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Top & Best Combined wrench set Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Combined wrench set: Know how to choose the best in 2022

If you work with repairs, repairs or maintenance, you know the importance of having quality tools. A set of combined keys can help you in many situations and earn points for the versatility and durability it offers.

In this article, we will talk about why the combination key is such an important tool, the advantages of having a great quality kit, everything you can do with it and how to buy the best copies available. Stay with us to know what is needed and to raise the level of your work!

First, the most important

  • Combined wrenches are important tools for professionals working in workshops, industries, home appliance repairs and various other areas.
  • You will find sets of keys combined with from three to fifteen pieces. The higher this number, the greater the versatility.
  • Opt for a set of keys combined with quality material, good workmanship and an easy way of storage and transport.

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The Best Combination Wrench Sets: Our Recommendations

A combination wrench kit needs to be durable, robust and contain parts that can help in various situations. We tested models for sale.

  • The set of combination keys for professionals
  • The best cost-benefit
  • A complete set of combined keys

Buying Guide

Do you have questions about whether you need to buy a set of combination keys and how to choose the best model?

Do not worry! We are in the buying guide, the question and answer section of our article!

What are combined keys and what are they for?

In the repair service industry and in industries, the use of keys is very common. They can have different shapes, but two of those found most frequently are those with mouth, open at the end, and stars, completely closed.A combined wrench mixes these two common types: It consists of a rod with two tips, one in the shape of a wrench, the other of a star wrench.

Both star and spanner wrenches are indicated for tightening or loosening square or hexagonal screws and nuts. The first is for specific use, indicated for accessories with six tips, while the second is freer, since it is open and easy to fit.

A combined key, therefore, is a guarantee of versatility and help in carrying out various services.

Did you know that the markings on the key sizes are in relation to the largest used in the past, in this case, with a diameter of 26.4 millimeters? Most brands use fractions drawn on each piece indicating the measurement through this system. A chave spanner, for example, measures 19 millimeters.

What are the advantages of having a set of combined keys?

A combined wrench is already a hand on the wheel for home repairs and industrial jobs due to its versatility. A game, by offering several sizes, only enhances this advantage.


Combined wrenches are excellent for slotted nuts and bolts.

If you work with automobiles, machine and appliance repairs or simply with simple household issues, the combination of keys is essential. This is because it will be common to find nuts and bolts that can be tightened with just these tools.

As the price of a set of combination keys is not high and the durability is high, it is not possible to depend on bad luck: Having one always at your fingertips, inside your case, makes the service much easier.

For those who only do repairs inside the house, finding screws without a crack is more difficult. In this case, we only recommend the combination wrench set for those who really handle tools as a hobby.

See the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of a set of combined keys:

Which professionals use combination keys?

But, after all, in which service areas is the combination of keys set most necessary? Let’s check out a short list:

    • Auto mechanics and auto industry: Many auto parts are fastened by square or hexagon screws and without a slit. Spanners and stars are widely used in these areas, becoming essential in a workshop, industry, junkyard or other establishment that handles vehicles.
    • Repair of appliances and machines: If your service is related to repairs and repairs on appliances and machines, you will also need combination keys. The screws used in this type of object ask for such tools.
    • Handyman: Professionals working with all types of repairs need to have as many tools as possible. As they never know what they are going to find, they must be ready for whatever comes and goes.


We also recommend that drivers who travel a lot have these tools in the car, since you never know if there will be problems on the road.

Fixed wrench, combined wrench or hinged wrench?

How do you know which type of key is right for you? There are many possibilities available and deciding what to buy can be quite confusing.

Fixed keys are those that have only one end, that is, they are mouth or star. They have the great disadvantage of not being able to perform two functions, unlike the combined ones, without being cheaper. It is more difficult to find them precisely for this reason.

On the contrary, hinged keys can be very useful. They have turnstiles at the ends, allowing the lateral displacement of the entrances, which can be of mouth, star, or other types. With this, they can reach more difficult or tight places and perform work at specific angles.

As they are more expensive and are rarely sold in kits, hinged keys are more difficult to find in workers’ suitcases. However, we recommend that you have at least one with your combination key kit.

See the table below for a comparison between these types of keys:

How much does it cost and where to buy a set of combination keys?

The price of a set of combined keys varies according to the number of pieces, the material and the extra technologies. You can find models from around R $ 25 that already have enough quality, but there are some exceptional ones that reach values ​​close to R $ 120.

Hardware stores or general household stores are the best places to find a set of combination keys. You can also make your purchase over the internet: We recommend  Amazon, but Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a set of combined keys

How to decide which set of combination keys to buy? To help you with this question, we have selected four technical criteria:

  • Material
  • Number of pieces in the kit
  • Transport and storage
  • Cost benefit

Below, you know more about each one!


There is always a lot of importance in the quality of tool materials. After all, you definitely want them to have enormous durability!

In the case of combination keys, the ideal is to look for models of chrome vanadium steel or carbon steel. The former take a little advantage, but the difference is not large. Choose those with special finishes that make the tool resistant to rust.

Number of pieces in the kit

In a kit of combined wrenches, each piece has a specific measurement and is ideal for a given screw size. Therefore, the more pieces there are, the more versatile and useful the set will be.

The keys of a game are usually between 6 and 24 millimeters.

The measurement is made by the diameter of the tips, both on the side with the mouth entrance and on the side of the star. It is common to have parts between 6 and 24 millimeters, but eventually larger ones can be found.

You will notice that the biggest variation is just between 6 and 24 millimeters. A kit with few parts may be ideal for workers in a single area, but when there is a lot of variation in the type of screw found, it is good to have a more complete set.

Transport and storage

Every set of tools needs some form of easy transport and storage. Both to take it with you to work, and to keep it at home, an accessory is essential, do not let it loose, thus preventing possible loss or damage.

If a set of combination keys has a suitcase or case for transport and storage, it comes out to your advantage!

Cost benefit

To find the cost-benefit of any tool set, you need to divide the total price by the number of units. This way, you’ll know how much you’re paying for each piece and get a better idea of ​​whether the purchase is worth it or not.

There are sets of keys combined with between three and fifteen pieces. At first, the first may seem more interesting, but after all, it is possible that it will be much more expensive than the other. Dividing, you find the best situation to invest your money!


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