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Top & Best Cap Aba Reta Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cap Aba Reta: How to choose the best in 2022?

Comfort, style, identity, versatility: today we will talk about the straight brim cap, one of the most popular clothing accessories on the market.

It is not difficult to understand why this product is so successful. Harmonious with most face shapes, the straight-brimmed cap is also one of the items that best translates an expression of style and identity, with different prints and models – and very tasteful.

In this Guide, we will help you choose the ideal model for you, showing or market leaders, talking about its advantages and disadvantages and listing some criteria that can help you when buying.

First, the most important

  • Always keep in mind the clothes and looks you have in your wardrobe, so that you choose a cap that matches your style.
  • Within the segment of the straight flap, there are the classics (or “Brooklyn”, or even “New Era”), Strapback, Snapback and Trucker, which refer mainly to the rear and the size adjustment of the model.
  • Its price varies significantly, from R $ 25 to R $ 350, depending on its material, technology, and, of course, its brand, its brand.

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Best straight brim cap models: Our favorites

Below, we list four excellent models of a flat brim cap, thinking about its material, adjustment technology (and even print), its design and its cost benefit.

Buying Guide

Urban fashion, streetwear , undergound , it doesn’t matter: the straight brim cap fits all tribes. The accessory offers a fashionable solution for each situation, in addition to creating a “signature” in the style of the wearer. This is only possible due to the large number of models and prints.

In this Buying Guide, we’ll talk about the varieties, tell a little about the history of the straight brim, talk about its pros and cons and even brush up on some fashion tips, all so that you can think of the best model for your style.

What is it and where did the straight brim cap come from?

The straight-brimmed cap is a variation – the most popular, say – of the cap, which is also a variation, of the beret style hat. They are, in the entry, clothing accessories to be worn on the head.

The word “cap” comes from the French “ bonnet ”, something like “cape for the head”, in free translation. The cap is nothing more than a circular hat, which covers the entire circumference of the head.

Unlike, however, a hat, at least in its traditional design, the cap has a directional brim, instead of following its circumference.

It was thus designed with the intention of being a more practical protection for the eyes and face against sunlight. The straight brim cap, as shown by the name, has the shape of this directional brim as its main characteristic, being straight and flat.

This model emerged in the 1960s, in the context of the popularization of baseball caps in the USA based on baseball, continuing a process that started thirty years earlier.

The New Era brand, which led the supply of “caps” to players, launched the “59fifth” model, or “Brooklyn Style”, innovating with the straight flap, different from the curves of traditional units.

Its popularization happened in the mid-1980s, with the boom of hip-hop culture and its striking urban fashion, which ended up absorbing the straight brim. The irreverence and anti-establishment tone of rappers and other artists has boosted the model’s reach, especially among young audiences.

In the mid-2000s, when the big brands took over the straight brim, it already had a large cultural and consumer base. The combination of the two situations only made the model explode.

Today widespread, it is used by young people and adults, men and women, and at the same time it translates fashion and irreverence, versatility and comfort.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the straight brim cap?

The first advantage of the straight brim cap is obvious, the protection against the sun that it offers to the eyes and face, although at times we seem to forget this, as shown by the wide use of the brim behind, and at night.

The product is very versatile, in the sense that it combines with countless clothes, costumes and looks, which is another of its advantages.

It is possible to use with shorts, as a skater; with pants, in streetwear; with t-shirt, in a fine sport; with a blazer, Bruno Mars style in 24K or even with a suit, the Spike Lee or Jay-Z style.

in addition to the clothes, the straight brim combines with several types of face, contributing to such facial harmonization, which is so much talked about today.

Small, long, rounded, thin faces … the model suits everyone. A tip here is to know in which direction to use the flap, depending on the shape of your face. Long faces, for example, “shorten” with the flap behind, while the rounded ones take on another shape with the straight flap facing forward.

On the other hand, the cap needs the same care as fine clothing, which is to wash periodically – most of them by hand, inclusive -, use only with dry hair and do not use it continuously.

The same goes for choosing the environment and occasion when the cap will be used. If you are not a Bruno Mars, an Ashton Kutcher or a Jay-Z, it will be difficult to fit a formal look with your straight brim.

Finally, it is good that the straight brim cap cannot be worn all the time or everywhere. Even with all the care, it is a fact that he, like every hat, kneads his hair, in addition to sometimes depriving him of a good vitamin-D, which is synthesized from the sun’s exposure of our skin.

The same goes for choosing the environment and occasion when the cap will be used. If you are not a Bruno Mars, an Ashton Kutcher or a Jay-Z, it will be difficult to fit a formal look with your straight brim.

Finally, it is good that the straight brim cap cannot be worn all the time or everywhere. Even with all the care, it is a fact that he, like every hat, kneads his hair, in addition to sometimes depriving him of a good vitamin-D, which is synthesized from the sun’s exposure of our skin.

Brooklyn Style, Snapback, Strapback or Trucker?

No, you are not crazy and the text has not changed to English. As the creation, popularization and market expansion of the flat brim cap left the USA, nothing more natural than its variations – which in fact refer to the way in which the back is constituted – receive a name in their “mother tongue”.

The Brooklyn Style , for example, is, as we speak, the name of the first straight flap model of the market, and baptized their classic style. It is also the simplest unit, with the circumference closed, in the sense that it is not adjustable.

There are, yes, models with modern elastics that adapt to slightly larger heads, but it is not possible, now, to reduce their size.

This is possible in Strapback and Snapback . Or two are adjustable in size, using an adjustment mechanism at the rear. In Strapback, it is a buckle with a strip of fabric, like a belt (“strap” in English means “strap”).

In Snapback, the mechanism is a loop, plastic or even velcro. “Snap” is English for “snap”, like the sound that the adjustment makes.

Finally, there is the Trucker model , which is more rare in straight brimmed caps, but no less ingenious. It may or may not have an adjustable size, but it always has a “screen” back, several holes for a breather, an air circulation.

How much?

For a relatively simple product, the straight brim has a wide price range. The cheapest ones cost around R $ 25, and or more expensive, up to R $ 350.

Much of this is due to the material, from the lining fabric to the metal (or plastic) of the adjustment mechanisms. There is also technology, such as painting, printing, even adjustment itself. The brand also ends up influencing the price.

Where to buy?

Whether in big chains like Ophicina or Kings, or in more underground stores like Void, you can find a good variety of models and prints.

Online, as at Amazon, Mercado Livre, even at Netshoes, you find a huge amount of styles and prices – and all in the comfort of your home and just a click away.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare the Straight Brim Cap Models

We will highlight below some aspects of the straight brimmed cap that, when compared between models you are in doubt, serve as purchase criteria.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Neutral Color
  • Occasion

Let’s talk about each one so you can choose the cap that suits you best.


It may seem obvious, but the size of the cap is a very important criterion for the right choice, especially in the long run. If you’re shopping for gifts, even more.

Even if it is for you, and on top you are experienced: seek to be guided by official measures. It may be that you change the size of your hair, or that the clothes of the day are specifically harmonious with the model outside your size.

For the measures, which concern the circumference of our head, the choice is safer.


This criterion is also very important, as it acts on the durability of the product and on the comfort it offers.

Thus, prioritize models with a higher percentage of cotton or polyester in their coatings, as well as metals in the Strapback buckles and high-strength plastics in the Snapback loops .

Neutral Color

Although the color of the cap is an important part of the identity relationship between the product and its user, consider prioritizing either neutral color models, or at least dark tones.

The idea here is to open the range of clothes, costumes and looks to the maximum that the straight brim can fit. Neutral, dark and basic tones have this characteristic of being quite versatile.

Even if you have a colorful and extravagant style, a straight flap with these precepts can harmonize very well with other more vibrant pieces.

If you are one of those who have not just one, but several models of a flat brim cap, then bet on bold colors and more extravagant prints. You will always have the right cap for any occasion.


At the time of purchase, also try to think for which occasion (s) the model will be destined, if it is for the day to day or to go out, to give a tour, in short, social commitments.

If it is the first case, look for comfort and resistance, with the inside with the greatest possible ventilation, as well as size adjustment. For more social uses, look for “cleaner” caps, preferably a classic, at most a Strapback, and with prints that match your sportier style.


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