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Top & Best BIC crayons Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

BIC crayons: How to choose the best box to color in 2022?

One of the best known brands in the country, BIC is synonymous with quality. And the BIC colored pencil is no different. Focused especially on children and youth, these pencils are among the most purchased on the market and can be found easily.

To help you choose the best box among the various options for sale at the moment, ReviewBox Brasil created this article giving more details about the product.

First, the most important

  • BIC colored pencils are among the best in terms of cost-effectiveness on the market.
  • They are made from thermoplastic resins, offering more safety to children, as the material makes pencils more resistant to chewing and also splinter proof.
  • They are most recommended for casual, school and children use.

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Best BIC color pencil models: We recommend

If you are with us on this reading, we assume that you are interested in BIC colored pencils. It was thinking of you that we selected in advance some of the best models currently on sale. Want to know what they are? Follow the text and discover them.

  • The most complete color pencil box
  • The canned version
  • The bicolor pencils

Buying Guide

Have you seen the main models, but are interested in more details about BIC colored pencils? No problem. Let’s take all possible doubts you may have regarding BIC brand pencils.

What material are BIC colored pencils made of?

BIC colored pencils are made from thermoplastic resins. Okay, but after all, “what are thermoplastic resins?”, You may be wondering. Let’s explain.

These resins are characterized by high viscosity when heated to high temperatures, making them moldable. When they return to normal temperature, they return to their solid condition.

Resins can be transformed several times without changing their original characteristics many times.

During their viscous state, thermoplastic resins can be molded according to the wishes of the handler, being able to transform them by injection, blowing, extrusion of sheets for thermoforming, among other means.

This metamorphosis capacity makes the thermoplastic resins used by the industry in the manufacture of various products, such as toys, packaging and even pencils, as is the case with BIC colored pencils.

BIC colored pencils are recommended for what type of use?

In general, BIC colored pencils are not often used in a professional and / or artistic way.

Their use is usually more recommended for casual, school and children use.

This does not mean that you cannot make amazing drawings and color closer to the professional, but for this there are other brands that prioritize this type of use.

n a study carried out in 2015, with 302 elementary school teachers, 9 to 10 recommend BIC brand products, including colored pencils.


What formats of BIC crayons are available?

who prefer a certain type of format in colored pencils , due to the footprint in each style. because of the footprint in each style.

Well, BIC colored pencils satisfy all designers, as it is possible to notice several formats among the various versions of the product. The brand manufactures models with hexagonal, triangular, round and hexagonal shapes.

Well, BIC colored pencils satisfy all designers, as it is possible to notice several formats among the various versions of the product. The brand manufactures models with hexagonal, triangular, round and hexagonal shapes.

What are the differentials of BIC colored pencils?

BIC colored pencils have some differentials that make them one of the best options on the market.

BIC colored pencils have an ultra resistant tip, which survives even drops on the floor. They have a soft and easy to aim mine.


They are more resistant to chewing and splinter proof.

Because it is made of resin, they are more resistant to chewing and splinter proof, which provides a safer experience for children. In addition, BIC colored pencils are non-toxic, easy to erase, have a variety of bright and intense colors, and are 50% recyclable.

Where to buy BIC colored pencils?

BIC colored pencils are very popular, being among the best sellers in Brazil. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find cases of the product in super and hypermarkets, bookstores, stationery stores and department stores.

You will also find it very easy to find BIC colored pencils online. On the internet, we recommend the Amazon Brasil website, which contains several models and for sure you will find there an option that pleases you.

Purchasing Criteria: What should I know before purchasing BIC colored pencils

You are close to defining your purchase, but you should still be aware of some relevant information that can assist you in the final decision. To this end, we list the following points:

  • Quantity of pencils
  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Colors

Given the points raised by our newsroom, we will now go into the details for you to make the best choice.

Quantity of pencils

What is your demand for colored pencils? This can be a differentiator before you make your purchase.

The BIC colored pencil models do not deviate much from the standard of the number of colors currently on the market. They come in boxes with 12, 18, 24 and 36 colors.


Prices vary according to the amount of colored pencils present in each package. For example, depending on the model and place of purchase, you can find packages with 24 or 36 pieces in prices that vary between R $ 30 and R $ 40.

It is also common to find compiled in places like Amazon Brazil that bring multiple boxes of colored pencils of the same model. For example, a pack with six packs of the 12-color model.

If your child is the one who spends a lot of crayons, it may be worth making the purchase, especially since the price is usually lower than buying the boxes individually, one at a time.

BIC colored pencils are also among the best in terms of cost-benefit, after all there is quality in them, but their price is not the highest in the market.
In the table below, we present a small comparison of models similar to those of BIC (non-water-based and in normal boxes) and their respective values.


Most BIC colored pencil models come in traditional boxes. However, if you look carefully, you will be able to find options with metallic boxes and also with plastic cases for you to leave your pencils exposed.

Some packages also bring other stationery and school supplies, such as writing pencils, drawing pencils and sharpeners.


BIC has an interesting palette of colors, which vary from the type of box, either in quantity or collection.

Their colors are very vivid and are tools to open the kids’ creativity when it comes to coloring.

Certainly a box of BIC colored pencils will have the colors you are looking for, whether in the box of 12 or 36 colors.


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