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Top & Best Nike football boots Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nike football boots: How to choose the best one in 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk about one of the most popular sports equipment in the world, the Nike boot, which dominates the market with stylish and technological shoes.

In this Guide, we will show you the best and different models, their technologies, their designs and even the stars wear them, among other valuable information, everything so that you can leave here a star of the ball and the shelves.

First, the most important

  • The main lines of Nike football boots are Mercurial, Phantom and Tiempo.
  • These lines may have sub-lines, such as Mercurial Vapor and Mercurial Superfly and Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision.
  • The lines are also adapted to each football modality, between field, futsal and society.

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Buying Guide

Choosing a Nike boot is an easy, but laborious task. Easy because all the models available on the market (and model boots on that) are of high quality; laborious because there are many characteristics, technologies and details to consider.

But don’t be afraid. In the following Shopping Guide, we will present the best lines, their innovations, differences and indicated uses. Thus, you can find the model that best suits your game and your tastes.


Nike football boots for field, futsal or society?

Field football may be the most important and relevant sport in the world, but the practice of football is well divided between futsal  and society. After all, they are more accessible modalities for the “common” player.

This logic is in a way followed by Nike boots, which have their main products in their field models, but all adapted to the courts, whether they are made of cue or synthetic grass.

Thus, all the innovations in the uppers, in the mooring, in the internal comfort, etc., are transposed to the models of the courts. What really changes are the soles, each modality with one, and with varieties among themselves, to top it off.

In the field, the locks are long and can have different shapes, between rounded and pointed; in futsal, the sole can be smooth or with grooves of differentiated patterns that help in traction inside the court.

In society, the latches are like a middle ground between the ballroom and the field soles, long enough but shallow, even so.



What are the characteristics of the Nike Mercurial boot?

You can safely say that Mercurial is the main line of the Nike boot. As? Well, there are models from none other than Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo.



Did you know? With football boots provided by Nike for at least a decade, Cristiano Ronaldo wears an average of two to three football boots per year.


One of the uses of the word Mercurial , in English, is to describe a person who changes fast, an unpredictable person. This is the great inspiration of the line, made for players who change direction quickly, fast, agile and unpredictable.

The two main sub-lines are Mercurial Vapor and Mercurial Superfly, but there are special models and unique launches, such as Mercurial Dream Speed , made for Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé and the Australian Sam Kerr.


There are three characteristics that unite all these models. The first is Flyknit technology , an open and flexible weave that is the base of the leather. It involves the foot in order to decrease its distance from the base of the shoe and thus give the perfect fit, providing comfort and confidence in the runs with and without the ball.

The locks are also strategically positioned to provide traction and sustain changes in direction without harming the athlete. They are locks that are on the heel and the tip of the foot.

Other striking features are the advancement in the classic All Conditions Control , which give a matte finish to the upper layer of the leather with a classic touch and which sustains good ball control on various types of lawn.


  • Lightness
  • Speed ​​comfort and stability
  • Assisted ball control in any field


  • Biggest price
  • Lower resistance

How is Neymar’s Nike boot?

Neymar, with all his controversies, is undoubtedly one of the greatest football players in the world. This is unquestionable. He is also one of the most talked about, commented and media players.

Neymar’s exclusive Nike boots therefore combine technologies for his ability on the pitch and especially references to his size outside. There are already more than ten models since they became professional players.


Its basic boot is the Mercurial Vapor, aimed at speed dribbling.

Its base boot is the Mercurial Vapor, geared, as we described above, for speed dribbling, which combines the Flyknit upper, sole with special latches and the textured finish on the forefoot.

What makes the models stand out, however, are the references to the star of the  team, from tattoos to mantras, such as “Ousadia e Alegria”, “Sonho Dourado”,, IV, “Shhh” that became species of logos.



Nike works with a sub-line that is not exclusive to small players, but is present in basically all the best children’s boot models on the market: the Academy .

The Nike Academy is a line that bets, as the name says, on learning and the search for evolution, but also invests a lot in comfort, safety and stability during the game.

Thus, most models come with the Flyknit to keep the foot tight in the boot, but respect the growth of the body at the same time, as well as have locks that reinforce the traction during races.



How does the Nike Tiempo boot help defenders?

The Nike Tiempo boot was designed to give defenders the same technological support that attackers usually receive from the American company. For this very reason, Van Dijk, Piqué, Thiago Silva and Sergio Ramos, four of the greatest defenders of modern football, use them.

Lighter, Nike Tiempo combines the Flyknit with an innovative premium leather upper, to provide greater comfort and safety for a player who invariably needs to be precise in his actions.

Even so, it has Fit-Mesh technology , which helps the ball control the inside of the foot. There is also Nike Hyperstability, a technology in the sole that tries to mirror the assistance given to attackers for changes in direction. After all, a good defender needs to be as agile as the one who wants to dribble him.

Finally, it is a model that combines the most modern designs from Nike, but with a slightly more sober tone. Even because a quarterback can’t smile, right?



Why is the Nike Phantom Vision boot ideal for midfielders?

In modern football, the midfielder has little space to control the ball, and even less time to think about what to do. The movements, then, must be precise, and with the ball attached to the foot.

The Nike Phantom Vision boot, used by midfielders like Casemiro, Philippe Coutinho and the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne offers just that, with a modern design it leaves the boot tight on the foot, but not tight.

Everything about Nike Phantom Vision is designed to optimize ball control. Ghost Lace, for example, leaves the shoelace completely hidden to reduce any point of shock with the ball.

The big news, however, is in the evolution of the Flyknit , which is optimized for a region called the “medial triangle”, an area of ​​the foot that connects three bones and which, according to Nike research, is essential for precise ball control.



What is the price of the Nike boot?

Nike tends to divide the price of its boots between the official models used by the players and replicas, with some adaptations in the materials. In the case of officers, these prices orbit quietly at around R $ 1000 and are not found anywhere, restricted to some official Nike stores.

The replicas, in turn, have a price range that goes from R $ 100, the most common price on models that have already been discontinued, to R $ 600, models that, on the contrary, are launches. In addition, the “accumulation” of technologies and the exclusive design of a model make it more expensive.


Purchasing Criteria: What to Note on Your Nike Football Boot

Below, we present another list, this time of purchase criteria. Its items were designed considering the characteristic elements of the boot and of course, to help your choice.

  • Position
  • Field Type
  • Stability x Speed
  • Design
  • Favorite Player

So, let’s talk about each of the items, so you can gather as much information as possible before buying your Nike boot.


One of the great appeals of the Nike boot is its development considering the position of the players on the field. Basically, there are ideal models for defenders, midfielders and attackers.

So, when buying your model, take into account your positioning. If your place is in defense, look at Nike Tiempo boots with affection; if it’s midfield, Phantom are excellent choices; Mercurial, on the other hand, wears the front players perfectly.


Field Type

This criterion may seem obvious, but the type of field goes beyond choosing the appropriate model between field football, society or futsal. The idea, in fact, to go deeper into the type of field and court.

Think, if possible, if the field you play on is heavier or lighter, if the court is made of cue or concrete, and even the filling of the synthetic lawn of the society court.

Then, just choose the model with the combination of sole and latches that best suits that surface.

Stability x Speed

This is an important point. Ultimately, the Nike Football Boots feature sets, innovations and technologies revolve around two elements of the game, stability and speed.

Soles and uppers are the points of greatest interest in this case. Nike Tiempo, for example, is more stable, while Mercurial, faster. So, pay attention to what you need on the pitch, that the Nike boot offers.


Although the Nike football boot is rich in technology and innovation, you don’t have to think only about its performance. The look is also a very important part, and, frankly, one of the biggest highlights of the footwear of the American brand.

Note, therefore, the shape of the model, the design of its tongue and barrel, its core (s), and its details – on the leather, on the sole, even on the laces -, another highlight of Nike cleats, and choose the combination you like best.


Favorite Player

Finally, if you’re still lost, think about your favorite players. Why not wear your idol’s boot? The better they are, the greater the chances of being sponsored by Nike.

A quick search can inform the model of boot they use. Do what you want with this information. Buy the exact model, be guided by the used line, in short, let your idol inspire your purchase.


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