Top & Best NFL Cap Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

NFL Cap: How to choose the best of 2022?

Hi, how are you? we’ll talk about the NFL cap, one of the most popular accessories in the sports league that is among the most important on the planet.

From the league and its themes to the franchises and their shields and colors, the NFL caps translate in their prints all the passion, competitiveness and emotion of the great American football league, and with a lot of style. In the following article, we will show you the best models, and how you can find the one that is right for you.

First, the most important

  • New Era, one of the largest cap manufacturers in the world, produces the absolute majority of NFL-themed caps.
  • Caps can have team-related prints, such as the New England Patriots or Oakland Raiders, or the league itself.
  • The variety of models, therefore, is quite large, since there are 32 teams composing the NFL.

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Buying Guide

The NFL is the fastest growing sports league in the Brazilian market, attracting fans and viewers in the thousands. In this context, the NFL cap is one of the accessories most sought after by this new audience, for its content and the practicality of its use.

In the Shopping Guide below, we’ll show you the huge variety available to these football fans. We will show shields, styles, manufacturers, among other valuable information, all so you can find the ideal model for your style and your fans.


Why are NFL caps produced by New Era?

A quick look at Amazon or any physical store, and you’ll notice that the NFL caps are all produced by New Era, a company long associated with baseball.

The reason is simple: in 2012, starting an expansion process, the North American company bought the exclusive licensing rights for NFL branded clothing products, which includes the logo and images related to both the league and its teams.



Did you know? In 2017, New Era also signed with the NBA, becoming the first brand to simultaneously license products from the top three American sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA).


How are the caps of the different NFL teams?

The largest variety of NFL caps belongs to the wide variety of franchises – the teams – in the league. Each has at least one cap model. The design of their prints and visuals are based on three fronts: the coat of arms, the names and cultures of the teams, the first two most common.

Thus, caps are usually made up of a front print with one of these elements, with the respective team colors and usually with at least one other element that identifies with the franchise.



  • Varied visual elements
  • Cultural identification with franchises
  • Variety of designs


  • Standard composition
  • Few references to players

What is the style of the Patriots NFL cap?

The New England Patriots are the biggest winner of the Super Bowl , the grand final of the NFL, with six wins. This makes the demand for their caps very large, as well as their variety of models.

What unites them, besides the “ Flying Elvis ” logo , is the dark tone, the characteristic blue of the franchise’s uniform or the black of the alternative models, which make their style something more sober, and, at the same time, versatile.

At the same time, this same blue added to the franchise’s name, “Patriots”, allows several insertions and harmonizations with the American flag, creating more striking models.



Why are Raiders’ caps so popular?

The popularity of Oakland Raiders is a curious case in Brazil. It is a franchise with “only” three Super Bowl titles, the last one in 1984, long before the recent boom in the popularity of American sport in the country.

It is difficult to say exactly why the franchise caps are so popular. Still, the most likely is the combination of the design of the coat of arms, a kind of pirate with a helmet , and the black color of the caps, versatile and stylish.




How is the 100 year old NFL cap?

In 2022, the NFL completes 100 years of existence. Then, in the 2019-2022 season, the NFL 100 brand was launched, with its own logo and products.

In this context, there is the 100 year old NFL cap, which has the same basic design as the “normal” models, with a logo on the front and details on the back, sides and brim.

The logo, in turn, consists of a large number 100, cut by a red band that traces the trajectory of a launched ball . To the lower right is the NFL symbol, in reduced size.




What is the price of the NFL cap?

Because they are all of the same brand, the NFL (original) caps do not have a wide range of prices. The standard price is around R $ 90 and R $ 100, but you can find older models from R $ 50, and launches for R $ 200.


Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider When Choosing Your NFL Cap

Next, you’ll see our list of selection criteria, that ultimate strength to help you find your ideal NFL cap. They are elements of the product that, when noticed carefully, can be very useful at the time of purchase.

  • Print
  • Tab
  • Closure
  • Original / Licensed Product

We will then talk about each of the items, so that your choice is very well informed and your purchase is the best possible.


Assuming you don’t have a franchise preference in the NFL, looking at the patterns can help a lot when choosing. Most of them are reproductions of the teams’ shields, of very varied designs and styles.

There are geometric crests, others that represent animals, some just letters, in short, the prints can not only visually please but also represent your style.

For fans of specific franchises, you can choose between full representations of shields or prints inspired by the colors and themes of the teams, such as the “ Logo Elements ” collection , from New Era , presented in the following video.




A crucial point in the composition of the entire cap is its brim, including NFL caps. The size, design and, above all, the curvature of the flap define the style of each model.

Choose, therefore, between straight flaps and short, long or short flaps and with more square or rounded edges.


The closure of the cap is another crucial element of the wearing experience. It not only defines the fit and fit of the model in your head, but also dictates its practicality and even your style.

The strapback models , for example, with velcro or buckles, have a very precise adjustment, but a little time, and a more urban style; the snapbacks , with loops, are practical and more sports.



Original / Licensed Product

Finally, always try to buy official and / or licensed models. They guarantee the quality of the material, the franchise’s consent to the use of their respective images and strengthen the NFL financially.

So, look not only for New Era models, but for labels that attest to the League’s licensing of the product, which can also be found on the stickers pasted on the flap and on the emblems printed with the NFL logo.



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