Top & Best Pantyhose Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pantyhose: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today’s topic is pantyhose, a versatile, elegant and super practical feminine accessory, being a great choice for different occasions.

Although it is already an article well known by the universe of women, there is much to talk about pantyhose. In the guide below we will talk about their types and different forms of use, in addition to taking all doubts about values ​​and hygiene.

First, the most important

  • Pantyhose is a feminine accessory worn under a skirt, dresses and shorts.
  • It may have a lot or no transparency, depending on your type of yarn. The thickest are the warmest.
  • In addition to the smooth models, there are the drawn, lacy and the fishnet.

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The best pantyhose: Our recommendations

Pantyhose are a sensitive accessory, so your choice should be accurate, always prioritizing quality. To help you make the decision, we have put together some of the best models on the market to present you here:

  • The best pantyhose thread 15
  • The most suitable pantyhose for those looking for discretion
  • The best pantyhose for those who want to keep warm

Buying Guide

Now that you already know what is best when it comes to pantyhose, let’s go deeper into the topic, in order to get all your doubts about the types and forms of use.

What are the advantages of pantyhose?

The pantyhose is nothing more than a stocking of fine fabric (mostly transparent) that covers from feet to waist, being used under skirts, dresses and even shorts.

The gradation of transparency and thickness is made according to the thread, with thread 7 being the thinnest and most delicate, and thread 150 being the thickest, leaving no part of the leg exposed.


She has been a key part of women’s wardrobes for many decades.

She has been a key part of the female wardrobe for many decades, standing out for beauty, comfort and sensuality. Among its advantages, is the fact that it is a great option on cold days, especially on those when you need to go to a social event, with a dress , or simply when you are not in the mood to wear jeans.

It is also a great outlet for women who do not like to show skin imperfections, since the transparent fabric disguises and compresses them.

It is, in fact, a very versatile piece, being a good option both when the objective is a social look, as in the cool look. Just combine it with interesting pieces.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of models and colors of socks, which allow us to use creativity when it comes to production.

The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that it is a very fragile product, especially the finer ones, and has very low durability.

What are the different types of pantyhose?

Versatility is the strength of pantyhose, and this applies not only to the countless production possibilities it allows, but also to its variety of models. Below, we will point out some of them:

Thin sock

This is the most classic. With a transparent background, it can be the color of your skin or colored, standing out for the very thin fabric.

Perfect for just giving a touch to the production, it doesn’t get too hot, but it is the most elegant. Thin socks can be considered models ranging from yarn 07 to yarn 40.

Thick sock

The thick sock is the most suitable when the goal is to warm up. It may have little or no transparency, and it is always colored, with no nude version. Fit in this description the pantyhose that go from wire 60 to 150.


The fishnet is also an old acquaintance of ours, being the most daring model. It is, basically, a sock in canvas, all pierced, without a bottom.

It is not a good choice if the goal is to escape the cold, but definitely a great option if you are looking for a modern, cool and even a little sexy look.

Fishnets have been used a lot with shorts, miniskirts, and even under torn jeans. It is very informal and should be used with caution so as not to weigh production.

Lace stockings

Perfect for special occasions, the lace stocking is the chicest in the world of pantyhose. It is nothing more than a fine stocking with lace details, ranging from simple designs to large florals.

They are usually black and also more expensive. They add a lot of elegance to the look, but like the fishnet, it should be used with care not to overdo it.

How to clean and store pantyhose?

Pantyhose are a very delicate piece, so your hygiene must be careful. We recommend that you never put it in the machine, always wash it in your hand, with light movements.

Use bar soap and, if you prefer, a few drops of fabric softener. Powdered soap is not a good idea, as pebbles can rub against the threads and tear them.

After washing, put it to dry in the shade and on a clothesline that does not pull threads. And when it’s dry, don’t pass! Keep it in a plastic bag to avoid the risk of contact with other parts that may tear it. Simple, right?

Can I wear pantyhose in the summer?

To our delight, it is super possible to wear pantyhose in the summer, as long as there is no exaggeration.

In the hottest season of the year you won’t want to be hot, right? So, run away from the thick models, and opt only for thin stockings and fishnet.

In the case of thin stockings, give preference to threads 7 and 15, more delicate and transparent, which will not weigh your look. If your choice is black, use it at night events, which call for a more social and elaborate look, preferably with a blouse or dress that leave your arms exposed.

On a daily basis, prefer the model of your skin tone, which will hardly be noticeable and will still hide the imperfections of the leg.

But, if you love a good fishnet, just be creative! It goes very well at festivals, cool parties, bars and any occasion that goes far from formality.

Did you know that you can repair that accidental hole in your pantyhose? An interesting trick is to apply base or colorless enamel on the edges of the tear, and let it dry.

This way, the fibers will harden and prevent the hole from increasing further, allowing you to use the piece for a few more times.

How much does it cost and where to buy a pantyhose?

The price of your pantyhose varies according to the type of yarn and how elaborate it is, and can cost from R $ 10 to R $ 80.

Regarding the purchase, it can be made in stores specialized in socks and lingerie, or even some department stores.

If you prefer to buy over the internet, we recommend Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different pantyhose models

Although the pantyhose is a simple piece, there are some factors that deserve your attention at the time of your purchase, such as:

  • Yarn type
  • Design
  • Size
  • Comfort

Below you will better understand what to observe in each of them.

Yarn type

As we already said, the pantyhose have a degree of transparency and thickness, ranging from 07 (thinner) to 150 (thicker). Before you buy yours, you should note this detail on the product packaging, to make sure you are taking the right model.

If you are looking for transparency and delicacy, the ideal is to opt for models between 07 and 20 threads, but if your goal is to keep warm, the 60 to 150 thread socks are the thickest.


The design of your sock should, above all, please you. Variety and models and colors will not be lacking, so your choice should not be complicated.

For evening events, prioritize dark ones. If you are setting up an elegant but fashionista production, choose socks with different designs and lace.

For the day, nude socks are lighter and shape the body. However, nothing prevents you from using a colored model, as long as it is well combined with the total look.


The tights range from small to large XX. Ideally, the waist of your sock should be exactly over the navel, without tightening or leftover in the groin.

On the back of the package there is an indication of the ideal size, crossing the height with the weight of each one.


And finally, comfort. Just like every piece of clothing, it is essential that your pantyhose be comfortable.

It should adhere well to the skin, but without pinching or tightening too much. It should not be left over on the sides, nor should it have very obvious seams, which mark or cause discomfort.



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