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Top & Best Disposable cup holders Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Disposable cup holders: How to choose the best in 2022?

In this article, learn all about disposable cup holders before you buy. Be surprised to learn very useful information for those who want to excel in purchasing this product.

Cup holders are good to install in offices. With them people drink coffee or water in a practical way. Only if you don’t buy the ideal version you may end up having a product with no use.

Do you want to know what you need to keep in mind before buying disposable carriers? So you are in the right place. Read everything to learn how to purchase the best version according to your needs.

First, the most important

  • 200 ml disposable cup holders are more suitable for using plastic cups to drink water. Disposable 80 ml cup holders are useful when using plastic cups for drinking tea or coffee.
  • There are double cup holders that can hold 80 ml and 200 ml plastic cups.
  • The best versions of disposable cup holders have stainless steel composition, a resistant and light material.


Ranking: The 3 best disposable cup holders

Nothing better than a long cup holder to organize everything, not needing to leave bags or the cups themselves loose in the office environment. Let’s see the versions of cup holders that are more successful among current buyers.

Buying Guide

Can you not stand to see that plastic bag for packaging cups scattered around the office? Know that in addition to helping to organize the mess, the cup holders also make the company canopy a more professional and hygienic environment.

Take a look at the following content to better understand the meaning and variables of this product. This is very important, after all, with more information in mind it is simple to find the best deals.

What are disposable cup holders?

Disposable cup holders are products used in offices. It is located in the corner of the cafe and has a practical format for removing cups. There are two forms of cup holders.

One is the structure that must be fixed to the wall. The other is more popular nowadays, it is a mobile production that has a size between 20 and 40 centimeters in height.

Disposable cup holders are used to organize and carry plastic cups for drinking tea, coffee or water, normally.

In general this product has a capacity to carry the number of glasses that can go from 50 to 100. This structure weighs from 500 grams to 2 kg, depending on the version.

Disposable cup holders are also used as a decorative element in offices or waiting rooms. The version made of stainless steel, in addition to being resistant and simple to clean, also has a lot of shine.

Thanks to the practicality of the cup holder, the stirrers and cups are within reach of all people, always in the same place, fully organized and ready to be used.

What are the advantages of disposable cup holders?

Even a simple product like cup holder has advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know the pros or cons before making the purchase.

The main advantage of cup holders is to help organize and avoid mess in the canopy. With this product the cups do not need to be in those packaging bags, which makes access to the public much easier.

The environment with cup holders remains more hygienic. The cups are on a practical support and not loose on the different parts of the bench.

We must also not forget the decorative quality that disposable cup holders provide to the environment. This product serves as a modern element in the decoration.

Now let’s comment a little on the negative side of the thing. One of them is that in some versions when you pull the cup from the cup holder once, two or even three units can appear in your hand.

Consider that the cups are in a single support. That is, if someone drops the open cup holder, all cup units must be discarded for hygiene reasons.

Another disadvantage is that this product only holds glasses or stirrers. There is not much space to put sweeteners, sugar bags, cookies and other things.

If you buy a 200 ml cup holder, for example, you cannot carry larger or smaller glasses, which also has a downside.

In addition, the smaller and single versions do not have as much balance as the double cup holders. Below you will find a table that demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of disposable cup holders.

What is the best material for disposable cup holders?

There are a few things that vary between cup holders. For example, one of them is in the composition. There are plastic structures and versions made of stainless steel.

Normally, plastic ones may even cost less than stainless steel in some versions, but they have much less resistance. Only a single drop can break the plastic versions.

On the other hand, there is the metal structure, which is even better when it is coated with rust protection, keeping the shine high for long years.

Metal productions are better in decoration, they are simpler to clean and provide a sophisticated look to the environment.


What are the types of disposable cup holders?

The most common cup holders in offices carry 200 ml or 80 ml glasses. Some productions are double, that is, they have an 80 ml cup holder and another 200 ml cup holder.

In some editions that cost a little more expensive, there is also a stirrer (or spoon holder) attached to the products along with the plastic pot. Discover each of the three types of disposable cup holders:

    • Double cup holder: This is a more complete structure as it can hold coffee or water cups. Most of these versions also come with a spoon holder. Although the production is large, it does not weigh much if it is composed of metal, so it can be moved to different locations without too many problems. In retail, the double cup holder costs a higher price.
    • Disposable cup holders 200 ml: The use of this version is more suitable next to the gallon or water filter. This product is used to carry several 200ml glasses. It is important that the structure has stainless steel, so there are no rust problems if there is accidental contact with water. This option of disposable cup holders has a light weight and costs average values ​​in the market.
    • Disposable cup holders 80 ml: Serves to hold those small plastic cups for drinking hot coffee or tea. It is always interesting to choose versions that also have stirrers attached, since the 80 ml cup holder is useful for consuming drinks that can be sweetened and must be stirred before consumption. This is among the smallest types of cup holders, which makes production quite portable. This version costs less on the market.


Do you want to better keep in mind the differences of disposable cup holders? Review the comparative table below:

How much?

A good cup holder made of metal can cost from R $ 30 to up to R $ 150. Prices are more expensive for products higher in height that have the holder for stirrers.

Editions for larger cups are also more expensive. The product’s ability to carry a certain number of disposable cups impacts prices.

Where to buy?

Do you make it a point to go shopping at the store in person? Then buy coasters in stores.

When buying online, in addition to finding more varieties of offers, you still receive the product at the door of your home or office. Amazon are online stores with many offers of different versions of cup holders.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the best deals on disposable cup holders

Faced with so many offers, it is normal for us to hear those chats from salespeople who defend the quality of their own disposable cup holder models.

To know how to compare products without falling into the conversation of salespeople you should use these offer comparison criteria:

  • Stainless steel
  • Capacity
  • Warranty
  • Illustrative photos
  • Base

To have no doubts, check below the meaning of each of the comparison criteria:

Stainless steel

It is very important to buy disposable cup holders that have stainless steel with superior resistance against rust. This concern with buying stainless steel must exist even in offices in coastal areas, which can oxidize metals more quickly.

You may even have to spend a little more than you planned, but if you value durability, buying coasters with stainless steel is a security to have the most durable product.


Before confirming the purchase it is important to check the capacity of glasses that the product can carry.

If few people use the cups there is no point in buying versions that support more than 50 units.

On the other hand, in places with a large flow of people, there is a gallon of water, it is better to buy disposable cup holders of 100 or more units.


Buy only cup holders that have the basic 3-month warranty. Thus, if there are problems in carrying the cups or with oxidation in the metal, it is possible to change the product.

If the store does not offer a minimum of 90 days guaranteed, you better look for another product on the market, even if the non-guaranteed offer has low prices.

Illustrative photos

When purchasing the product on the internet it is important to read the description of the offer first. Don’t just be guided by the content present in the photo on the sales pages. Sometimes the photograph has extra things that are not really included in the offer, that is, they serve only as an illustration.

Carefully read the entire product description to find out everything that comes in the disposable cup holder package before you buy, especially which ml of the cup it supports.


Keep an eye on the base of the product. Make sure that no part of the glass is in contact with the table surface when the cup holder is standing.

Some mobile versions have a plastic base that serves to avoid this contact with dirty places and at the same time offer more balance. They are worth buying if you have a little bit of budget left over.


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