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Top & Best Shower curtain Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shower curtain: Choose the best in 2022

Hello! Today we are going to talk about a very simple household article, not always remembered, but which has great utility. We’re talking about the shower curtain.

Bathing in an open shower can make a huge mess, right? And it is not practical to need to dry the bathroom every time the shower is used. That’s why these curtains make our lives so much easier! They do not allow water to splash out of the stall.

If you are interested in this item, we invite you to accompany us with a complete guide on the subject! Come on?

First, the most important

  • The shower curtain is used to contain water splashes and keep your bathroom less wet when bathing.
  • If you choose a model that is not transparent, it will also have the advantage of creating a private space in the bathroom, for situations in which someone opens your door by mistake.
  • One of the main advantages of the shower curtain is the price! It is really cheap!

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The best shower curtains on the market: Our recommendations

When we go shopping, we don’t always know where to start. So we set up a small ranking with the best shower curtains to help you with good references!

Buying Guide

Now that we have shown you good options for shower curtains, we will give you all the tips on this subject! Do you have any questions about the advantages of this product? Follow with us that we will present you a super complete guide!

Shower curtain: What is it and what are its advantages?

Getting home after a tiring day and taking a very relaxing bath is a delight, right? And for that you need to feel comfortable in your bathroom stall. After all, nobody wants to have to worry about having to dry all the water on the floor afterwards.

And that’s where the shower curtain appears! Your goal is to create a partition between the shower room and the rest of the room, preventing water from splashing out.

Usually, these curtains are made of firmer materials, which can be wet without worry and which dry very easily, avoiding any bad smell!

Another advantage is that the curtains create a greater sense of privacy, because if someone accidentally opens the door during your bath, you will not be exposed. In general, this is an article for the bathroom that is not always remembered, but that is very practical and easy to install!

However, we must always pay attention to the quality of the chosen material, and also to the prints, as it is interesting that the curtain matches the decor of your bathroom.

It is important to remember that the curtain is only attached at the top, so pay attention also to the measures so that the curtain is very close to the floor, preventing water leakage as much as possible!

To facilitate the understanding of all the advantages and disadvantages that the shower curtain has to offer, we list some factors:

Curtain for shower or luxury shower? What to choose?

When we are decorating our homes, it is very common to only remember to insulate the shower stall when we are already in the finishing touches. Although there are other options besides the shower curtain, it is undoubtedly the most practical and inexpensive!

If you are a little more demanding, for example, you can choose to insulate your box with luxury, but for this it is important that you are prepared to spend more money and hire a company that does the installation.

Blindex is, in fact, the most resistant and durable material, in addition to being the most beautiful. However, it’s not cheap to put it in your bathroom, see?

It has the advantage of totally isolating the area, from the floor, but for that, you will depend on a company that comes to your home to do the installation.

With the shower curtain, the scheme is different. If you are in a hurry, it is interesting that you choose it, because you can install it yourself. It is very practical to use and should not give you much trouble.

The biggest difference between it and blindex is the price. The curtain has a super affordable value and presents excellent cost benefit, so if you are thinking of saving, it is the best way out!

How much?

The best part of installing a curtain in your shower is the price, as this product is very cheap! Its price varies between R $ 15 and R $ 50! Excellent for those who are saving, right?


Where to buy a shower curtain?

It is not difficult to find places that sell curtains for your shower stall! Nowadays, several stores offer this product at a very fair price. You can start your search for the big decoration stores.

There is also the option of going to some department stores and even supermarkets.

If you can’t find a place in your city that sells a curtain for a shower that you like, don’t despair! There are also good options on the internet, such as Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing shower curtain models

Like most household items, there are some criteria that will define the quality and functionality of your curtain, they are:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Color
  • Kit accessories

Shall we understand a little better about each of them?


It is very important that you choose the material of your curtain well, because it needs to be quick drying and easy to clean.

We advise you to pass away from curtains made of fabric, because when the fabric gets wet it takes a long time to dry, and in a closed environment, it can give mold and generate unpleasant smells.

The material we recommend most is PVC, which resembles plastic. It dries quickly, and to clean it, just rub a damp cloth!


The first step before buying your curtain, is to measure the space you have to install it. It is essential that you buy the right size curtain and curtain rod, otherwise they will not work.


Are you the type who loves warm colors and flashy prints? Or do you prefer neutral and classic tones? Regardless of your taste, you will find some curtain for the box that you like.

There are curtains in different styles, models and textures, and you will not face any difficulties in terms of design. We recommend choosing the model that best matches your bathroom, to decorate well, right!

Kit accessories

Observe if your curtain comes with the complete kit, as this makes your life much easier! Most accompany hooks and eyelets, which is already half done, but if possible, get one that already accompanies the man!

We indicate this to you because many people forget to notice this issue, and end up frowning when they notice that they will need to make several different purchases.


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