Top & Best Duvet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Duvet: Discover how to choose the best model in 2022

your internet review site. When winter comes, there is nothing better than basking under a good comforter.

Developed as an option to other blankets, the duvet has the advantage of not shedding hair, being softer and more pleasant to the touch in addition to leaving your room with a much more pleasant appearance.

So, to choose the right duvet model to protect you from the cold this winter, consult our review and find out all about the different types of materials used and how to choose the right size for your bed.

First, the most important

  • Duvets can be found in different sizes, so it is important to check the size of your bed before making a purchase.
  • They have internal upholstery of different materials. If you have problems with allergies, choose hypoallergenic materials.
  • The quality of the duvet can be determined by the number of threads. Good quality products have more than 200 threads.

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The best comforters on the market: Our choices

For those who need to change their bedding or want to replace that old blanket with a brand new and comfortable comforter, our Ranking lists some of the best comforters available on the market.

  • A soft option
  • The fun print option
  • An option for babies

Buying Guide

Duvets are excellent options to keep you warm during the winter or on colder days. Some models are thinner and can be used even during the hottest seasons.

In addition, they are a great option to cover the bed and make up the decoration of your room. To choose the ideal model for your home, see our Buying Guide.

What is a duvet?

A comforter is a type of blanket that differs in that it has a soft filling, which can be wool, cotton, polyester and even feathers or feathers.

Duvets started to gain popularity from the 16th century in Europe. They replaced the skins and were warmer and more comfortable than woolen blankets.

Today they can be found in different sizes, with different colors and patterns and can help in the composition of your room, leaving the bed with a much more elegant appearance.

Did you know that comforters originated in Scandinavia and were already used by Vikings?


What are the main types of bedding?

Among the various types of blankets and bedding, the duvet stands out because it can be used in both cases. It is much softer than quilts and can retain heat better than blankets at an affordable price.

If you are still unsure about exchanging your old blanket for a comforter, check out the comparative table below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a duvet?

When compared to other types of blankets, duvets offer some benefits, such as being softer and more comfortable, retaining heat better and still serving as bedding.

However, they are heavier and may require more powerful washing machines to clean the product. Depending on the type of upholstery, they can wear out more quickly. They can also cost a little more than blankets and bedspreads.

What are the different comforter sizes?

Comforters come in different sizes, with variations even when it comes to models for single or double beds. At the time of purchase, it is important to check the product specifications and choose one that is slightly larger than the bed to ensure a better finish.

Check out some of these measures to help you choose the right duvet for your bed.

  • Single single duvet : 1.65 x 2.10 meters;
  • Extra single duvet : 1.70 x 2.40 meters;
  • Single double duvet : 2.15 x 2.40 meters;
  • Queen Size Duvet : 2.40 x 2.40 meters;
  • Duvet King Size : 2.80 x 2.40 meters.

How much does a duvet cost?

The price of the comforters will depend a lot on the type of material used, the upholstery and also the size. Single duvets can be found in a range of R $ 30 to R $ 300.

The double models are a little more expensive, and can be found between R $ 50 and R $ 800, but some models can cost up to more than R $ 1,000.

All the duvet models shown in this review can be found in a price range that varies from R $ 70 to R $ 200.

Where to buy a duvet?

You can find them in large department stores specializing in bed, bath and tableware. You can also find them in the main supermarket chains or in decoration stores.

But if you prefer to purchase online and receive the product in your home without any inconvenience, all the models shown in our review can be found on Amazon.

Buying criteria: What to consider before buying a duvet

On cold winter days, there is nothing more pleasant than taking shelter under a warm comforter. However, with so many sizes, types of upholstery, colors and prints, you may be feeling a little lost about which is the best model for your room.

With that in mind, we have separated some purchase criteria that are vital when you are making your choice.

  • External material
  • Upholstery type
  • Softness
  • Colors and prints
  • Care

Check carefully each of the topics below to understand a little better about the product and its specifications. That way, you will have much more cozy days and nights.

External material

An important factor to be considered is the external material, as it is it that comes into direct contact with your body. The most common fabrics used today are cotton and polyester.

To ensure smoothness and quality, you should consider the number of threads per inch. The more threads, the softer, longer and smoother the duvet will be.

Upholstery type

The biggest advantage of the comforter when compared to other types of blankets is the internal upholstery, which helps in retaining heat, in addition to making the product much softer and more comfortable.

For colder days, the cotton filling is the most suitable, as it warms more. In thinner duvets, ideal for warmer days, the filling is usually made of polyester.

Although these are the most common upholstery, it is also possible to find feather or down quilts.


The softness of the duvet is a combination of the type of outer fabric and the material used as upholstery. Another important factor to ensure softness is the thickness of the duvet.

Therefore, when buying the duvet, check the external material, the number of threads and the type of upholstery. Some models of duvet are mountable, meaning you can choose which type of upholstery to use or even exchange it for a softer one.

Colors and prints

More than keeping us warm on cold days, comforters can also be incorporated into the decor, being used as bedding. Therefore, they have different colors and patterns.

Here the options are almost endless, so just choose a model whose color or pattern pleases you or that matches the rest of the decor in the room.


For your comforter to last a long time, you must take some precautions when washing and drying the product.

Thus, ReviewBox prepared an exclusive study regarding the care that should be taken with your comforter. Check the chart below:


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