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Top & Best Eyeglass frames Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Eyeglass frames: How to choose the best one in 2022

The subject of this article is eyeglass frames, an accessory that must match the shape of the face, skin and hair tone and the person’s personality.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the glasses frame needs to be comfortable. To help you find the ideal model, we have gathered the essential information on the subject in this article.

First, the most important

  • You find the glasses frame in rounded, oval, rectangular or square shape. To choose the ideal model, you must analyze the shape of the face and the features you want to highlight – or smooth.
  • The spectacle frame can be made of acetate, metal or a combination of the two materials. For children, the ideal is to buy a rubberized frame.
  • You can find excellent quality frame models from the following brands: Prada, Vogue, Carolina Herrera, Ray-Ban, Calvin Klein, Ana Hickmann, Lacoste, Guess, Oakley, Emporio Armani, Kipling and Atitude.

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The best prescription eyeglass frames: Our recommendations

To help you find the ideal eyeglass frame, we have selected four versatile models that match people with different face shapes, skin and hair tones.

  • The ideal model for fashionistas
  • The best model for stylish men
  • A classic model for men and women


Buying Guide

More than an ally to health, prescription glasses are synonymous with style. And as important as the choice of lenses is the frame of prescription glasses – it is essential to invest in a model that provides comfort.

As we always do here, we have prepared a Buying Guide with all the information about the glasses frame to help you find the perfect model. Good reading!

Why should I invest in a quality eyeglass frame?

When buying a prescription glasses frame, it is essential to follow medical recommendations, as the type of lens influences the choice of frame. For example: Higher grade lenses are thicker, so the frame needs to be more robust.

And it is essential to invest in a quality eyeglass frame. When purchasing a product from a recognized brand, you will receive a warranty certificate of up to two years, exchange option in case of manufacturing defects and assistance.

A poor quality frame can present defects such as loose rods, sensitive joints, maladjustment or breakage of the nasal support, peeling of acetate or metal, among other defects.

In addition, the part has no warranty or exchange certificate, so if the frame breaks you will need to invest in a new part.

Which eyeglass frame is ideal for your face shape?

When choosing a prescription glasses frame, consider the shape of your face. To get the frame right, you need to identify the lines of the face you want to highlight or soften.

To get the frame right, you need to identify the lines of the face you want to highlight or soften. The ideal is to use opposite shapes to smooth the lines, for example: rounded frame for those with a square face and rectangular frame for a round face.

Those with a round face have the same proportion in width and length, so it is important to choose a frame of prescription glasses that gives the impression that the face is longer, such as rectangular or square models.

Those with an oval face have wider cheekbones, while the forehead and jaw are narrow. This face shape matches most prescription eyeglass frames. Despite the versatility, a rectangular frame, with rounded angles and in medium or large size is the best option.

Who has a triangular face has a wide jaw and facial lines that taper down to the forehead, so it is important to choose a frame with a wider top or with details. In this case, the aviator model is the most suitable.

People with a square face have the same forehead, jaw and apples, so it is good to avoid models with strong angles, which make the face even more geometric. In that case, prefer rounded or oval models to smooth facial lines.

If you have a heart face , that is, a broader forehead and tapering to the chin, avoid very wide models, as they show a broad forehead and a thin chin. In this case, the best option is rounded glasses.

Want to learn more about the facial aspect ratio when choosing a prescription eyeglass frame, watch the video by Renata Meins, youtuber that has almost two million subscribers on Youtube:

Other recommendations:

  • The frame of prescription glasses must accompany the design of the eyebrow.
  • The glasses should never be supported on the cheekbones, because in addition to marking the skin, it will come out of the correct position when you smile, causing discomfort.
  • The eyes should be centered on the frame.
  • The frame should be neither too far nor too close to the face.

Should I buy a prescription eyeglass frame with or without nameplates?

When buying a prescription eyeglass frame, you must choose between a model with or without platelets – fixed or mobile parts, made of silicone, gel or acetate, which support the nose.

You should choose a model that is comfortable. If you choose a prescription glasses frame without platelets, note the size of the bridge (the part of the glasses that fits the nose).

The size of the bridge varies from one model to the next, but it cannot be loose or tight. To find the ideal size it is recommended that you try some models and analyze the numbering indicated on the rods.

It is essential that the frame is appropriate to the size of your nose. Tip: For Orientals, it is recommended to buy a prescription glasses frame with platelets, so the glasses will be supported on the nose and not on the cheekbones.

Is it possible to buy prescription eyeglass frames in one place and lenses in another?

Many people do not know, but it is possible to buy the glasses frame and lenses in different places. For example, you can buy the frame online and then take it to an optician to order the lenses.

Although it is important to try the frame if you know the necessary measures  you can buy the product over the internet without worry, as the virtual stores report such measures.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the types of eyeglass frames

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of prescription eyeglass frames. Therefore, you just need to find a model that meets your needs and preferences.

However, in case you have doubts about which characteristics should be analyzed at the time of purchase, check out the tips we have prepared in this section to not make a mistake in choosing:

  • Frame shape
  • Material: Metal, Acetate or both?
  • Rim size
  • Color, pattern and finish

We hope that with these tips you will find the best glasses frame, considering style, comfort and quality of the piece.

Frame shape

When choosing a spectacle frame, analyze the shape of the piece. We have selected the main models and hope that you will find an option that satisfies you.

  • Wayfarer is a quadrangular model, ideal for young men and women. You will find options in acetate.
  • Oversized is a large frame that completely covers the eyebrows and most of the cheekbones.
  • Kitten gives the impression that the eyes are small. You can find rounded or oval models in medium size.
  • Aviator is very versatile, as it adapts to different face shapes. The structure is usually made of metal.
  • Clubmaster is very similar to the Wayfarer, the difference is that it is more rounded and the material is a mixture of acetate and metal.

These are not the only options. You find glasses frame with half frame, without apparent rim (only a nylon thread holds the lenses) and in a sporty style. All are valid, but the models mentioned above are classic and timeless.

Did you know that regardless of the glasses frame you choose, the accessory is essential to prevent sunlight from entering the sides.


Material: Metal, acetate or both?

When choosing a frame for prescription glasses, define the material you prefer – metal, acetate or a mixture of the two – especially if you are allergic to any of these materials.

The acetate frame is more resistant. Another advantage is that this material is flexible, so it adapts better to the face and does not deform easily. An acetate frame is the best option for high-grade lenses.

The metal frame is usually made of titanium, so people who are allergic to nickel need to be careful. The structure – including rim and rods – is usually thinner and more delicate. This model is ideal for thinner lenses.

In addition to acetate and metal, you will find rubberized frames, especially suitable for children’s glasses, as the material is malleable, so it does not hurt the child, moreover it is more resistant to falls and accidents.

Rim size

Those who have myopia should choose a frame with a rim of up to 50mm.

When buying a spectacle frame, it is essential to check the thickness and size of the rim – measured in millimeters. This analysis does not only involve the aesthetic issue, but is directly related to your vision problem. Those who have myopia should choose a frame with a rim of up to 50mm.

Regarding the thickness, you should choose a model suitable for the size of the lens to be used. The thicker the lens, the thicker the frame should be.

Color, pattern and finish

After reviewing the above criteria, it is important to assess the style of the frame. Let’s start with colors, those who are introverted should choose neutral or sober tones – nude makes the composition softer. Extroverts should bet on colorful models.You can also find models with a gradient effect, bicolor (interior of one color and exterior of another), patterned, in wood or with details on the stems. The finish can be glossy or matte.


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