Top & Best UV T-shirt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

UV T-shirt: How to choose the best one in 2022?

learn how to buy the best UV T-shirt versions. After reading this article you can become an expert in finding worthwhile offers. There are different versions of UV shirts. Some are better for sporting practices, while others work with a lot of quality in informal walks, apart from other differences that we will demonstrate in the Shopping Guide.

Types of UV T-shirts, differences between popular versions and average prices are some of the subjects covered in the text. Do not buy this product before reading. Keep up with us!

First, the most important

  • UV shirt with 100% polyester has a composition similar to football shirts.
  • Versions of UV shirts with 90% polyamide are better for you to feel less heat and sweat.
  • The product protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays.

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Ranking: The 4 best UV shirts

Having a UV T-shirt to protect yourself from the sun is an extra that is worth the investment. To know better what to expect from the best models of UV T-shirts, it is recommended to know the productions that are successful among Brazilians, gathered in the following list.

Buying Guide

Nothing better than wearing a good UV T-shirt to walk the dog on the street on a sunny day. Or practice physical activity with extra sun protection, right?

We will present the best information so that you can buy this product safely and be satisfied when you receive your UV T-shirt at home.

What is UV T-Shirt?

The UV T-shirt is a suit that aims to protect human beings from the harmful damage of the sun’s rays. Usually the clothes are produced with a unique color and materials that help in the protection.

A UV T-shirt can be used on different occasions, from adults to cooperate in city parks to children who play in the morning on the beach.

Many people use models in order to dress up to enjoy informal events such as barbecue and sport fishing.

When did UV T-shirts appear?

This production appeared in the middle of the 20th century for surfers. That is why there are several brands of surfer fashion that sell UV t-shirts.

Today’s UV T-shirts have already fallen in the minds of outdoor sports enthusiasts and children or teenagers to avoid skin irritation.

How does the UV T-shirt work?

Any clothing you put on your body already offers some protection against UV rays. Only in the case of UV shirts it is possible to have 95% protection!

The shirt works to block damage from UVB (sunburn, for example) or UVA (cancer and skin aging).

These clothes are produced in a special way with polyamide, polyester, titanium dioxide, sunscreen, among other materials that help in protection

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the UV T-shirt?

UV T-shirt has more advantages than disadvantages. First, there is the question of prices, this product is available with lower prices with each new season.

It is a light production that protects the body from UV rays, in addition to reducing the sensation of heat and sweat levels. After use for several years, clothing never loses protection.

But there are also negative sides. There is not much customization on the UV T-shirt to allow for more protection conditions, which makes the clothing unattractive to children and teenagers.

There are also not many variable shapes for cuts or design. See the table below to better analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the UV T-shirt:

What is the difference between a UV and a normal T-shirt?

Why buy UV T-shirts if you have a closet clogged with regular T-shirts?

In tropical countries, care must be taken with UV rays to avoid damaging the skin. A cotton T-shirt offers no more than 5% of the necessary protection from the sun.

On the other hand, UV T-shirts provide up to 95% of the protection you need in the sun. These productions have special characteristics that prevent the accumulation of sweat or the sensation of intense heat.

A normal shirt does not have the same comfort as UV shirts. Learn more about the difference between the two products:

Which to choose: Polyester or polyamide UV T-shirt?

Not all UV shirts are the same. There are considerable differences in composition. In practice there are 3 main types: UV shirt 90% polyester and 10% elastane, UV shirt 90% polyamide and 10% elastane and UV shirt 100% polyester.

Learn more about the characteristics of each version:

    • UV 90% polyester t-shirt : It is one of the most popular versions for its low prices, presenting a light and thin structure. It serves to dress in dry or very hot cities.
    • UV shirt 90% polyamide : Version known because of the “cold touch” feature that allows users to have less heat sensations on hot days. It is ideal for use in parks, farms, sites, swimming pools, beaches, among other high-climate locations. Some versions of polyamide UV T-shirts have a repellent-based treatment that keeps insects away from clothing.
    • UV T-shirt 100% polyester : Features a fabric more resistant to fading. It is a typical composition present in the shirts of the best football clubs. The production stands out for drying quickly and leaving the body dry.


Understand more the difference of UV shirts:

How much?

The price of the product can cost from R $ 20 to up to R $ 120. The brand is one of the factors that make production more expensive or cheaper.

The more artistic customization there is in UV clothing, the higher the prices, especially when produced by surf brands.

Long-sleeved versions also cost more, while small women’s pieces are less expensive.

Where to buy?

It is not difficult to find UV shirts in popular sports or department stores. However, it can be more complicated to find a production perfect for its size.

When shopping at the best online stores, you can enjoy a variety of sizes and models. Amazon represents an interesting choice to purchase UV t-shirts, as well as. All mentioned models can be found on Amazon, just click on the links.

Did you know that the trend to use UV T-shirts among fishermen grows? There are people who stay 2 or even 3 days directly in the fishery with their bodies protected thanks to the product.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare UV T-shirt models

How bad it is to buy a product on impulse and then regret it bitterly. To compare offers with less chance of making a mistake, it is better to put the following criteria into practice:

  • Dry-Fit
  • Dry-Sun
  • Sleeves
  • Certification

See the meaning of each criterion below:


Do you want a T-shirt that, besides protecting from UV rays, is also useful for retaining sweat, whether in the practice of exercises or to enjoy informal moments?

So look for offers of UV T-shirts with Dry-fit technology, they are ideal for those who sweat a lot. Keep an eye on the product description before making an online purchase.


In addition to a production that defends the skin from intense sunlight, are you also looking for the UV shirt model that reduces body heat?

Then you need to buy a product that ensures quality in Dry-Sun technology. These shirts dry quickly. Polyamide versions almost always have this advantage.


Whether to exercise in cooler environments or to wear more protective clothing, it is worth betting on UV shirts with long sleeves.

Many parents opt for long sleeves for children who spend a whole day playing at the seaside.

Now if your business is to run every day in very hot regions it is better to use the version that has short sleeves and cost less.


It is best to use the products with the INMETRO certification seal, confirming that the UV T-shirt was subjected to resistance tests before being offered for sale.

Avoid buying UV t-shirts at very low prices, without origin and that have not passed INMETRO’s tests. Always prioritize well-known brands.


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