Top & Best Volcom Sweatshirt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Volcom Sweatshirt: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose an essential piece in the wardrobe of those who enjoy the stripped and sporty style. Without giving up being fashionable and using quality pieces. We will talk about the Volcom sweatshirt, a classic that makes the head of men and women

With jackets, trousers and shorts, the brand offers sweatshirt options that are easy to match and wear on several occasions. Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you must pay attention to to make the best choice of Volcom sweatshirt.

First, the most important

  • The Volcom sweatshirt can be worn on several different occasions. However, each model will offer a design and material, which may be more or less suitable for the intended use.
  • Features such as modeling, prints and patterns, collections and lines and the numbering table should be analyzed to define the ideal sweatshirt.
  • The price of a Volcom sweatshirt varies according to the model, collection and details of the piece. It is possible to find models with values ​​between R $ 100 and R $ 350.

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The best Volcom sweatshirts: The newsroom favorites

There are so many models and styles of Volcom sweatshirts that choosing a few as the best is practically impossible. That’s why we’ve separated some of our favorite pieces from the 2022 collection for you to guarantee your comfort without giving up style on the coldest days.

  • Best male kangaroo sweatshirt
  • Volcom women’s sweatshirt
  • The bald sweatshirt for men

Buying Guide

Whether for practicing sports or physical activities on the coldest days, or simply because you find the brand sweatshirts stylish to use on a daily basis, the truth is that the beauty and quality of Volcom sweatshirts speak for themselves.

Inspired by the lifestyle of the world of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, they are ideal for adding a dose of style and good taste in more urban and casual moments. Continue with us to learn everything about this product that is a key piece in a cool wardrobe.

What are the differentials of the Volcom sweatshirt?

Volcom brand sweatshirts are different from the others because of their quality and care in manufacturing. Attentive to the smallest details, the brand is concerned not only with the material and design of each piece, but with details such as the customization of eyelets and tips, which make the clothes unique.

In addition, the brand is careful to produce, in all its lines, lighter and heavier sweatshirts, providing pieces suitable for different temperatures, from the mildest to the coldest.

How to choose the ideal Volcom sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt pieces are very versatile, and match just about anything. But to ensure maximum practicality and comfort, it is necessary to choose the right piece. Therefore, it is essential to establish the intended use.

Check out some indications of use for each Volcom sweatshirt model:

    • Kangaroo: The front pockets are ideal for warming your hands and carrying small objects. Hooded, they are ideal for outdoor activities in the cold, as they break the wind.
    • Front opening with zipper: With more street footprint, they are ideal to use open or closed over shirts, tops and even dresses.
    • Bald Collar: The round collar is very versatile and can compose overlays or be under jackets and overcoats.


In the table below we will compare some of the main features of each sweatshirt model:

How to put together looks with the Volcom sweatshirt?

The possible combinations with the Volcom sweatshirt vary according to the model, color and details of the chosen piece.

Pieces allow a multitude of productions, from the most sporty to casual styles

But, in general, the pieces allow for a multitude of productions, from the most sporty to casual styles, guaranteeing a modern, comfortable and stripped-down look, ideal for various occasions, day or night.

Bald collar models, for example, can be combined with a maxillary for a more glamorous production for women. For men and women, the overlay with a dress shirt with cuffs, collar and bar appearing guarantees a classic and bold look for social events.

On the other hand, kangaroo or front opening jackets have many other possibilities. Bet on the combination with leather jacket and torn pants for a very striking urban look.

The pieces also look great with skirts, shorts and dresses for girls, tighter or sports pants for boys, with sneakers or sports shoes.

How much does a Volcom sweatshirt cost?

The values ​​of Volcom sweatshirts can vary a lot according to model, collection and material of the product. It is possible to find versions in values ​​between R $ 100 and R $ 320 depending on the model chosen.

Did you know which brand makes its pieces thinking about surfers and skaters? This is the style of Volcom clothing.

Where to buy a Volcom sweatshirt?

You can buy your Volcom sweatshirt at sportswear stores. If you prefer to buy online, sites like Amazon, in addition to the brand’s own online store, offer an even greater range of product options, with the convenience that e-commerce offers to choose and buy without leaving your home.

Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Volcom Sweatshirt Models

To close this Review, we will give you another little help so that you make the right choice of Volcom sweatshirt to complement your wardrobe. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Modeling
  • Prints and patterns
  • Collections and lines
  • Numbering table

For the avoidance of doubt, check the details of the characteristics:


Volcom offers sweatshirts with straight, regular and adjusted modeling. As the sweatshirts propose a more sporty and stripped style, the models tend to be looser and looser in all models.

In general, Volcom sweatshirts have an excellent fit, thanks to the quality of the fabrics that guarantee that they deliver the proposed thickness without weighing excessively or giving a rigid aspect to the pieces.

Prints and patterns

The prints and color patterns of Volcom sweatshirts vary with each collection, as well as from one model to the next. The prints vary between variations of the brand logo and other designs, such as camouflage prints, flowers and illustrations.

The patterns, on the other hand, vary between cutouts and color combinations, in addition to the frequent variables with the application of the logo, which sometimes appears with a small and discreet stone on the chest, or in bold letters on the sleeves or back of the piece.

Collections and lines

Volcom works with sweatshirt lines for the male, female and youth audience. The collections, in turn, are launched according to the seasons, with new collections being more common in winter and summer.

Numbering table

Volcom sweatshirts for men and women are available in sizes Small (P), Medium (M), Large (G) and Extra Large (GG), where:

  • Q: wear 38
  • M: wear 40
  • G: dress 42
  • GG: wear 44

In the youth line, sizes P, M, G and GG are also available where:

  • Q: 10 years
  • M: 12 years
  • G: 14 years
  • GG: 16 years



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