Top & Best Body pillow Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Body pillow: How to choose the best model in 2022

Have you heard about the body pillow? Also known as Body Pillow, this model adds a series of benefits to the night routine, one of the main positive points being postural improvement.

You will find several models of body pillows, in different dimensions, shapes, densities, and confection materials. But regardless of the model chosen, there is no lack of reasons to invest in a Body Pillow, read on and learn more.

First, the most important

  • The body pillow is larger than an ordinary pillow – it measures between 130cm and 330cm – and accommodates the entire trunk, leaving the body aligned and straight.
  • Generally, the body pillow is filled with synthetic silicone fiber and the inner lining can be made of cotton or polyester.
  • The body pillow can be used by children, adults, and pregnant women, just choose a model with compatible dimensions.
  • The quality of the body pillow can be evaluated by the comfort it offers, materials that were used in its manufacture, finishing of the piece, and acceptance of the brand in the market.

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The best body pillows: Our recommendations

The body pillow offers maximum comfort, as it accommodates not only the head but the entire body. The product is gaining popularity and several brands are offering body pillow options, know the best ones below:

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Buying Guide

Using a good quality pillow is essential to enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is possible to find different models of pillows such as a common pillow, cervical pillow, and a body pillow.

In addition to promoting a peaceful rest, the body pillow keeps the spine aligned and the muscles relaxed and can be used by children, adults, and pregnant women. Continue reading this Buying Guide to learn more about the product.

What is a body pillow?

Also called the Body Pillow, the body pillow is used to support the entire body, from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine.

By maintaining the correct posture at bedtime, the child, youth, or adult will experience a more peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep, in addition to improved posture, reduced back pain, and muscle discomfort.

A body pillow is also an excellent option for pregnant women, as it accommodates the belly and relieves pressure on the spine. These pillows can be shaped in C or U.

Did you know that it is recommended to sleep with more than one pillow?

In order for your spine to remain straight and aligned, it is important to sleep with a pillow between your shoulder and neck, another between your arms, and a third between your knees and ankles. To avoid having to sleep with three pillows, invest in a body pillow.

Larger than a traditional pillow, the body pillow can be found in different sizes, from 130 to 330cm, the most common sizes being 145cm or 160cm.

Generally, the body pillow is filled with silicone fiber, as this material has the ability to return to the original shape and size after use.

The covering layer can be 100% cotton, polyester, or a mixture of these materials.

Generally, the pillowcase has anti-allergic, anti-dust mite, and anti-mold treatment. This cover can be placed and removed as needed, as it has a zipper.

Did you know that the body pillow can be used for different purposes of use?

The most common are notebook support, crib sideboard, breastfeeding pillow, baby restraint and decorative object for the headboard.

What are the benefits of the body pillow?

Do you usually wake up feeling back pain or persistent muscle tension that interferes with your activities? So discover all the benefits of using a pillow for your body and see if it is not one of those you need to feel better:

Helps maintain correct posture

The body pillow is ideal for those looking for better posture, as it allows the alignment of the spine (from cervical to lumbar), in addition to reducing friction with the body and molding itself perfectly to the body and face.

It is anatomical and adapts to different body shapes

The body pillow is anatomical and adapts to different body shapes and sizes, perfect for children, teenagers, and adults. It also accommodates pregnant women.

Improves blood circulation

Another advantage of the body pillow is that it improves blood circulation, a male that can cause various problems in the body such as increased blood pressure, swelling in the legs and feet, thrombosis, and varicose veins. When using a full body pillow, your body will be in a favorable position for blood to circulate freely.

The body pillow is cozy

For those who prioritize comfort during sleep, know that the body pillow is soft to the touch, cozy, and very soft – but it is not too soft to the point of giving in to body weight. The pillow stimulates muscle relaxation, decreases stress, increases mood, and improves mood.

It is made with raw materials of excellent quality

In addition to technology, the body pillow is made with raw materials of the highest quality. Generally, it is filled with silicone fibers that allow complete volumetric recovery after use. Another difference is the cotton coating, a natural, anti-allergic, and anti-mold raw material.

Ensures thermal comfort

Another differential of the body pillow is the advantage of providing thermal comfort. As its outer covering is made of cotton, a material that adapts to body temperature, it is possible to enjoy a worry-free night’s sleep.

In addition, the body pillow does not cause allergies or absorb odors, as it is designed for greater airflow between the fibers.

Prevents friction between knees and ankles

Friction between the knees and ankles can cause discomfort, pain, and injury especially for those who usually sleep on their side. This can cause the person to sleep on his stomach or back, very harmful positions to the spine. With a body pillow, there will be a barrier between your knees and ankles, avoiding the ailments mentioned above.

Now that you know the many benefits of the body pillow, you should be curious to try it out, right? Before, know some more advantages and disadvantages of this piece in the table below:

What correct position to sleep with a body pillow?

The body pillow is ideal for sleeping on your side. To use it correctly it is necessary to keep your spine and shoulders straight, to position one of your arms under it and between your legs, knees, and ankles.

The model aimed at pregnant women can also be used in a sitting position, offering support for the back.

“The best postures to initiate sleep are on your side or on your back because in general, it is the positions that make your spine always remain as aligned as possible”

How to combine the body pillow with the bed linen?

A common question among people who choose a body pillow is how to incorporate this piece into the bed’s decoration and make the pillow match the sheet, pillowcases, bedspread, and covers.

We suggest that you choose a neutral body pillow or invest in pillowcases with different colors and patterns and change them as needed.

One idea is to center the body pillow on the head of the bed and place pillows on top, all the pieces must respect the same color palette and patterning of prints.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of body pillow

Now that you know the many benefits of a shopping pillow, it’s time to choose the model that best suits your needs and start enjoying the benefits for your body and mind. To choose the ideal model follow the following tips:

  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Density
  • Format

We will detail each of the criteria throughout the section. Pay attention to these characteristics and make a great purchase.


As we mentioned throughout the text, the body pillow has different dimensions. Starting with the height that can be 10, 15 or 20cm. The width can be 25 to 50 cm and the length 130, 145, or 160 cm – the body pillows for pregnant women can reach 330 cm.

Regarding the height of the pillow, the 10cm height model is ideal for those who sleep with a straight body, while the 15cm or 20cm model is perfect for those who sleep on their side, as this proportion helps to keep the neck aligned with the body.

The width and length of the pillow must be compatible with your biotype and height, there are no major recommendations in this regard.


Thinking about the needs of each individual, manufacturers are offering options of pillows made of different materials.

The internal foam can be made of silicone fiber with anti-mold and anti-mite treatment. The outer covering can be cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both materials. It is important that the pillowcase is removable and has a zipper.


The density is represented by the amount of foam per cubic meter used to fill the body pillow.

A very dense pillow can cause discomfort.

We recommend choosing a model that is neither too soft nor too rigid.

A low-density pillow can give in to body weight and instead of keeping your spine aligned, it can cause the opposite effect. A very dense pillow can cause discomfort.


In addition to the dimensions, it is important to evaluate the shape of the body pillow. You find malleable models that can be twisted into a knot, similar to a stylized pillow – it depends on the material and density of the pillow.

Body pillows for pregnant women are found in C or U shapes and are quite long.

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