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Top & Best Steel shelf Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Steel shelf: What is the best model of 2022?

For a long time the steel shelf was a product used only in corporate environments and stores. However, thanks to the advantages it has, it has also gained space in homes and it is this item that we are going to talk about today.

Ideal for storing all types of products, the steel shelf is very resistant and has a high durability. It is easy to assemble and can be found in various sizes. In this article we will explain everything about it and at the end of the reading you will be ready to choose yours.

First, the most important

  • The steel shelf is made in options that have between 3 and 6 trays.
  • It has great strength and durability and can be used to store books, documents, office supplies and more.
  • The steel shelf costs less than the wooden models and there are options starting at R $ 100, on average.

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The best steel shelf models: Our choices

The steel shelf is a very useful and versatile product. This is because it can be used for different purposes and is made in different measures.

Because of this, it adapts to all needs and if you are looking for one of these check out the best rated options below.

  • Readers’ favorite steel bookshelf
  • The best compact steel shelf
  • The best model with five trays

Buying Guide

The steel shelf combines strength with durability. Precisely for this reason, it has been found in commercial, industrial and school environments for many years. But this product also combines well with residential areas and each year it is conquering its space within them.

In this buying guide we will show you everything that is most important about the steel shelf. We will talk about its advantages, ways of use and at the end of the reading we will help you choose the best model.

What can be stored on a steel shelf?

The steel shelf is an extremely versatile product and, therefore, it is the choice of many people to store their items.

It is widely found in stocks, warehouses and schools. That’s because the steel shelf is very useful for storing stationery, books, documents, office items and various other products that are used in stores and companies.

But in homes the steel shelf can also be used. It is ideal for books, food, decorative items and more. Some models can even be used as support for television, video games and more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the steel shelf?

The steel shelf combines a number of advantages. All of them are related to the ease of use of this product.

Because it is very basic and practical, the steel shelf adapts to all needs. It is not for nothing that it is placed in the most varied spaces.

This shelf version is even more affordable than wooden ones and because it is made of steel it has excellent durability.

Another positive point is that the steel shelf has excellent resistance and can withstand high weights, depending on its size.

Even the variety of steel shelf sizes is one of its advantages. It is made in options ranging from three to six trays. Thanks to this, it is able to store different quantities of products.

The disadvantage is that this bookcase is open. This means that the items inside it are exposed to variations in the environment and are not as protected.

In addition, if the steel is not stainless, it will rust if exposed to water.

How to paint a steel bookcase?

Many steel shelf models are sold in white, which is very basic and combines with different environments. However, it is possible to paint this product in other shades, either because you did not find it in the desired color or because you want to renew it.

For this, the ideal is to use a pistol with a compressor, which makes the process quite quick and simple. But, those who do not have access to this tool can use foam rollers and brushes for finishing.

A good paint to paint the steel shelf is synthetic enamel or water-based enamel. For a better finish, after the enamel dries it is recommended to use a spray paint.

In the step-by-step below you will find a detailed explanation to make your steel shelf the color you want.

  • Pass a sandpaper over the entire surface of the shelf.
  • Clean it with a damp cloth.
  • Apply two or three hands of synthetic enamel or water-based enamel until the shelf is completely painted.
  • Wait to dry and, if necessary, spray paint.

How to use the steel shelf in the decoration?

For a long time the steel shelf was a product used only in companies. However, in recent years it has become part of residential environments as well.

But a doubt that always arises when placing this product indoors is how to incorporate it into the decoration. This is not difficult and there are several ways to make the steel shelf match the environment.

Betting on a colorful bookcase is a good choice. These versions create a point of color in the space and leave more neutral and sober decorations very interesting.



Manuela LopesArchitect

“If you already have a more colorful decoration, you can use the colored shelves to create a tone on tone or even to make the environment a little more colorful and cheerful.”

Another way to insert the steel bookcase into the room without leaving it looking like an office is to place decorative items on it. You can use flower pots, paintings and any ornament that you like.

In addition, instead of using an all-steel shelf, you can exchange your trays for wooden shelves. That alone leaves it with a distinctive and modern touch.

How much does it cost and where to buy a steel shelf?

The steel shelf is found to buy mainly in stores that sell office products.

Good stores to buy it are Etna and Tok Stok. On the internet it is also possible to buy one of these and sites.

The value of the steel shelf varies according to the size of this product and the type of steel in which it is made. Therefore, the larger ones cost more than the smaller ones and the stainless steel ones have the highest price.

Thus, there are models starting at R $ 90 and the most expensive ones can reach around R $ 3 thousand.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing the best steel shelf

The steel shelf is a relatively simple product, but it needs to be chosen with care. To help you with this task, we have separated below everything you should take into account at that time.

  • Measures
  • Number of trays
  • Steel thickness
  • Material
  • Color

Next, we’ll explain all of these topics in detail.


Regardless of the number of trays that the steel shelf has, it is made in different sizes.

A four-tray model is not always the same size as another model with the same number of shelves. Therefore, when purchasing a bookcase it is essential to pay attention to its size. These measurements are specified in height, width and depth.

It is even quite common that what changes the most is the height and width, with the depth of a steel shelf being around 30 centimeters.

Number of trays

The steel shelf trays are basically the shelves it has. You can find options that you have from three trays and the largest ones have six trays.

Which one to choose depends on the number of items you want to store on the shelf. The smaller ones are ideal for those who have few products and also little space to place the shelf.

The large ones, on the other hand, are great for warehouses and inventories, because there is a greater quantity of products in them.

Steel thickness

The thickness of the steel that is used to make this type of bookcase is totally related to the weight it supports.

As a result, the thinner and weaker this steel is, the smaller the capacity of the rack and the easier it can break.

Precisely for this reason, each shelf model supports a specific weight. There are options with six trays that support only 20 kg, while others of the same size support 25 kg.

This feature makes all the difference when thinking about what will be stored in this product.

For lighter items this factor is not so relevant, but who needs a more reinforced bookcase should pay attention to this.

In addition, there are steel shelf models that are made with a reinforcement structure below their trays. These cost a little more, but guarantee greater resistance for this product.


The steel shelf can be made from common steel or stainless steel. The common steel ones are the ones that have more value in account and are found more easily.

The downside is that if they come in contact with water they can rust over time. This affects not only the appearance of the shelf, but also its durability.

Stainless steel models do not rust and can be exposed to water without problems. In addition, versions made with this type of steel have a brighter appearance.

They are a little more difficult to find to buy and have less demand, as they are the most expensive.


In the past, the steel bookcase was only made in basic shades like white and gray. But nowadays it is possible to find more colorful options in colors like red, blue, yellow and more.

The most basic versions are ideal for corporate environments and for spaces where the bookcase should not draw so much attention. On the other hand, the colored models are great to be incorporated into the decoration.



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