Top & Best Coin Counter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Coin Counter: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! Today we are going to talk about a small electronic that can be very useful for your trade: the coin counter. Have you thought about having one of these to facilitate your daily work?

Having a coin counter will save you a lot of time at the end of each working day. In addition, it is safe and effective, it prevents financial errors and losses. It is an acquisition that will make you a much happier person and eliminate the painful task of counting pennies one by one.

But how to choose the best models? What characteristics should the ideal accountant have? What exactly should be taken into account when making a purchase? That is all that we will explain in the next lines of this article!

First, the most important

  • A coin counter is very useful for anyone who has a supermarket, bakery or other small business in which many coins enter. The boring late-night work will be greatly reduced!
  • You must choose a model that is compatible with real currencies. So it is not a good idea to buy yours abroad. Other important factors are the counting speed and capacity.
  • Coin counters are usually sold for very high prices, almost always exceeding R $ 1,000. Therefore, assess your need and what cost-benefit you will have by making this acquisition.

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The best coin counter models: Our choices

The most efficient coin counter models on market have some different characteristics. We have selected some that are certainly worth your investment.

Below, the list of coin counters that will not make you regret the acquisition:

  • The most practical option
  • The most simplified model
  • The easiest to use coin counter

Buying Guide

But after all, why should you have a coin counter? Would it really make the job easier? What are your biggest advantages and disadvantages? Is the investment valid?

We will discuss all of these issues below. Keep following this Buying Guide to learn how to choose the best model!

What is a coin counter and what is it for?

A coin counter is a device, almost always electric, that counts large quantities of coins. It separates by quantities and shows the complete value on an electronic display.

The operation is quite simple: the coins are poured into the tray at the top of the counter. One by one, they will be sucked, analyzed and separated. Factors that differentiate counters, in fact, are the capacity of the tray and the counting speed.

It is often a portable device, weighing even less than 5 kg, but which operates with enormous efficiency and precision.



Did you know that the oldest recorded coins were found where the Temple of Artemis was in present-day Turkey? They are estimated to date from the 7th or 8th centuries BC

However, they were not yet used for monetary purposes, but as a tribute to the gods. Until the implementation of coins as an official factor of financial exchange, other items that were used include salt, shells, gold and silver.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a coin counter?

There are many businesses that deal with huge amounts of coins: supermarkets, bakeries, convenience stores, newsstands, lottery shops, among others. Small neighborhood businesses also fall into this category.


The coin counter makes daily work easier.

Therefore, the main advantage of the coin counter is that it facilitates the work of counting these coins. Whenever an employee or even the business owner loses a huge amount of time to arrive at the complete and exact value. With the device, all of this is automated!

Another issue is that the possibility of errors, always present with the human factor, becomes practically null with a safe and reliable electronic service.

The clearest negative sides are the consumption of electricity, the production of noise and the very high value for the purchase of the coin counter.

Check below the table with the advantages and disadvantages of the device:

Are there ideal counters for certain types of currencies?

The answer is yes! When you buy a coin counter, you need to pay attention to compatibility. Entries are already ready to recognize certain types of currencies and there is no use trying to reverse.

So it makes no sense to buy an imported currency counter for use. It is likely that he will recognize currencies from his place of origin, such as the dollar or the euro, and not the real. It would be lost money.

Obviously, the opposite is true: do not buy an accountant to use abroad.

It is also necessary to verify that the chosen counter recognizes all the real coins already launched. There are a few different families, newer and older models. In order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to be aware of this detail.

If you are still curious to see a coin counter working, check out the video below:

How much does a coin counter cost?

Coin counters almost always cost four digits. It is possible to find some models below that, but they are rare. The average is between R $ 1,500 and R $ 2,500, and there is already a lot of quality in this range.

The more complex and larger the counters, the more expensive they become. Extra functions such as printing reports and a high speed of operation are factors that contribute to the high price. There are models costing up to R $ 10,000.

Where to buy a coin counter?

Office supplies store is the easiest place to find a coin counter. Other good orders are those that sell many types of electronics and trinkets, usually common in shopping centers.

If your preference is to buy over the Internet, our main recommendations are the Amazon. Other large e-commerces, will also present good quality models.


Purchasing Criteria: What to consider when buying a coin counter

In addition to everything we have already mentioned, there are more factors that must be taken into account when choosing your currency counter. We list some below:

  • Operating speed and capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Extra features
  • Voltage and electricity consumption

We will explain below the importance of each one of them:

Operating speed and capacity

If you work with a large number of coins a day, an accountant will be of great help. But what if you work with exorbitant amounts of coins? In this case, there are two characteristics that will make the electronics even more useful: the capacity and the speed of operation.

The first concerns the amount of coins that can be placed at once in the tray. It is usually about 500, but it can vary downwards or upwards. The second is about how many coins are counted per minute.

This number can vary, in most cases, between 100 and 350. The greater your need, the better an accountant who also gets a higher number!

Ease of use

For a coin counter to work optimally, you need to do the correct programming. Move the display, make the proper batch separation, navigate the device menus. Therefore, the ideal is to choose a device that is easy to use.

There are also some functions that collaborate a lot with your service, such as the season stop when reaching a certain value. The more the accountant offers, the less work will be left for the human factor!

Extra features

In addition to the basic function of counting and separating coins, there are a few more things that more advanced accountants can do. The most common of these is the ability to print reports when connected to a printer. Thus, all information can be stored.

We can also quote the stocking warnings, the automatic stop in case of an error or problem and the quality of the display. If having a more modern device is important to you, pay attention to these issues!

Voltage and electricity consumption

As it is a device that works with electricity, the coin counter will always have certain voltages. Analyze if the desired device works at 110 or 220 volts, or if it is bivolt, and if these characteristics are in accordance with its location.

In addition, also opt for appliances that do not consume much electricity. Many of those available are low in consumption, but still, it is worth taking an extra look!



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