Top & Best Hurley T-Shirt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hurley T-Shirt: How to find the best in 2022?

Today the text is about the Hurley t-shirt, the piece of clothing that offers quality, comfort and style for beach rats and asphalt surfers too.

Moving between surfwear and streetwear, the Hurley T-shirt catalog is full of versatile models, with the right measure of colors, basic prints, but with personality, and a lot of attention to the quality of the fabric and the comfort of those who wear them.

In the Guide below, we will show you this variety and its respective lines, technologies and all other information that will help you choose the ideal model.

First, the most important

  • Born in California in the 90s, Hurley is strongly marked by the culture of Surf , with pieces stripped and ready to face water and a lot of sun.
  • Nike acquired the company in 2002, and not only did it add a more street touch to the style of the t-shirts, but also added its patented technologies, such as Dri-Fit, to the mix.
  • The Hurley logo, which, simply put, is a stylized “H”, is very present in the prints of the shirts, in different sizes, colors and styles.

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The best Hurley t-shirts: Our recommendations

Next, you will see ReviewBox Brasil’s exclusive list of the best Hurley T-shirt models. These are our recommendations, based on criteria such as style of print, type of fabric and the occasion when the piece is best used.

  • The best Hurley t-shirt for everyday use
  • The best Hurley t-shirt to hang out with
  • The best Hurley t-shirt to go to the beach

Buying Guide

The success of Hurley’s t-shirts lies in the triad style, comfort and identity. Their models invest in quality beyond the fabric, and in a look beyond the strength of their famous logo.

In the Buying Guide that you will see below, we will show you exactly how the Hurley t-shirt goes further, highlighting its lines, details and varieties. Everything, in short, so that you can think of the type of shirt that best suits you.

What is the style of the Hurley Solid t-shirt?

Every major brand of T-shirts, in fact, clothing, in general, has a basic line. At Hurley, that line is Solid. They are shirts of unique colors and with sober tones, but mainly white, with a logo of the brand centered on the chest.

This logo is the combination of the word “Hurley”, with the brand symbol next to it, an “H” with thick lines and a concave shape, but that do not touch and are not connected with the vertical line of the traditional spelling of the letter.

Did you know? Bob Hurley, founder of the brand, is a dissident of another major surfwear brand, Billabong.


This logo is always printed in contrasting colors with the shirt, but without being flashy. Thus, Hurley Solid can be combined without problems in different looks, with shorts , pants and even coats.

How is the feminine line of the Hurley shirt?

Although many of the so-called Hurley men’s t-shirts have a very versatile fit, there is a strong feminine line of the brand, with aesthetic and sewing variety.

At first, there is a greater variety of designs, with a “V” collar, shorter sleeves, shorter pieces and a tighter waist. There is also a greater offer of tank tops and 3/4 sleeve style shirts, which are also shorter in length.

In the prints, the designs have different shapes, different from the more square appeal of men. The Hurley logo loses strength here too, with smaller size on average, and less prominence in the designs as well. In the colors, the sober tones remain.

Why is the Hurley Silk T-shirt so comfortable?

If Solid is the basic line, Hurley Silk is the thin line, in the sense of being the most comfortable, with the best fabric. We already have a notion with your name, “silk”, from English, perhaps the greatest reference of comfort in the universe of clothing.


Its mesh is 30.1 thick, the thinnest on the market.

The line can also be called thin due to its mesh, thick 30.1, literally the thinnest on the market, and, consequently, of higher quality and comfort. The fabric is light, pleasant to the touch, that kind of garment you can wear all day.

In addition to being a line, Silk is also a reference for Hurley, combining with other lines, that is, guaranteeing the piece of a specific design the same fabric quality.

What are surfers with Hurley shirts?

Another common expedient – almost mandatory, in fact – between surfwear and sportswear brands in general is to have athletes on their payroll, to give visibility to the brand and develop exclusive products.

For the Hurley shirts, three surfers import: the  Filipe Toledo, the Hawaiian John John Florence and the Australian Rob Machado, already retired. The three have exclusive models of T-shirts, and even some special collections.

Rob Machado, for example, has Machado Patch, a coat of arms that prints the models’ right chest, and Bonsai , an exclusive collection. John John developed Aloha together with Hurley, to honor his homeland and one of the great surfing homes.

Filipe Toledo, on the other hand, has a partnership with Hurley that prints designs based on the surfer’s personality on the t-shirts, or even that prints the boards and accessories in their competitions.

Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your Hurley T-shirt

If you found it difficult to choose between the varieties we present in the Purchase Guide, we can give you that strength now in the Purchasing Criteria, which are elements of the Hurley shirt that you need to pay attention to before making your decision.

  • Surfwear or streetwear?
  • Print style
  • Nike Technology
  • Collection

We will, of course, talk about each item in detail. The more information you have, the better your choice will be, right?

Surfwear or streetwear?

The first criterion is a matter of understanding or even choosing your style. Although traditionally a surf brand, Hurley transitions between surfwear and streetwear, at least in its shirts.

If you, then, have a more “beach” style, opt for models with a more stripped fit, with vibrant colors and floral prints. And if your looks are more urban, more sober tones and more geometric prints are the best option for you.

Print style

A simple element to note, differentiate and select is the style of the print of the shirts you are interested in. Starting, for example, with the size of the highlight for the brand and / or the logo, very present in the models.

Then, you can think between colorful prints, geometric prints, discrete prints or even alternative prints. Anything goes, as long as you like it.

Nike Technology

Another criterion that can help you, but this time it goes beyond the obvious, is the presence of Nike technologies. Since 2002, Hurley has been part of the American sports giant, and for some time now, it has had in its pieces some of its owner’s patented technologies, such as Dri-Fit, for example.

So, take a closer look at the label or bar of the models you like, and look for mentions of Nike technologies, which are sure to add value to your experience.


Finally, if the most basic models are not to your liking, it is worth looking for the brand’s collections, with a simple consultation with your seller or even on the official Hurley website.

There are collections inspired by surfers, in the culture of Hawaii, California, in short, different sources of inspiration, different models, and, get ready, a little more expensive.


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