Top & Best Braces Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Braces: How to choose the best one for you in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a classic piece of men’s clothing that has fallen into disuse, but has gradually returned and gained more and more a stylish look: the suspenders!

At the beginning of the last century, the use of suspenders was almost mandatory in social situations. It is an alternative to the belt and has the main function of holding the pants. Today, not only does it regain that function, it also becomes part of many male looks.

Do you know how to use a braces? What are the items of clothing that he most matches? And in what social situations is it ideal to use it? In the next lines, we will talk a lot about this accessory and remove any doubts that may exist!

First, the most important

  • The primary function of the harness is the same as that of the belt: holding the pants. So don’t use the two together. Once the accessory does what it was designed to do, you can start thinking about style.
  • There are many variations in the suspenders: color, strip shape on the back, form of connection with the pants, width of the straps, among others. You will be able to think about all this when choosing yours!
  • Make no mistake: the suspenders can be much more than an accessory used in weddings or specific social situations. It is possible to be very creative with him on a daily basis.

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Best braces models: Our favorites

Whether in basic black or with more different details, whether with clips or buttons, more and more suspenders are available for sale. Clothing manufacturers have already realized that this is a growing niche. Therefore, we have selected some models of excellent quality that should please you:

  • Excellent model of social suspenders
  • Blue suspenders for those who want to innovate
  • A good model of unisex suspenders

Buying Guide

It’s time to find out more about the suspenders. After all, it is not a piece that we use every day.

Will we understand when to use it and how to combine it, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages over other accessories?

What is a braces and what is it for?

The original function of the suspenders is quite simple: to hold the pants. It is the same as the belt, only exercised with an accessory that goes through the entire torso region. It is also more comfortable and tightens less.

There are two types of suspenders: those with clips, technically known as clip-on, and those with buttons. To accompany the first, any pants will do, while for the second, she needs to have the houses to allow buttoning.

After a period of ostracism, this piece has returned to fashion. It is still used mainly in social situations, such as weddings, graduations and parties that require more elegant attire. But there are also men already adapting the suspenders to casual looks.

Therefore, you do not need to limit the harness to specific moments in life. You can be creative with it!


Did you know that there is a very curious story about the appearance of the suspenders?

A Belgian thief filled his trouser pockets with the coins he stole, making them heavy and falling. To avoid being caught, he needed an adaptation.

So he started to tie the pants with straps that went over his shoulders. From then on, fashion caught on and suspenders were admired. Legend or truth, the fact is that the accessory was popular for many years.

Suspender or belt?

We already mentioned that suspenders and belts are two accessories with the same function. So you must be asking yourself: when is it ideal to use each one?

The first rule is the most obvious: you must use what makes you feel better and more beautiful. Style is a very unique thing and must also be linked to comfort. Just don’t wear a belt and suspenders under any circumstances!

What differentiates the two accessories is that the belt is imperceptible, almost always hidden under other pieces, while the suspenders are very flashy, immediately attracting eyes to you.

In all kinds of casual situations, both pieces go well and the biggest issue is your personal style. For everyday life, it is good to know where and with whom you are. It doesn’t make much sense for a suspenders at an outdoor barbecue, for example.

In the table below, we compare the two accessories:

What are the best looks to wear a suspenders?

For the best use of the suspenders, you should combine it with others that have a more retro or vintage style. Therefore, the recommendations for tailoring pants and shirts with different cuts.

An excellent combination for suspenders, always recommended in social situations, is with bow tie.

Do not try to put the suspenders on in sports clothes. The ideal is to avoid pieces such as sports shoes, open windbreaker jacket and cap. All of this will have an effect far from desired.

How much does it cost and where to buy a suspenders?

As there is a variation between materials, designs and complexity in the production of the harness, there is also a big difference in values. Some models are very cheap, starting at around R $ 20, but difficult to fit into casual looks.

Models of medium complexity, found in large stores and produced in series, can vary between R $ 50 and R $ 100. If you intend to find handmade suspenders, that fits perfectly in your style, prepare to spend up to R $ 300.

You will find suspenders both in large stores in shopping centers or popular stores, as well as in others specializing in men’s social fashion. It all depends on the type of garment you want for your wardrobe.

To buy online, we recommend Amazon, full of good options. It is also worth visiting the international Amazon some e-commerces of stores specialized in menswear.


Purchasing criteria: what to consider when buying a suspenders

Now that you have good look ideas for wearing a suspenders, there are a few more criteria to pay attention to when buying:

  • Size
  • Strip shape on the back
  • Fabric
  • Color

We’ll talk a little more about each one below.


Most suspenders are one size. There are adjustments that make it fit your body, making it possible to use it even if there is weight gain or loss. However, there is a maximum limit that can be stretched.

So, before buying, take your measurement with a tape measure, starting at the waist, going over the shoulder and reaching the waist again. Many models are 90 cm in total. If you pass this, you will need a larger model.

Strip shape on the back

There are suspenders with three different strip shapes on the back: parallel, in Y and X. In addition to what you like best, you also need to know which one suits you best in each type of situation.

The parallel suspenders are more widely spaced in the front, valuing men with a wider chest. They are also more casual. For social events, choose models with a Y or X shape on the back.


You will find suspenders with various fabrics on the market. Canvas ones are the simplest and should be used mainly in costumes. Avoid when the idea is to put together an elegant look.

Leather and polyester go very well, be it for elegance or casualness. Just remember to combine them well with the other pieces you intend to use and do not overload any of the materials in your look.


It is very traditional to use a black or navy blue suspenders. With the accessory becoming part of casual fashion, however, production in several other colors, such as red and green, is growing.

Another very good option is the use of jacquard suspenders, a handmade interlacing of colors that causes an exceptional effect. You will need to pay more to have such a model, but it will definitely be worth it.


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