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Top & Best Concrete drill Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Concrete drill: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Do you need to buy a concrete drill and don’t know which one to choose? So, it’s in the right text, because we intend to reveal everything about this product.

Although they all look the same, there are different drills for concrete. By knowing how to choose the best one you are sure to save money and time to research the offers.

In this article you will see some important information to always keep in mind before purchasing a model. See the best brands, the right size to use perfectly and other information for conscientious customers.

First, the most important

  • You cannot buy a concrete drill just because the price is cheap. Keep in mind that you need to purchase a product of the correct size for the type of job.
  • Many people buy drills for wood or metal thinking that they are actually drills for concrete. Keep an eye out and avoid mistakes.
  • The size of the drill bit is related to the size of the screws of the product that will be installed on the wall. To install large things use the larger drills and vice versa.

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Best concrete drills: Our recommendations

Different types, sizes, prices … Not to be confused, below you will know the main technical characteristics of popular concrete drill models that are successful in retail.

  • Bosch concrete drill bit
  • Brasfort concrete drill bit
  • Makita concrete drill bit

Buying Guide

How good you are to buy the perfect concrete drill bit. With the right products, work gets better and faster, leaving time for other activities. The products that are worthwhile are those that, in addition to having low prices, are durable and do perfect jobs.

You may even be excited to install the shelf in your room. But first, you need to know what type of drill to buy for this or other services. To not make a mistake in the purchase is simple, just read the information below.

What is a concrete drill?

The concrete drill (or video drill) is a work accessory used in civil construction. It is a production composed of chrome steel.

The product has special characteristics against rust and quite resistant by metal fibers in the composition. This type of drill works in:

    • Concrete;
    • Stones;
    • Ceramics;
    • And other materials that have a mass (a weight) similar to concrete.


It is interesting to note that there are different sizes of drills. The bigger the product, the more power there is in drilling or demolishing concrete.

The right way to use this accessory is to start with low numbers in millimeters. For example, you use a smaller bit and if the concrete doesn’t stick, you can increase the bit and try again until you get it.

For this reason it is important to have not just one, but several drills, different in size. The best drills for concretes have a very elaborate work on the tips. This is important as the product does not get stuck in the hole during drilling.

One of the biggest mistakes of buyers is to buy any drill and not be able to work on the concrete. It turns out that there are drills for metal work, others for wood and some for drilling in concrete.

Never use a concrete drill to drill hard wood, iron or metal. The results can be bad to the point of breaking the product.

What are the advantages of the concrete drill?

Like everything in life, the use of drills for concrete has advantages and disadvantages in professional life. By viewing the table below you can understand the positive or negative points of this accessory:What to pay attention to before buying your concrete drill?

The drill body can have different types of steels. The most common productions have nothing special about steel, which can even rust easily.

However, if you do not want to take the risk of buying poor quality products, which are stuck, it is worth spending a little more. Buy the concrete drill that has hardened chrome vanadium steel, which guarantees a long service life for the accessory.

Some versions that cost more even have special work on the surface to decrease the chances of fractures. This type of treatment in English is called “Short Penning”.

Few people realize it, but the tip of the drill is one of the fundamental aspects of good work. The cheap versions do not have advanced work on the tips and can get stuck in the hole or lock the drill.

What is the best drill bit for concrete?

There are several engineering and compositions for the tip. The best choices are those with tungsten carbide. These structures have the ability to ensure performance and safety in high-impact jobs.

Drills with tungsten carbide tips, although more expensive, facilitate work in several aspects, for example:

    • Does not break due to overheating;
    • Less chance of the drill getting stuck in the concrete hole;
    • More speed when drilling;
    • Less dust and accumulations of dirt in the work environment.


Concrete drill or wood drill?

The concrete bit is harder and thicker than the wood bit. This is necessary for the product to withstand the pressure of hammers or drills.

The model has a hard point that during impact punctures or cracks the surface. The grooves in the bit serve to take the dust away while drilling concrete.

Cutting the concrete drill has more impact and has a less sharp composition than wood drill bits.

Which drill size to use for each service?

Drills have sizes measured in millimeters that generally range from 4mm to 10mm.

Do not forget that the holes made in the walls must be perfect to fit the set of screw anchor.

Let’s say you need to install a stand for a large, heavy TV. In these cases, it is advisable to use a 10mm concrete drill.

The use of the 8mm concrete drill is ideal for installing a kitchen cabinet. This size also fits well when installing bookshelves to store toys or books.

The 6mm option works perfectly for light ornaments, frames or mirrors. Find out more about the differences in drill bits for concrete: 10mm, 8mm and 6mm.

What should the drill voltage be?

For a concrete drill to work with quality, the drill or electronic hammer needs to be powerful. There is no point waiting for miracles, that is, the drill is not able to do the job alone.

There are some products that work well on 110W. But, the 220W voltage ensures that the drill has enough power to explore the maximum that the drill bit can offer.

How much?

In traditional stores or online stores, 4 factors define the drill bit price for concrete:

    • Brand;
    • Number of units in the kit;
    • Size;
    • Technical differentials.


The average price of the product can range from R $ 10 to R $ 399. Kits that have drills of smaller sizes without much variation in millimeters are cheaper. Kits with a wide variety of millimeters, on the other hand, cost more.

Where to buy?

houses of buildings famous for selling drill bits for concrete. You can even buy it in department stores.

When buying over the internet it is easier to compare each offer calmly. Buy concrete drill from Amazon.

Amazon is the safest store to buy original products on sale. Unlike stores.



If the concrete bit is used in the wrong materials, it can break or damage the groove spiral. Damage of this kind makes the product unable to do new jobs perfectly.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the best drills for concrete

Okay, you just found a model that looks perfect and is dying to buy. Very calm at this time! First, review the offer against the purchase criteria listed below:

  • Kits
  • Functionality
  • Warranty
  • Sizes
  • Composition
  • Tips

To make it easier, we will explain each of these purchasing criteria. Read calmly so you can become an expert when it comes to knowing if an offer is worth it or not.


It is very difficult to find stores that sell only one drill unit. As these products are cheap, shopkeepers prefer to sell in kits that can range from 8 to 100 or more drills for concrete.

If you need to use the drill bit for concrete in different forms of work, buy kits that have different sizes. Those who perform the same type of service several times benefit from kits that have units of identical sizes.


Although this is not a rule without exception, those who need the drill bit for concrete also need other bits for other services in wood or metals.

Buying the concrete bit at a store and purchasing other bits at other stores can be expensive and laborious. Therefore, it is worth buying the cases that come with different types and sizes of drills.

This tip is also important for the sake of prudence. After all, when buying the case from a trusted brand there is more security in daily work.


In general the product warranty is 90 days. If the brand or store offers more guaranteed time, it is a sign that there is a certain confidence in the quality of production.

Generally, if the drill has a longer warranty period, it is worth trusting the purchase of the product.

However, policies usually only cover factory problems and not for misuse of the product. If you take the concrete drill out of the packaging, use it and break it, that’s it. The brand hardly allows to change even if the model is within the warranty period.

Exchanges or refunds happen more when the product is already in trouble before being placed in the drill.

The concrete drill is more suitable for professional use. Whoever works with this product every day knows the ideal drill size for each different use.

Be calm if you are not a professional. In these cases, always try to use smaller drills and only increase the millimeter if you notice that it is difficult to drill the concrete.


As you have seen in reading this far, different concrete jobs require a specific type of product size.

When buying the concrete drill from physical stores or online you should consider the tip diameters.

This criterion is very important because the concrete drill body is thinner than the tip. The model has this format so that the powder can flow better during the work.


A common mistake for first time buyers is to buy the wood drill bit thinking it is a concrete bit.

This often happens when shopping for physical stores, because online store descriptions tell what the product is for.

To avoid problems a good tip is also to keep an eye on the total composition of the product.

The concrete drill has a thicker body and alloys with superior hardness when compared to wood drill bits.


There are many immoral sellers who apply the old drill blow. It works like this: the store announces that the drill is for concrete when in fact it is only useful in light woods.

These offending shopkeepers do this to take advantage of it because a large part of the public is not an expert. Then you’ve seen it, right? When you use the product on the concrete in a few seconds the drill breaks!

There is a way to avoid this shopping error by analyzing the tip. Without exception, drills that serve to drill concrete have a head (tip) that has an arrow shape.


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