier to pedal than a bicycle, it also has a larger area and makes it easier to transport objects or purchases.

However, it can also serve as a gateway for those who wish to learn to ride a bicycle. Many of us were unable to overcome this challenge in childhood. Because it has two rear wheels, the tricycle does not ask for balance, making the only concern being pedaling.

Cycling a tricycle also serves as a great physical exercise, helps those who work with transportation within cities and can be a simple leisure option. For people with reduced mobility, there is the option of electric models, which do not require pedaling.



Did you know that the first tricycles were adaptations of the carriages? Pulled by horses, they inaugurated the system of three rounds, one front and two rear. This format was a success and started to be used in other means of transport!

What are the benefits of using an adult tricycle?

All tricycle models that use pedaling as a movement system are excellent physical exercise. As with bicycles, the whole body is required during a ride, only on a smaller scale. Therefore, they can be ideal for those who are starting to exercise.

Compared to bicycles, tricycles have more space, which allows a greater amount of things to be transported. You can go to and from the supermarket without worrying if you will be able to transport all your purchases, for example.

Easy mobility, however, can be the biggest advantage: Virtually anyone can use a tricycle because the effort required is less and the balance is not required. Thus, it is the easiest option for urban commuting.

And those who have more movement problems can still opt for an electric model!

The very high price in relation to the bicycle and the similarity of functions are the main disadvantages of a tricycle. But you can check it all out in the following table:



  • Great option for urban mobility
  • Very effective as physical exercise
  • Has transport capacity superior to bicycle
  • Does not require balance to pedal
  • Serves as a commute option for virtually everyone


  • Prices are quite high
  • It can be redundant for those who already use a bicycle

In what situations is it possible to use an adult tricycle?

But after all, in what situations can an adult tricycle be the best option? We have prepared a short list!

    • Who wants to learn to ride a bike: Even if it works in a similar way to a bike, the tricycle is easier to be pedaled because it does not require balance. Thus, it can be great for those who have no experience or confidence to ride on two wheels.
    • Who wants quiet urban mobility: This ease of use is also great for those who just want a simple way to get around the city, shop, solve everyday problems and visit friends.
    • Physical exercises: The tricycle does not provide an exercise as complex as the bicycle, but it is already quite effective. Especially for those who do not have the habit of exercising.
    • Delivery application workers: Because it is less tiring than the bicycle and cheaper than a motorcycle, the tricycle is a great option for those working on delivery applications. In addition, it has excellent space for cargo.


Manual or electric tricycle?

Ordinary tricycles with pedals are the most common on the market. They are excellent for all of the options mentioned above. However, you can also choose an electric model.


The electric tricycle is a great choice for people with great mobility difficulties. If pedaling is difficult or lacks the energy necessary to move a model with pedals, why not let the transportation happen by electricity?

Obviously, the electric tricycle is more expensive and requires more care than a common model, such as constant charging. But we are talking about a means of transportation for a specific niche of people.

It is worth remembering that there are also electric tricycles that combine electricity with the force of pedaling for better displacement, but they are a very specific choice.

We set up a table that compares the two types of tricycles for adults:

Is it safe to use an adult tricycle?

The use of a tricycle is safer than a bicycle because it does not require balance. The extra wheel guarantees greater stability, allowing more tranquility, especially for those who do not feel safe about a smaller means of transport.


Follow the tricycle with the same safety rules as for a bicycle.

Of course, you shouldn’t disregard the safety standards common to a bicycle: Wear a helmet and, if possible, clothes in more striking colors, able to highlight your presence. Other equipment such as knee pads and anklets should also accompany you frequently.

Also remember that the tricycle is not in the middle of the street: Whenever there is, use the bike path. Observe the same rules that apply to the bicycle, especially if you are on a non-motorized vehicle.

With all the guidelines being followed, the tranquility of riding a tricycle must be enormous!

How much does it cost and where to buy an adult tricycle?

Simple adult tricycles, which work mechanically, usually cost between R $ 900 and R $ 1200. Electric models, in turn, are much more expensive, starting from the minimum value of R $ 4,000. It is possible to have enough quality by paying a below average price.

You will find good tricycles for adults in bicycle shops, large sporting goods chains or department stores. We recommend buying over the internet, especially on Amazon. Be sure to check out Amazon.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing an adult tricycle

Deciding to buy a tricycle for adults? It is time, then, to find the ideal model! We have selected four technical criteria that can help you a lot:

  • Wheels
  • Color and design
  • Extra accessories
  • Supported weight

Below, we talk more about each one!


When buying a tricycle or bicycle, you will usually see some specifications on wheels. The main one is about the rim, which means the total diameter with the tire already.

The rim variations on bicycles are greater than on tricycles. That’s because when bigger and wider, the wheels are better for rough or mountainous terrain. As tricycles are used more on urban terrain, the number is almost always the same.

Eventually, wheels may have some special features, such as a traction system that facilitates pedaling. This can be a good differentiator for some models.

Color and design

There is no escape from wanting a means of transport that has your face. Most people look for tricycles with colors that are their favorites, beautiful and pleasant designs and with customizations that make them more attractive.

There are good options for those who prefer both discreet and flashy models.

Fortunately, the supply of tricycles is satisfactory. You will find them in many colors, with logos designed in different ways and even with unique stylizations in the accessories. Whether you prefer something more flashy or discreet, there will be no problems.

You may just want a cheap model and don’t care about the design, but otherwise, you can spend a lot of time having fun with the choice!

Extra accessories

For those who use the tricycle not only for walks, but also for shopping or even as a profession, it is important that there are good accessories. The rear basket is the most important: Check the numbers about size and capacity.

Many models also have a trash can in the front, ideal for keeping the city clean. If you are interested, you can look for tricycles with lights, increasing night security, or accessories such as padlocks and chests.

Supported weight

Another important issue for those who use the tricycle for purchases or deliveries is the maximum weight supported. Check the chosen model is able to transport everything you need without any major problems!

If you carry a load that, together with its weight, is greater than the specified value, it can cause serious damage to the vehicle. It is important to pay attention to this before purchase to increase the tricycle’s durability.


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