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Top & Best Mattress D45 Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mattress D45: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article, we will talk about a fundamental item for those who want comfort and tranquility during sleep: The D45 mattress. One of the densest models on the market, the D45 foam mattress is perfect for couples and adults, as it is very resistant and has a high weight-bearing capacity without deformities.

Follow us on this reading and check out everything you need to know to choose the ideal D45 foam mattress to ensure peaceful nights of sleep.

First, the most important

  • The density of the mattress should be chosen according to the height and weight of the users to avoid overloading the foam and impairing your comfort and your mattress.
  • Bed size, type of foam, mattress height, finishes, cover and other details are some of the features that you should be aware of at the time of purchase.
  • The values ​​vary according to the size and brand chosen. There are versions between R $ 300 and more than R $ 3 thousand.

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Best D45 mattresses: Our recommendations

Buying a mattress may seem like a simple task, but the right choice involves many details, ranging from the size of the bed to the value, passing through the quality of the material and personal preference. As a wrong choice can affect the quality of your sleep, we have separated some options for you to help you choose.

  • The best Queen version
  • The best product with orthopedic function
  • The best single option with extra-firm foam

Buying Guide

Sleep quality is one of the determining factors for our well-being and the maintenance of vitality to carry out daily tasks. And for us to guarantee adequate restful sleep at the end of each day, a quality mattress is essential. In addition to the proper density, it is necessary to be aware of several other factors in order not to err in the choice.

Check out our Buying Guide and guarantee all the necessary information to not make a mistake in choosing your D45 foam mattress.

What is the D45 foam mattress?

Foam mattresses are classified according to their density, so that they can be chosen by the consumer in order to meet each biotype and comfort need. Each density corresponds to the amount of load that the mattress supports with elasticity and without deforming.


The D45 mattress is one that uses 45 kg of raw material per m³ of foam in the manufacture.

The measurement of the mattress density is established by ABNT and Inmetro standards, and corresponds to the amount of raw material used per cubic meter. Therefore, the mattress with density 45 (D45) is one in which 45 kg of raw material per m³ of foam were used in the manufacture.

The D45 mattress has the capacity to support up to 130Kg, considering that the maximum weight support is considered distributed in the mattress, and not concentrated in just one point.


Do not confuse the density with the firmness or softness of the mattress. This factor is determined by the type of foam used, among other manufacturing details.

The density only determines the weight limit supported by the material.

Who is the D45 mattress for?

Because it is made with the most popular high density foam on the market, the D45 mattress is ideal for couples, adults and teenagers up to 130 kg who want to ensure comfort and good durability. In the case of couples, when choosing, take into account the needs of the heaviest person.

If the chosen density is below the actual need, the mattress may sink or deform. Choosing a mattress with density above the real need is a good strategy, as it prevents the mattress from always working at the limit of its support capacity, prolonging its useful life.



Attention! Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the best use and periodic maintenance measures for your mattress. Some models have the mattress turned over periodically to avoid depressions and deformations in the foam.


What are the advantages of D45 mattresses?

Although common, the D45 mattress requires care at the time of purchase. A wrong model can ruin a person’s quality of sleep, and even their health. The ideal pillow is the one that gives the correct support to the body, allowing the alignment of the backbone, relaxing the muscles and, consequently, improving blood circulation.

A good mattress ensures more disposition upon waking, as they favor the sending of stimuli from the brain to the other organs. As a constant and important companion in our routines, the mattress deserves and demands attention when choosing, using and maintaining it. The biggest advantage of the D45 models is the wide variety of brands on the market.

It is possible to buy foam mattresses in different sizes and heights, with different types of foam, finish and cover. Durable and comfortable, they are the best option for those who want a mattress for long-term use. Check out more advantages in the table.

Common or orthopedic: What is the best model of mattress D45?

D45 foam mattresses can come in two versions: ordinary and orthopedic. The main characteristic of orthopedic models is that they are more rigid than the others, as they are intended for people with spine problems, which demand extra support to the region during sleep.

Although the more traditional versions consist of mattresses fitted inside with a foam-covered wooden structure, today manufacturers work with other technologies that guarantee the necessary rigidity for models without using wood.

The orthopedic D45 mattress models, in general, have higher values ​​compared to conventional D45 foam mattresses. Therefore, they are the best option only for people who have received medical advice for their use, or who like / are already used to firmer and more rigid mattresses. Compare models:

How much does it cost and where to buy the D45 mattress?

The values ​​of D45 foam mattresses can vary greatly according to the size, model and material used in the product. You can find simpler versions for less than R $ 300. More sophisticated models, with advanced technologies and other details, can have much higher prices, exceeding R $ 3 thousand.

You can buy your D45 foam mattress in physical stores specializing in mattresses, or in those that offer furniture and decorative products and home utilities, such as Havan, Etna, Tok Stok, among others. It is also possible to purchase online, taking advantage of all the convenience and variety that e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Mercado Livre offer.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare D45 mattress types

Now that you’ve learned a little more about D45 foam mattresses, let’s close this article with some more relevant information. Here are some features that can help you get the right mattress choice for your bed or other family members:

  • Size
  • Height
  • Foam type
  • Details

Below we will explain in detail each one of these characteristics.


D45 foam mattresses follow the traditional measurement standards of the mattress market, and are available in versions:

  • Standard single: 188 cm high X 88 cm wide;
  • King bachelor or bachelor: 205 cm high X 100 cm wide;
  • Standard couple: 188 cm high X 138 cm wide;
  • Queen size: 198 cm high X 158 cm wide
  • King size: 193 cm high X 203 cm wide.

When buying, make sure that the mattress measures are compatible with the bed in which it will be used. After all, having a mattress poorly fitted to the base of the bed can cause discomfort, deformities in the foam and even accidents during sleep.


In addition to size, D45 foam mattresses may vary in height. Some people find the taller models more comfortable than the thinner ones. However, this type of perception is usually quite personal, hence the importance of personally testing the mattress before making the purchase.

High mattresses on also high bases can result in very high sets.

When choosing the mattress height, it is also necessary to take into account the bed height in which it will be installed. High mattresses on tall bases can result in very high sets, which can be a nuisance for some people of shorter stature.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the availability of bedding for the chosen model. When opting for mattresses with heights above the average, it can be difficult to find suitable sheets and bedspreads, since those in standard sizes will not serve correctly in the product.

Foam type

To meet the most different needs and tastes of consumers, mattress manufacturers offer foam of different types and qualities within the same density. Check out the characteristics of the most popular types of foam in the manufacture of mattresses:

  • Agglomerated foam : The simplest material is made of leftover foam, joined by a special glue. They are cheaper and practical versions, ideal for sporadic use with visits, in beach houses, walks, etc .;
  • Viscoelastic foam : Known as NASA foam, it does not overheat or cool and has a high capacity to mold itself to the body;
  • Latex foam: With several holes, it facilitates the ventilation of the mattress, allowing the material to remain fresh and with good air circulation to avoid fungi and mites. Another advantage is that the support of this type of foam limits the response of the mattress to the area where the movement takes place, being great for couples;
  • Foam Memosense: High density, combines the good softness of latex with the comfort of viscoelastic. Material is athermic, has high strength and does not deform.


In addition to the variables previously presented in this section, there are other details that your D45 foam mattress can present. Check out!

  • One-side: Name given to single-sided mattresses. The model cannot be used on both sides, but if you invert the headboard for the feet – and vice versa – every 30 days, the life of the model can be quite extended;
  • Pillow Top : Mattress with an extra layer on the top, to ensure more softness and comfort;
  • Magnetic system: Magnetic mattresses are often prescribed to reduce pain, improve circulation or prevent wear on the bones and spine;
  • Antiallergic material: Prevent the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and the accumulation of mites. Indicated for those suffering from rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma or allergies in general.


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