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Top & Best High socks Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

High socks: How to choose the best one in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose an article that cannot be missing from the wardrobe: the high-top half.

Whether for practicing sports or physical activities, to ward off the cold, compose the look in mid-season or dare in the look of everyday life and on special occasions, the high-top sock is the ideal option.

Available in different models, materials and prints, the product offers thousands of options to audiences of all genders and ages.

Follow us on reading this review and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features that you must pay attention to to make the best choice of half high barrel.

First, the most important

  • High socks are available in different models, colors and prints, with materials suitable for each type of activity. The right choice is essential for the sock to perform the expected function.
  • The height of the barrel, colors and prints, material and fabric technologies are some of the factors that you must consider when choosing.
  • Tall socks can be found for sale starting at R $ 10, with the most expensive models costing R $ 200.

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Ranking: The 3 best high sock models

In several situations the sock is an indispensable accessory. However, choosing the wrong sock can not only end the entire production, but also damage the feet, causing discomfort, blisters and calluses.

Therefore, knowing how to choose the ideal product for each occasion is essential. Check out our Ranking with some of the best half high top models:

Buying Guide

To practice sports, perform physical activities, go rollerblading, compose casual, casual or fun looks, keep warm in winter, protect your legs. There are countless everyday situations in which a good high top is needed.

Follow our Buying Guide to learn everything about this accessory and know how to choose the perfect model to compose your look on several occasions.

What is the half high pipe?

The high-top half is the long-necked version of the garment that treads your feet in order to warm them and / or protect them from direct contact and friction with the shoes.

The length of the sock can vary in heights between the ankle and the knee, depending on the model.

Commonly formed by tip, foot, heel and wrist, it can suffer variations in components, as in the case of socks without cuffs or therapies without a toe.


Did you know? The half-high top became known as a collegiate, for composing traditional school uniforms, or as an athlete’s sock, for its use to protect shins from blows.

From the 70s, sportsmen, skaters and fashionistas began to adopt the style also in their daily lives, which became a fever among young people. Since then, the accessory has faced high and low cycles in the fashion circuit, undergoing adaptations to various trends and styles, without ever leaving the scene.

What are the advantages of the high top half?

The advantages of high socks go far beyond simply keeping your feet warm. Like other sock models, they are our allies in maintaining the health of your feet, promoting comfort, preventing blisters and corns, absorbing moisture and preventing the bad smell caused by bacteria and fungi.

Thanks to the long barrel, they also protect the legs, either from low temperatures or impacts during physical activities. They are not only essential pieces to finish the look, but can also be featured in productions.

They go very well with pants, skirts, shorts and shorts. As they are available in different colors and models, it is up to the user to assume the role of protagonists or a more discreet position in the composition.

How to choose the ideal high-top sock?

Choosing a high sock may not be an easy task. Although it is a common and easily accessible product, there are several variables that can make an inattentive purchase disastrous.

The first step in choosing your high sock is to define your purpose. For each activity or situation, there is a more suitable sock. Choosing the right sock model for each occasion is the best way to ensure that it provides you with the comfort, protection and the expected aesthetic result.

Basically, high socks can be sporty, casual, social or special models. Check the comparative table between the three versions to choose the most suitable for your needs:

How and where to wear a high top?

With running shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, boot, boots, sneakers, slippers and even sandals. It is difficult to find a shoe style or occasion with which the high sock cannot be combined.

Check out some tips on when and how to use your high sock:

    • Sports: In football, baseball and futsal, knee-high socks are ideal to combine with knee and shin guards to protect athletes;
    • Academia: Traditional casual versions are very popular for physical exercise. Combined with sports shoes , they absorb sweat and protect feathers from impacts and contact with devices. The compression stocking versions are also a good option to improve performance;
    • Moderate cold: With boots, boots and sneakers the socks create an incredible effect for the mid season;
    • Heavy cold: Abuse thick stockings. Under pants or over pantyhose, they will reinforce to ward off the cold;
    • Out legs: Combine colorful socks with shorts, skirts and shorts for bolder looks;
    • Sandals: Bet on heels with glitter socks for the night, and colorful versions with platform for the day;
    • Sober look: Coordinating the colors of the sock with the shoes creates a more neutral effect.


Check out the Machomoda channel for more tips on how to wear high socks in the male universe:

How much?

It is possible to find high socks for sale for values ​​starting at R $ 10. However, prices can vary a lot according to the type, model, brand and quality of the material of the product.

The most sophisticated models, of famous brands, with special materials can cost more than R $ 200.

Where to buy?

Tall socks can be found in sporting goods stores in department stores among others. However, the largest variety of brands and models can be found in e-commerce stores such as Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare tall half-barrel models

The ideal high-top sock is not necessarily the best model available on the market, but the one that best suits your needs. Based on the tips we have already given to identify the ideal product for you, we will list a few more factors to consider to make the best choice:

  • Barrel height
  • Material
  • Colors and prints
  • Tissue Technologies

For the avoidance of doubt, see below for details on each of these characteristics:

Barrel height

The high half sock can extend up above the ankle in the shorter versions or beyond the knee in the longer versions.

In addition to personal taste, the height must be chosen taking into account the intended use of the piece.

To stretch the legs, for example, the ideal is to bet on models at the knee, or above – over the knee .

If the intention is to disguise the thin legs, bet on models at the height of the shin.

To protect from the cold, play sports and impact physical activities, for example, the higher the sock the better, as it will protect a larger area.


Tall socks can be made of wool, mesh, cotton, polyester, cashmere, silk and other combinations of materials.

In the heat or for physical activities, avoid 100% cotton socks. Very absorbent, they can get wet with sweat, causing a bad smell and bubbles.

Stretch fabrics are a good option. More adherent, they dress better and make the foot more comfortable.

For low temperatures, opt for the versions with wool in the composition, or with double layer. Regardless of the choice, keep an eye on the composition to ensure that no material will cause allergies or irritations.

Colors and prints

It has been a long time since socks are no longer dull items that are camouflaged in the look. Each day more irreverent, colorful and daring, they innovate in colors, prints, materials and textures for both the female and male audience.

Moving comfortably between productions of different styles and for various occasions, the printed and colored socks, when well combined, look good even with social attire.

In this regard, the choice may be based purely on your aesthetic preferences. A good strategy to choose colors and prints that harmonize with the parts of your wardrobe. Thus, the possibility of combinations will be greater.

Tissue Technologies

Breathable, breathable waterproof, thermally insulated, with antibacterial protection. There are countless fabric technologies that can be used in the manufacture of high socks.

However, the more technology is coupled to the product, the higher its price.

So choose the socks according to the type of intended use, and evaluate well if the technologies used are really appropriate and necessary for your reality.


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