Top & Best Agenda Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Agenda: How to choose the best in 2022

Even with countless applications and software developed to help in the planning and organization of daily tasks, some people do not give up having a paper agenda.

The reasons are diverse: the agenda helps to organize appointments, tasks, objectives, exercise handwriting and stimulate creativity. And you can customize the passbook according to your needs.

But you find agendas with different organization systems. To help you choose the ideal model, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with all the information you need to know about the subject.

First, the most important

  • In addition to the conventional agenda, you will find Planner and Bullet Journal. The update frequency varies from one model to the other and can be daily, weekly or monthly.
  • You can find models in which the sheet is lined, un-lined, checkered or dotted. The paper can be of the type Offset, Pollen or Recilato, and the sheet can be smooth or decorated.
  • The agenda can be spiral, sewn or binder style. The closure can be by button, elastic, zipper or snap.

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Ranking: The 5 best agenda templates

On the shelves of stationery, you will find several templates of agenda. In different sizes, formats, colors and page styles (from paper to markings). To help you choose the ideal model, we have separated some purchase suggestions.

Buying Guide

With the variety of models and brands, it is normal to have some doubts when choosing the agenda that you will use throughout the year. They are models of different sizes, formats, colors and organization patterns.

If you want to make the right choice, it is worth knowing the different models and understanding the usage instructions for each one. To learn more, check out the information we have prepared in this Buying Guide.

What is an agenda?

The diary is a notebook used to make important notes about your daily life. The agenda is divided into sections: on the first pages you will find space to write down your personal data.

Because of the confidentiality of this information, you must be very careful not to lose your schedule. If you prefer, do not provide the data.

However, it is worth filling out the “emergency data” section, which includes information about your health (such as blood type and whether you have an allergy), name and number of a person to contact in case of emergency.

The agenda also has a calendar with commemorative dates (holidays). In that same section, you can find some information about zodiac signs.

You will also find a list with useful information such as the telephone numbers of the Police, Fire, Ambulance, among others and useful websites such as research tools and government portals.

Other interesting sections are:

  • Financial planning
  • Goals
  • Birthday Dates
  • Contacts

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an agenda?

An agenda can help you organize your routine better. You can write down the tasks you need to perform during that day, week or month, scheduled appointments and adjust your priorities.



Christian BarbosaProductivity Specialist

“If you think you don’t need anything more than a clock to manage your time, you are very wrong. For you to get more time in your life and greater organization you need to find the right tool.”

You can also use the calendar to organize your finances and record your expenses. At the end of the week or month, you’ll know exactly how much and what you’ve spent and be able to plan your savings.

You can use the agenda as an ally to health. You can record the physical activities you practiced, the amount of water you drank, how many hours you slept, how many calories you ingested, and much more.

Keeping an agenda also stimulates creativity and helps to exercise handwriting.

But, the agenda also has some disadvantages. The first negative point is that you need to be careful when handling it, as the leaves tear and crumple easily and if the booklet gets damaged.

If you are going to use the calendar to write down appointments, you will need to carry it every day. In addition to the responsibility of not being able to forget it at home (or lose it), you will also need a space in your bag or backpack.

And the paper agenda is not as practical and fast as the mobile agenda. In addition, you will not be able to count on some facilities provided by technology, such as reminders and alarms.

Another downside of the agenda is that the space available for taking notes is limited. In addition, you are unable to make changes. And that information will be lost when you discard the passbook.

What are the different types of agendas?

The Bullet Journal , affectionately nicknamed Bujo, is a notebook without an agenda, where you create your own divisions and markings. You can write down ideas, make lists, plans and more.

You can also use your creativity and personalize the Bullet Journal with colored pens, stamps, stickers, collages and more.

To make the Bullet Journal, use a medium-sized diary with checkered or dotted pages. Staffed pages are more difficult to fill, and staffless pages can cause annotations to become crooked.

To fill the sheets, use a black (if you are a beginner) and / or colored (if you are experienced) brush pen and other types of black ink pens. For coloring, use pens, highlighters and gel pens.

The Planner is ideal for those who want to go beyond the notes of daily commitments. In this type of agenda, the information must be updated weekly (for each day of the week there is a box for taking notes).

You can make plans to execute your tasks and goals. The Planner is usually bigger than a conventional agenda, but there are versions in “pocket” size.

Which is better: Stitched, spiral or binder diary?

You can find three diary templates: sewn, spiral or binder. We will address the features, advantages and disadvantages of each model throughout this topic.

Stitched agenda

It is a classic model. The stitching resembles the spine of a book and usually this model comes with a satin ribbon, the same color as the cover of the diary, to mark the page. The agenda is hardcovered, covered in fabric or synthetic leather in different shades, from sober to vibrant colors.

A disadvantage of this model is that the sheets are sewn, so you cannot tear them out. Even if you remove just one page, you are compromising the structure of the entire calendar.

Spiral agenda

You find the spiral agenda in several color and pattern options: illustrations, characters and themes. Usually, the sheets are decorated and a sticker pack is available to personalize the pages.

The mobility of the spiral organizer is greater and you can tear off the sheets without worrying about the organizer structure. However, you cannot change the order of the pages or insert new ones.

Agenda in binder

The diary in a binder is very practical. With it you can insert or remove sheets, change the order of the pages and customize the division in days, weeks or months, according to your needs and preferences.

Generally, the diary in binder is slightly more expensive than the other models. But, on the other hand, the durability is greater, because when you finish using the sheets, just buy new ones, because the cover and the structure are reusable.

A negative point is that the ring binder can hinder your writing a little. To work around this difficulty, you can remove the sheets while making your notes, and put them back in the diary as soon as you finish writing.

Another feature that you should consider is that as the rings are arranged in different positions than conventional papers, you will need time to pierce the sheets. The process is simple and you can use a hole punch.

How much?

The simplest calendars cost from R $ 10. You can find sophisticated models, with prices between R $ 40 and R $ 60. Imported calendars are more expensive, cost at least R $ 100 and can reach R $ 160.

Where to buy?

You can find several diary models at Livraria Cultura and Saraiva, in stationery stores in gift shops like Imaginarium.

If you prefer, you can buy online. You can find many options of models and brands on Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing the different agenda templates

When buying a calendar, we shouldn’t just look at the design. You need to evaluate many other aspects, so that you choose an agenda that matches your needs and expectations.

To help you choose the ideal model, we have selected which are the most important features in an agenda:

  • Size
  • Organization of dates
  • Cover
  • Extra features

We will explain each of the items below.


You can find calendars in different sizes. In ascending order, the size A6 is 10.5 cm wide and 14.8 cm high, the size A5 is 14.8 cm wide and 21 cm high and the A4 size is 21 cm wide and 29.7 cm in height.

The agenda can also be found in a category that does not belong to any international standard: the personal size. This model is the smallest, 9.5 cm wide and 17.1 cm high.

Remember: the agenda must have a functional format and size. If you are going to leave it at home or office, you can choose a larger size agenda, but if you are going to transport it regularly, it is better to choose a medium or small size agenda.

Organization of dates

The daily agenda provides a page for each day of the week, for this reason, it is usually wider and has a larger number of pages. This model is ideal for those who need to control different commitments.

But, you will need to flip through the calendar to check appointments throughout the week. In addition, with one sheet a day, the schedule becomes bulky, which makes it less practical to carry.

The weekly schedule divides each week into one or two pages. This model has some advantages: you can view and consult appointments quickly and can load it easily, because the book is smaller and lighter.

The monthly calendar is a great option for posting reminders, as this template has one or two pages dedicated each month. With the monthly calendar, you can view the most busy periods of the month.

In short: the daily schedule is ideal for those who want to have more space to write, the weekly schedule is for those who prioritize the organization of the routine and the monthly schedule is ideal for consulting the period’s appointments more easily.


The hardcover organizer is made of cardboard and can be covered with matte or glossy coated paper, fabric or synthetic leather. The hard cover helps to better preserve the contents of the agenda.

You can also find models with flexible cover, which can be made of plastic or rubberized material.


The agenda pages can be made of Offset paper (sulfite), or Reciclato paper, which is recycled offset paper. The main differences between them are that Reciclato paper is produced with discarded material and has a brown tint. Both models can weigh from 60 g / m² to 120 g / m².


Extra features

You can find calendar templates with some extra features. One is the compartment for storing spare papers inside the diary. You find this compartment at the beginning or end of the book and it can be made of paper, cardboard or plastic.

You can also find a pen loop (compartment for storing pens), internal pockets for storing various objects and compartments for attaching notepad and sticky post-it.

Other very interesting extra features are: bookmark, which can be made of fabric or plastic, separators on top or side tabs, dividers and stickers, which help to further personalize the agenda.

The agenda can be closed by snap, elastic, magnetism (magnets), zipper or push button.


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