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Top & Best Casio Men’s Watch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Casio Men’s Watch: What is the best model in 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk about the Casio men’s watch, one of the most traditional, resistant and functional products on the watch market.

Whether with the classic “square” or the new modern round model, Casio watches have always had their quality recognized, for the comfort of their straps, for their durability, or even their unique aesthetic.

In this Guide, we want to dive with you into the world of Japanese brand hands, and get out of there with the ideal watch that best matches your style and day to day. The highlights of the market, the best lines and technologies, in short, everything you need to know about your future model are here.

First, the most important

  • The fame of the Casio men’s watch was built from the classic, square model, but the design list is extensive.
  • To get a sense, the classic model is officially known as “Vintage”.
  • You can find some models of Casio men’s watches between R $ 70 and R $ 90, but most of them cost from R $ 100 to R $ 2,000.

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The Best Casio Men’s Watch Models: Our Choices

Below, you will see a list assembled just for you, with the best models of Casio men’s watch. Each item was evaluated based on the material of its components, its functionalities, and its cost-benefit, without, of course, forgetting its style.

  • A very complete option
  • The classic Casio watch model
  • A highly resistant option

Buying Guide

Certainly, Casio watches almost automatically evoke that nostalgia. The square model, the bracelet, even the logo refers to past decades. But he is much more than that. Lightness, practicality, resistance, functionality, in short, everything that a good watch needs today, Casio models have.

In this Buying Guide, we want to pass on to you exactly those requirements that the Casio men’s watch meets, in terms of variety, quality and functionality. We will also show the values, places of purchase, styles and what else you need to know to help you choose the ideal model.

Analog or digital Casio men’s watch?

One of the most trivial doubts involving the Casio watch, in fact, involving any watch, is the choice between analog and digital models. After all, it is a complex option, involving design, functionality, style and taste.

Although general, the question is a little more pertinent at Casio, since it reverses the natural order. Usually, the choice lies in a division between the traditional, the analog, and the modern, the digital.

It turns out that, in the Casio men’s watch, digital is the most traditional, with its Vintage model, which we will talk about later. It was with time that analog models increased.

In addition to Vintage, digital watches are surprisingly in the minority in terms of variety. There is at least one model within the main lines. So, the option for digital, is, in a way, limited, and much of your taste for this method of reading the hours.

Especially because the analogs are very well developed by Casio, fitted in both more stylish proposals, such as Edifice, or sports, such as the Pro Trek, full of features and designed to have a practical reading.

If your doubt still persists, don’t despair. There are many hybrid models of digital with analog, which keeps the footprint of other models

What are the best features of the Casio men’s watch?

To go beyond the nostalgia of its classic model, Casio has invested in several functionalities in its watches, from different options of stopwatches to sensors and measurements of all types.

Only options for measuring hours, there is a vastness, with different ways of display, world time, calendar and the so-called atomic stopwatch, the latter that synchronizes the exact time with Casio antennas around the world.

There are also different radars, which measure different environmental indicators. There are models, especially the Pro Trek, that come with altimeter (height and altitude), barometer (atmospheric pressure), thermometer and even compass.

One technology that has stood out is Smart Access, an original Casio system that makes navigation of features a very intuitive operation, even on analog models.

Finally, there is the practical and sustainable solar recharging system, with a panel just above the models’ screen, which can increase the life of a battery in years, and in some cases, can even be recharged from fluorescent light.

What is the vintage Casio men’s watch?

The Casio men’s vintage watch pays homage to one of the brand’s most popular models, and probably one of the most remembered models in the history of the watch market. It is a reinterpretation of the Casio F-91W.

The model, which became known in Brazil as “Cinquentinha”, was launched in 1989. Its main feature was its square design, simple use and features such as resistance to water and physical shocks, already introduced in the first G-Shock, another “weight heavy ”from the manufacturer. Casio’s first vintage watch model was launched in the 1980s and had a light to turn on if you wanted to see the time in the dark.

Nowadays, Vintage carries its legacy, maintaining the original square design, screen dimensions, and features such as water resistance, stopwatch and alarm, which have been so successful in decades past.

However, in order not to become a museum article, the model received some updates, such as the LED backlight, a longer battery life, and a stainless steel bracelet or at least stainless steel mesh.

What is the style of the gold Casio men’s watch?

There are two main types of Casio gold men’s watch. One of them is Vintage, which we mentioned above, in which gold is “just” an ornament, which enhances the model.

The other type are the models of the Collection line, a more elegant line, whose gold is an important part of the concept, which transitions between classic and modern, and a format that mediates the robust with the slim.

In the composition of looks and styles, the golden Casio men’s watch works very well as a contrast for neutral pieces, earthy tones and all-black productions, being a point of color and brightness.

Just as gold itself is versatile, so is Casio’s gold watch. Cleaner or white looks, opaque but light colors, even jeans and street, they all combine well, although without the contrast contrast.

Finally, but not last, there is the classic combination with formal suits, whatever the color. The golden Casio men’s watch gives elegance to the look and creativity to the composition, even more if they combine with more earthy tones of the shoe.

How much does a Casio men’s watch cost?

Because it varies widely between simple, technological and elegant models, the Casio men’s watch has a wide price range, from R $ 90 to R $ 2,000. There are special models that can even reach around R $ 4,000.

The most decisive elements for the price difference are the bracelet and glass materials, the embedded technologies and also the launch date, although in this sense, the watches have more stable prices.

Where to buy a Casio men’s watch?

You can find Casio watches at many physical jewelry stores, and some fashion stores, and, of course, watch shops.

On the internet, however, it is where you find the greatest variety of prices and models, and you have the luxury of being able to make your purchase in the comfort of your home. In this case, sites like Amazon are the best indications for you.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for choosing your Casio men’s watch

We now present our exclusive list of purchase criteria, a method to assist your choice based on observation and attention to elements of the product and its use, all to go out with the ideal Casio men’s watch.

  • Band material
  • Screen
  • Resistance
  • Weight

Let’s, of course, talk about each of these items, so you know exactly what to notice before buying your Casio men’s watch:

Band material

We might not even need to talk about that point, but it is always good to remember. Attention to the material of the bracelet is essential. After all, it contributes to style, durability and the whole experience of using your watch.

A steel bracelet, for example, is super resistant, gives the “metallic” tone of a model, but it may not be the most comfortable for long uses. A rubber bracelet, on the other hand, is pure comfort, but it may not be the most stylish one.


Both functional and aesthetic criteria, the screen is the window of your Casio men’s watch. The ideal is to cross the material of the screen with your design, which includes the look of your hands and the way in which the information is presented on it.

Resin glasses are ideal because they are clear and resistant. In the visual question, note the background color, the way the screen looks when illuminated and the clarity of the information in a greater distance between the wrist and the eye.


Casio watches are known for their resistance attributes, especially to water and physical shocks, practically everyone has some reinforcement in their resistance. At this point, therefore, be picky with your model.

It can be a point to check. Did you like the look, the price, the functions of one or more models? Check your resistance, and go to what is most protected. It is worth comparing to what depth the model is waterproof, for example.


Weight is a great criterion, say, eliminatory. There are those who do not care about the weight of the wristwatch, but it is undeniable that the whole experience of use changes from it.

Especially because, when the model is too heavy or too light, you have to make it tighter on your wrist, or have to keep adjusting it all the time. So, whether you’re experimenting or buying over the internet, note the weight, and, if possible, give preference to an intermediate measure.


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