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Top & Best Head protector Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Head protector: Know how to choose the best in 2022

Many martial arts use blows to the head and upper body in their repertoires. Therefore, anyone who practices one of them has no way of avoiding wearing a head protector! Knowing how to buy the best can greatly help your safety and avoid quite unpleasant problems.

If you want to understand how to buy the best headgear for martial arts, you’ve come to the right place! We have studied a lot about these protective equipment and have prepared an article that will help you with all aspects that can lead you to the ideal purchase!

First, the most important

  • Head protectors are very important when practicing martial arts and contact sports. In some modalities, they may even be mandatory.
  • It is possible to use head protectors with or without front opening. The first type is recommended for the most experienced, the second for beginners.
  • Always choose the correct measurements for your head protector. Thus, you will have the guarantee that it will not come loose easily or become uncomfortable.

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The best head protectors: Our opinion

The first step towards a good purchase is to know the best models. After some tests, we selected head protectors that have the highest quality. Below, you know more about them!

  • The head protector with absolute quality
  • For those looking for better fixation
  • A versatile and beautiful head protector


Buying Guide

Our mission is to bring you quality information and answer your questions about products. The buying guide is the main sector for us to fulfill it!

We research frequently asked questions about this equipment and bring the answers below!


What is a head protector and what is it for?

What do taekwondo, boxing, muay thai and MMA have in common? All are combat sports or martial arts that allow blows to the head. As there is a clear danger in this practice, it is necessary to use a head protector.

It is not always that the head protector is regulated: It does not happen in boxing or in MMA professionals, for example. But for training, it is always recommended. It involves the entire upper body like a helmet and has a great capacity to absorb impacts.

If you practice any of these sports or other sports that also involve striking your head, you should not give up this equipment. More and more scientific studies come to the conclusion that such physical contacts can, indeed, lead to extremely high damage!



Did you know that sports have changed rules and if it is appropriate to avoid further brain injuries? Taekwondo, for example, increased the score for blows to the head to make the fight more lively, but made headgear mandatory.

Boxing, in turn, took the opposite path, abolishing the protectors of amateur competitions (case of the Olympics). Although the decision was supposedly made to protect athletes, many people contested this version and saw a more commercial motivation.

Which fights ask for head protectors?

There are two categories of fighting sports that use head protectors: those that do it only in training and those that do not give up these accessories also in official combat.


In taekwondo, head protection is mandatory in combat.

In the first group, we can highlight taekwondo, an Olympic sport that has the helmet as a mandatory item for fights, and kudo, called “Japanese MMA”, which is starting to gain space.

Within the second group, the main examples are boxing, muay thai and MMA. As much as it is not common to use a helmet in combat in these sports, it is indispensable in training.

Even if you practice some less famous martial art, if there are blows in the head region, try to use a protector. Your health must always come first!

What are the advantages of wearing a head protector?

Wearing head protectors in fights has an obvious advantage: Safety. They cushion blows and make it less likely that any of them will be serious. Some side effects are added to this, as the minor occurrences of pain and bleeding.

In some fights, the use of the head protector is mandatory. There is not even a choice that you can make. But in others, such safety-related issues appear even when it comes to hands and feet hitting upper body parts. The risk of fractures also falls.

The use of head protectors makes training even more enjoyable, since there will be less pain.

The only negative points about head protectors are that they can be considered uncomfortable by some people and can make sweating difficult, causing allergies and unpleasant odors. But these situations only happen in some cases.

See the table below for advantages and disadvantages of head protectors:



  • Provide much greater security to the minds of practitioners of fights
  • Reduce the incidence of pain and bleeding
  • They also protect practitioners’ hands and feet
  • Make fighting practice more enjoyable


  • They can be very stuffy, causing allergies
  • Some people may find them uncomfortable

Head protector with or without front opening?

You can find two main types of head protectors being sold on the market: With or without front opening. The first type covers only the sides and the rear of the head, while the second also protects the front, with larger openings only in the mouth, eyes and nose.

The biggest advantage of models without front opening is the extra protection. They are indicated especially for beginners and for people who do not feel safe in the practice of martial arts, however, they warm up more, generate a higher concentration of sweat, are more expensive and can hinder visibility.

Front-opening head protectors are more comfortable and do not interfere with visibility, but offer less security. They are better for people with more experience in sports.

In the following table, we compare the two types:


How much does it cost and where to buy a head protector?

The most common models of head protectors are in a price range that can range from R $ 25 to R $ 150. These numbers vary according to the brand, the protection offered and the quality of the materials.

Stores specializing in sporting goods, materials for martial arts and even some gyms can offer good head protectors. Another possibility is purchasing over the internet. The Amazon has models that deserve to be checked, as well as the international Amazon and the Free Market.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a head protector

It’s time for you to choose your ideal head protector. What are the most important criteria at the moment? We have selected four that can help you a lot!

  • Size
  • Material
  • Visibility
  • Fixing mode

Below, you learn a little more about each of them:


As much as some head protectors are one size, capable of molding themselves to the head, they are in the minority. And therefore, you need to know what your measurement is. In most models, the division is made between P, M and G.

Usually, the measurement is done by passing a tape measure through the region of the tips of the ears and eyebrows. You should look for information on how to divide the sizes of the chosen brand on the internet.

It is also important to mention that many brands offer children’s models.


The main head protectors are made with materials that simulate leather. Most of the time, it is a high density foam, with very good quality, coated with resistant plastics. Ideally, impact absorption should be above average.

Polyurethane is widely used in head protectors.

There are also some companies that manufacture protectors with more complex mixtures of materials, achieving a result that does not resemble leather. Polyurethane is widely used, as is EVA.

In one way or another, the ideal is that you feel safe when wearing the protector and realize that the absorption of impacts is really satisfactory.


Front-opening head guards always provide good visibility. This is an important criterion, especially when it comes to closed models. After all, you need to have good peripheral vision during combat.

The ideal with models without front opening would be to make a test before the acquisition. That way, you would know exactly if you can see everything and if your peripheral vision is in good condition. But if that is not possible, getting the size right can be a good help.

Fixing mode

You certainly don’t want to be in the middle of a fight, take a hit and see your head guard bent or go flying. For this, he needs to have good fixation and always be well attached, shaping the shape of the upper body well.

There are models that use Velcro fastening, but there is a tendency to lose efficiency over time. Buckles can possibly hurt you. The best options are buttons or string to tie, which guarantee excellent stability.


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