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Top & Best Invicta Watch Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Invicta Watch: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Invicta watch. The Swiss brand has models recognized and awarded for their precision, build quality, exceptional operation and stylish design.

Invicta’s differential is the variety of models – there are more than 100 options in 30 lines – from basic watches to 18K gold-plated equipment (which are not that expensive), all with excellent cost-benefit.

Among the variety of models offered by the brand, finding the best Invicta watch can be a challenge. But after reading this article, you will be able to choose the ideal model for all occasions. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The Invicta watch is analog and displays the time with Roman numerals, markings or numbers. Analog watches are considered traditional and versatile, as they can be used on casual or formal occasions.
  • The bracelet of the Invicta watch can be silver, stainless steel (some models are plated in 18K yellow, white or rose gold), leather, silicone and polyurethane.
  • All Invicta watch models come with a certificate of authenticity, a one-year warranty, a personalized box, user manual and cleaning cloth.

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The best Invicta watch models

Do you want to buy your first Invicta watch, increase your collection or find a gift for a special person? Then check out our ranking with the best Invicta watch models for sale.

  • Pro Diver Watch 0070
  • Aviator 17205 Watch
  • Pro Diver Watch 17885

Buying Guide

Because of the frequent use of smartphones, the watch lost its main functionality and started to be used more as an accessory to enhance the look, demonstrate personality and convey confidence.

One of the most outstanding brands in this segment is Invicta, as it offers a huge variety of models, pleasing all tastes. If you want to know if it is worth investing in an Invicta watch, continue reading this Buying Guide.

Is the Invicta watch good?

Are you thinking about buying an Invicta watch, but are you in doubt if the accessory is really good? The answer is simple, if it weren’t good, Invicta wouldn’t be among the brands that sell the most watches in the world.

Invicta watches demonstrate excellent performance in assembly and wear resistance tests – tests that guarantee product performance even after the expiration of the warranty period.

Accessories also demonstrate good results in strength tests, which assess how the watch reacts to different movements. The waterproof models undergo tests to assess how deep the watch resists without getting water into the machinery.

What are the main Invicta watch lines?

Invicta is a reference in luxury watches and offers models in more than 30 collections. The variety of options pleases consumers and collectors and makes it one of the best selling imported watch brands in the country. Check out what are the characteristics of the main collections of Invicta watches.

Pro Diver

The Pro Diver collection stands out for its water resistance, which makes it possible to use it on the beach, pool, waterfall and under heavy rain. To prevent damage to the watch, check whether the accessory is resistant or waterproof and to what depth you can submerge it.

The variety of models makes the Pro Diver line please people of all styles, from sport, casual or social. This line is available in female and male versions.


Like the Pro Diver line, Subaqua is ideal for people who enjoy aquatic adventures. The models in this line have a rotating frame, Swiss precision, shock resistance and can be submerged up to 500m in depth (depending on the model). Available in female and male versions.


With a delicate and imposing design at the same time, the models in the Angel collection were designed to exude femininity. One of the differentials of this line is the versatility: These watches can be used on informal and formal occasions.


The Aviator collection is inspired by aeronautics, which is why these models are used by airline pilots and people with some kind of interest in aircraft.

In the watch case you will find three sub-samples, which refer to the control panel of an aircraft. You will find models with leather, steel and silicone bracelets, which match people of different styles.

Did you know that Invicta was founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard, a Swiss watchmaker who had a dream of making high quality watches at an affordable price to consumers.

The name Invicta came from the Latin and means invincible, unbeatable and predicted the great notoriety that the brand would achieve.


The models in this collection are ideal for stylish men. The watches feature a robust, large design (oversize case) and a gold or silver finish.

These models stand out in the luxury watch segment. You can take on a prominent role in basic looks with white T-shirt and jeans or complement formal looks with a suit and tie. Available only in the male version.


If you are a person with a strong personality, you will love the Reserve collection. They are bold models, in monochromatic or multicolored tones, which will be the highlight of your production. Available in female and male versions.


One of Invicta’s most popular collections, Bolt is synonymous with attitude. You can find models from this luxury collection in different materials and shades, for all tastes. Available in female and male versions.

Invicta women’s watch: What is the best model for every occasion?

You can use the women’s Invicta watch on different occasions in your routine, just choose the right model for each context.

    • Work meetings or formal company: If you work in a formal environment, choose a classic and discreet watch. Don’t forget to match the color of the watch with the other accessories. Models of the Angel or Signature line are excellent options.
    • Informal work : Do you work in an office with an informal dress code? If the answer is yes, put on a casual office look and finish off with a delicate watch. The Angel, Wildflower and Gabrielle Union models are perfect.
    • Formal occasions : At wedding parties, anniversaries, graduations, dinners or any other formal meeting, choose a watch appropriate to the level of formality required. Suggestion: Choose the Pro Diver or Angel models.
    • Informal occasions : In informal situations such as walks, lunch with friends and daytime events, you can use any style of watch, from minimalist to extravagant, everything depends on the pieces and accessories that will compose the look.
    • Travel: To travel, choose a comfortable model – preferably with a soft bracelet. A versatile watch can be used on different occasions during the trip. Tip: Bet on a model of the Angel line with silicone bracelet.
    • Evening events: For evening parties you can choose a bolder watch. Our suggestion are models with shine, stone and colored applications. But be careful with excesses and bet on discreet complementary accessories.


Tip: bet on Invicta watch models with rhinestones to give a sophisticated touch to a more basic look. Crystals may appear on the watch face, case or other markers.


What is the best model of Invicta men’s watch for different situations?

Known as man’s jewelry, the watch is a fundamental accessory in any male production. You can use the Invicta watch as a complement to the composition or standout accessory.

In casual situations, you can bet on informal pieces and finish off with a robust watch to bring more elegance. Our suggestions are the models of the Bolt and Character lines.

If the watch is used for work, the choice depends on the dress code of the company, that is, if you wear suits in a fine or social sport style.

For fine sport style clothing, wear a watch with a steel, fabric or leather strap. If you choose fabric or leather, you will find bracelets in traditional colors (black and brown) or in different shades such as dark green and navy blue.

To complement the social attire, bet on watches with a box of up to 40mm, classic dial, steel or leather bracelet and with a bezel that matches the other accessories used.

Although each model is more suitable for a particular occasion, nothing prevents you from using it in other situations. Discover and evaluate the models that make you comfortable and confident.

What is the best Invicta watch for playing sports?

Did you know that the choice of an Invicta sports watch depends on the physical activity you practice?

Models with a silicone bracelet are light, comfortable and available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Because they are resistant to friction and sweat, they are ideal for weight training, crossfit and weight lifting.

Opt for models with chronographs and sub-displays, which record the time spent on activities. You can activate a certain function, pause and rewind seconds, minutes and hours.

In aerobic activities, such as dancing, jumping and spinning, opt for smaller, lighter watches with delicate buttons, which do not disturb you during the movements.

For walking and running, you can use robust yet comfortable models. A tip is to opt for watches made with a silicone bracelet, polyurethane or a mix of silicone and stainless steel, for a modern and urban air.

If you are a cyclist, you should opt for a safe watch, with adjustable and comfortable buckles and clasps so as not to hurt your wrist. It is also important to assess whether the watch is resistant to the impacts caused by speed.

For any of these activities mentioned, the best models are from the Aviator and Speedway collections.

For swimming, invest in a waterproof watch. Check the maximum supported depth (varies from 50 to 500m). For those who swim in open water, it is worth investing in a model with GPS. The best options in this case are Subaqua and Pro Diver.

Why shouldn’t I buy a replica of the Invicta watch?

At the time of purchase, it is essential to choose an original Invicta watch, because although it is more expensive, its quality and durability are incomparable, after all the product is manufactured with resistant materials subjected to quality tests. An original Invicta watch can last for decades.

Make no mistake, however faithful it may seem, the replica is a fake and its operation is totally different from an original Invicta watch. It doesn’t take long before the first defects start to appear, requiring expenses with repairs and parts.

In order not to buy a replica instead of the original product you need to be aware of some details:

    • Check the caliber of the watch (mechanism that acts on the rotation of the hands of the watch), check the indicated serial number and compare to see if it is the same informed on the official website of Invicta.
    • If possible, check the product box and see if it has a raised name on the outside, a soft protective pillow and a smooth flannel (used to clean the watch).


How much does an Invicta watch cost?

Buying an Invicta watch should be seen as an investment. In other words, the search for the ideal model must go beyond price, after all, a quality watch has a higher acquisition cost.

The most affordable models cost between R $ 350 and R $ 650. The intermediate models cost between R $ 1000 and R $ 2500. The top of the line costs between R $ 4500 and R $ 10,000.

Where to buy an Invicta watch?

To buy an Invicta watch, you can go to a jewelry store. The advantage of buying in a physical store is the possibility to try the models. The downside is that you may not find that model seen on the website.

An even more interesting option is to buy the Invicta watch online, either on the manufacturer’s website or at trusted online stores like Amazon. The variety of models is much greater and you can look at the models calmly.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare the Invicta watch models

Choosing an Invicta watch model requires a lot of research, because among the countless options for sale, finding one that matches your personality is not so simple, especially if you consider that you will be wearing the watch for many years.

With that in mind, we select the main criteria that must be analyzed and compared before buying an Invicta watch, come on?

  • Band material
  • Watch size
  • Battery, quartz or mechanical watch?
  • Style
  • Special Features

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section. We hope that the tips are of good use.

Band material

You will find Invicta watch models with a silicone, steel, leather, silver, polyurethane bracelet and 18K gold plated.

The Invicta watch with leather strap is ideal if you intend to use the accessory with clothes in different styles, as leather is a classic and timeless material.

You can find models with smooth, braided or hollow leather bracelets. If you prefer a model with a narrow bracelet, you can use it in formal contexts. The wide bracelet is ideal for casual combinations.

Although the most used colors in everyday life are brown and black, you will find other color options like navy blue, dark green, pink and white.

It is also worth investing in a classic watch, with a steel, silver or even 18K gold-plated bracelet. Leave the silicone and polyurethane models for relaxed moments or to use while playing sports.

Watch size

Another very important purchase criterion is the size of the watch. You have the option of smaller models, with thinner bracelets, medium-sized models and the more robust ones.

A medium-sized model (about 45mm) is an excellent option, as it combines with different contexts of use. If you are tall, you can buy a larger model, with 50 to 53mm. Above 54mm, the watch is already considered oversize .

Battery, quartz or mechanical watch?

The Invicta Quartz watch works as follows: the crystal vibrates, transmits the movement to an electronic circuit that impels the motor / battery to move the gears of the hands.

This model is very accurate, as the vibration of the quartz is constant and regular. The battery life varies depending on the functions of the watch, but in general it is about two years.

The mechanical watch has ropes and gears that move as they receive manual stimulation, that is, “wind it up”, or automatic – depending on the movements performed by your arm. The movement triggers a blade that swings and rotates, propelling the mainspring.

We have prepared a comparative table between the three modes of operation of an Invicta watch:


When buying an Invicta watch, analyze the style of the accessory and take into account the contexts in which you will wear the watch.

A sports model is ideal if you want to wear a watch for working out, walking, running, cycling or swimming. If you want a model to use at work and at formal events, choose a social model.

If you want an Invicta watch to wear everyday, look for a casual model that matches your style of dress. Don’t forget, the watch will be worn for many years, so choose a model that matches your personal style.

Special Features

When purchasing an Invicta watch, review the accessory’s additional features. The brand offers basic and more elaborate models. Buy a watch with usual features in your daily life. You find:

  • Chronograph / Stopwatch.
  • Measurement of heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned (sports segment models only).
  • Support for different time zones (ideal for those who travel a lot).
  • Water resistance – ranges from 50 to 500m in depth.



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