Top & Best Nasa Pillow Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nasa Pillow: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today is the day to talk about our good night’s sleep companion: the Nasa pillow. With technology that molds to the body, the Nasa pillow is the most recommended by specialists for bringing benefits to posture and health.

Among so many different models, we will show in this article what you should take into account before buying the ideal Nasa pillow. You will also find out prices, where to buy, among other key points.

First, the most important

  • The Nasa pillow is composed of viscoelastic foam that improves your posture and also prevents localized pain.
  • Recommended by orthopedists and physiotherapists, nowadays there are thicker, thinner, more or less soft models.
  • To choose the most suitable Nasa pillow for you, it is necessary to observe factors such as: height, density, filling and covering.

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Best Nasa Pillow Models: Our Favorites

When buying a pillow, you are looking for quality and comfort, right? Manufacturers know this and have increasingly invested in models that suit all tastes and needs. Therefore, we will present below the best types of Nasa pillow available on the market today.

  • Pillow Nasa BF Premium Mattresses
  • Pillow Nasa Zeal Viscoelastic
  • Pillow Nasa Fibrasca Up 3
  • Nasa Duoflex Pillow
  • Pillow Nasa Admirare

Buying Guide

Choosing the ideal pillow will bring several benefits to your sleep and your health. But amid so many Nasa pillow options, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide with all the information that will help you make the best decision.

What is a Nasa Pillow?

The Nasa pillow is one that uses the memory effect technology, due to the viscoelastic foam used in its filling.

Nasa’s pillow molds to your body shape while you are lying on it and then returns to its original shape.

This means that when you lean your head against the pillow, it does not exert pressure against you, that is, it does not sink too much or too little.

Because of this ability, the Nasa pillow makes your spine align with your neck and head while you sleep.

And all of these features are exactly what orthopedists and physiotherapists recommend to make sleep light and restorative. That’s because, as important as choosing the right mattress is choosing the ideal pillow.

According to experts, the pillow cannot alter the natural curvature of the spine. Therefore, it should be neither too soft nor too thin.

If too thin, your head will be lower than it should be compared to the rest of your body. If the pillow is too thick, it will cause tension in the neck muscles.

In addition, the ideal height of the pillow should be the same between the head and the shoulder. And, of course, this will vary from person to person. That is why the Nasa pillow is so popular and recommended, as it offers adequate support for both the head and the cervical region, maintaining the curvature of the spine without creating tension in the shoulders.

In other words, the Nasa pillow is a personalized pillow, which adapts to anyone’s body pressure and shape. And it also helps in the blood circulation of the brain at night.

How did the Nasa pillow come about?

The name Nasa was not given to the pillow by chance. In 1966, NASA, rather the American Space Agency, ordered engineer Charles A. Yost to create a coating material for a spacecraft.

This material would serve to absorb shocks and protect astronauts. Thus the viscoelastic foam appeared, which adapted to the shape of the body and returned to the original volume when the pressure was removed.

However, the scent of the foam was considered very strong and, therefore, its use was ruled out by NASA.

Still, Charles A. Yost, knowing the potential of its creation, founded a company to commercialize the foam. The material started to be used in medical equipment, such as prostheses, beds and wheelchairs.

But it was only in the 1980s, when technology became cheaper and it was possible to reduce the smell of foam, that the material attracted the manufacturers of pillows and mattresses. Since then, the Nasa pillow has become one of the best sellers worldwide.

What is the difference between the Nasa pillow and the other types?

The fact is that there are several types of pillows that use different technologies. In essence, what differentiates them is the type of filling used.

Thus, each technology brings benefits and disadvantages. For example, some pillows are very soft, but they impair posture when sleeping.

Others end up heating up according to their body temperature. And none molds as perfectly to the body as the Nasa pillow.

But, for you to get a general idea, check below the characteristics of the most common types of pillows available on the market today.

  • Feathers or goose down : These are the most expensive pillows on the market. That’s because this type of pillow is considered to be the most durable and softest. In addition, the feather pillow prevents heat build-up.
  • Latex foam : Made of natural fiber extracted from the rubber tree, this pillow has a velvety touch. In addition, it favors ventilation, decreasing the development of microorganisms and keeping their temperature cool.
  • Foam flakes : This pillow is made of ordinary foam, which improves air circulation. However, this foam is more likely to spread to the sides causing the head and neck to be misaligned.
  • Microfiber (polyester) : This is one of the lightest and most flexible materials. But, because it is made of synthetic material, this pillow absorbs the heat transferred by the body or the environment.
  • Viscoelastic (Nasa) : Foam developed from the raw material polyurethane. When compressed it distributes the pressure in a unique way and then recovers slowly.

What better position to sleep with the Nasa pillow?

According to experts, the best position to sleep on the pillow is lying on your side. That way, you respect the body’s anatomy.

This is because, when lying on your side, the pillow settles between your head and shoulder, completing the space between them properly and leaving your spine aligned. In addition, it is recommended that you use a pillow between your legs.

This is, therefore, the position that offers the most advantages, since it relaxes the muscles of the body and also helps with breathing.

But, if you like sleeping on your back, we recommend that you use a Nasa pillow under your head and another under your knees.

Be aware, however, because this position is not suitable for those who have reflux and gastritis problems.

What if you prefer to sleep on your stomach? Unfortunately, this position is the least recommended by experts. That’s because, when sleeping on your stomach, you put pressure on your spine and, thus, make breathing difficult.

But, if this is the only position you can sleep in, you can minimize the risks by placing a pillow under your belly. That way you decrease the lumbar curvature.

How to keep the Nasa pillow?

Just as we use techniques to preserve the mattress for longer, we must also be concerned with the maintenance of the pillow.

After all, even though it is of high quality and durable, the Nasa pillow can also deform with use and accumulate dirt.

Therefore, to keep your Nasa pillow kept longer, we suggest that you follow the recommendations below:

    • If the pillow is washable, you should clean it every six months in specialized laundries .
    • Do not store the pillow in a closet right after use .
    • Leave Nasa’s pillow in a ventilated place , such as windows, for example. If possible every day for a certain period.
    • Do not leave the Nasa pillow directly in the sun . Heat can accelerate the oxidation process of the viscoelastic filler.


In addition, the pillowcase and bed linen also need to be changed. Ideally, the exchange should be made once a week.

In addition to taking these measures that will increase the life of your Nasa pillow, it is also important to be aware of the product’s shelf life.

When do I need to change the Nasa pillow?

The pillow has an expiration date. In general, the manufacturers themselves inform the expiration date on the packaging. But you must also be aware of the conditions of the Nasa pillow over time.

This is because the pillow accumulates a lot of dirt and mites, even if you take conservation measures.

In addition, the pillow will naturally sag over time. As a result, he loses his purpose of keeping his spine and head aligned.

Therefore, experts recommend that you change your pillow at least every two years.

What are the advantages of the Nasa pillow?

As we have seen, the great advantage of NASA’s pillow is that it molds to any type of physical structure, regardless of the person’s weight and height.

With the viscoelastic foam, the Nasa pillow allows adequate support for the head and neck.

As it helps maintain posture while you sleep, NASA’s pillow prevents localized pain, especially in the shoulders, back and neck. Not to mention that this is a comfortable pillow that dissipates the heat, always staying cool.

Another advantage is the Nasa pillow is hypoallergenic, since its raw material prevents the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria.

But, the great disadvantage of this pillow is that it can be considered a little hard at first, precisely because of its higher density. Therefore, an adaptation period is necessary.

Another negative point is that the Nasa pillow for sale does not always contain all its filling made with viscoelastic foam. This compromises your efficiency.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the Nasa pillow below:

How much?

The price of Nasa’s pillow varies according to the brand, the percentage of viscoelastic foam and the lining fabric. Thus, you will find prices ranging from R $ 30 to R $ 300.

Try to buy one that combines comfort with the highest percentage of viscoelastic foam in its composition.

Where to buy?

Nasa’s pillow is sold in specialized stores, department stores, and hypermarkets.

For more model options, we recommend that you buy your pillow at online stores like Amazon. Not to mention that you still buy from the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks.


Purchasing criteria: What to observe before choosing the Nasa pillow

When buying your Nasa pillow you need to ensure that it fills the space between your shoulder and your head, so that you maintain proper sleeping posture.

And this will depend on several factors that differentiate one pillow model from another. See below what you should consider before purchasing your Nasa pillow:

  • Height
  • Density
  • Filling
  • Coating

Next, we’ll detail these factors so that you can buy the ideal Nasa pillow for your nights sleep.


As we have already seen, the ideal is that your head and neck are accommodated in the Nasa pillow so that your spine is aligned. And it is the height of the pillow that will influence this dynamic.

In general, the height of the pillows varies between 10 cm and 20 cm. The right choice will depend mainly on the position you sleep in. In addition, the Nasa pillow has the advantage of offering some models with adjustable height.

That is, the height-adjustable pillow will reach the required height according to the space that exists between your shoulders and your head.

The following is the recommendation of the pillow height according to the position in which you lie down:

  • High pillow : recommended for those who sleep on their side.
  • Medium or low pillow : for those who sleep on their back, with the belly up. This prevents neck hyperflexion.
  • Low pillow : suitable for those sleeping on their stomach.
  • Height-adjustable pillow : can be used for those who sleep in all positions or move around in bed a lot.


Another important factor to consider is the density of the Nasa pillow, that is, whether it is hard, very hard, fluffy or very fluffy.

In general, the Nasa pillow is usually firmer than the traditional ones. But it is possible to find very hard and very cute models too. However, if you choose a very cute model, the head tends to get lower than it should.

If you choose a very hard pillow, the neck muscles will be tight. Therefore, the middle ground is the most indicated by the specialists.

o check the density of the Nasa pillow the best way is to try it out. Opt for one that stays firm, without being too hard, supporting the head and cervical region, not the shoulders. And be comfortable, without sinking too much.


The real Nasa pillow has 100% of the filling made with viscoelastic foam. Unfortunately, some brands put only an outer layer of this foam on the pillows, which lessens the NASA effects.

Therefore, check if the filling is completely viscoelastic or if there is a mixture of other types of foam.


It is important that you consider the material for making the Nasa pillow cover. The coating must be resistant and allow good air circulation.

There are different types of linings on the Nasa pillow and we have listed the main ones for you:

  • Cotton : it is light, breathable, durable and resistant.
  • Polyester : resistant, dries quickly, but can get hot because it makes it difficult for air to pass.
  • Viscose : it is light and with good air circulation. But it can shrink or widen after washing in hot water.


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