Top & Best Molekinha Sneakers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Molekinha Sneakers: How to choose the best in 2022

Did you know that, like adults, children love to be well dressed? Therefore, in this article, we will talk about an item that, besides being elegant, is also comfortable, the Molekinha sneakers.

The brand’s sneakers are pure personality. Authentic and fun they enchant from the most stylish and attuned to the most basic girls. Not to mention the quality of the product, which is exceptional. Remembering that, the brand is not only concerned with the aesthetics of its sneakers, but also with quality, comfort and safety.

So that you can buy the model that has more to do with your daughter’s style, we will show below the best options on the market. We will also explain how to choose the ideal product, based on your needs.

First, the most important

  • Molekinha manufactures sneakers that meet the most varied styles.
  • In addition to the incredible look, Molekinha sneakers also stand out for their quality and comfort.
  • It is important to consider where the Molekinha sneakers will be used before purchasing it.

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The best Molekinha sneakers

From now on we will present some of the main models of Molekinha sneakers. Each has a different style and characteristics, but quality and comfort are part of everyone.

  • For modern and casual girls
  • For girls with delicate and elegant style
  • For girls with sports style

Buying Guide

Before buying Molekinha sneakers it is important to understand a little more about the product. The brand invests a lot in the quality of its models, so there is a lot for you to know about Molekinha sneakers.

Thinking about it, we will show the main information and characteristics of the product. So, when you buy a model, you already know what to expect from the product.

What are the advantages of Molekinha sneakers?

Molekinha sneakers have a different quality, after all the brand invests a lot in materials that promote comfort and safety for children. Allied to this, Molekinha is also concerned with the aesthetics of its products.

The brand seeks to create sneakers for different occasions and styles, catering to the most varied tastes. Especially, each girl has her personal style and a unique personality, that’s why the brand has such a wide range of products.

What are the differentials of the Molekinha brand?

The Molekinha brand has been in the market for a long time, so some of the main differentials are tradition, trust and quality. After all, without these characteristics, no brand remains standing, right?

In addition, the brand constantly invests in materials that can increase the quality of its shoes. It is also attuned to trends and, mainly, to the needs of its customers.

Recalling that Molekinha is part of the Beira Rio group, a company that is a leader in the footwear segment. In addition to Molekinha, companies such as Vizzano, Beira Rio Conforto, Moleca, Molekinha and others are part of the group.

What is the difference between Molekinha sneakers and the others?

Molekinha sneakers are developed with high quality materials. The finish is resistant and, in some cases, impermeable, preventing moisture from entering. The insole, in addition to being resistant, is soft and comfortable, as it is developed in fabric and EVA. Not to mention that most of them have rubberized soles.

In addition to these more noticeable items, Molekinha sneakers also receive special care in relation to small details. The brand does not let elements such as good sewing, ornaments and other items that make all the difference and guarantee an impeccable finish go unnoticed.

What are the models of Molekinha sneakers?

The current collection of Molekinha has 35 models of sneakers. In it we can find, for example, more casual models to be used on a daily basis. This is the case for the sportiest models with the most resistant sole.

Models that have a glitter or varnish finish or those with cute details are more suitable for special occasions. In that case the girls can use it at a party or on the weekend tour.

Now if the tour is during the day, it is best to wear shoes or sneakers with rope soles. They are stylish and comfortable.

Who is Molekinha tennis for?

The Molekinha sneakers are designed for girls who love to take care of themselves and have their own style, but above all they value comfort. After all, this is what Molekinha invests in.

Girls can use the brand’s models for all occasions, so it is suitable both for those who need a sneaker to wear at school and for those who want a new model for a walk or even to take on the trip.

How much does a Molekinha sneaker cost?

Molekinha sneakers have a very reasonable price, ensuring a good cost-benefit ratio. The most sporting sneakers are around R $ 70, for example.

The most elaborate models can reach R $ 119. However, most remain in the range of R $ 90.

Realize that we are not saying that sneakers are cheap, but that they have an advantageous cost-benefit ratio, after all they are quality sneakers that will keep your daughter comfortable, safe and stylish.

Where to buy Molekinha sneakers?

Molekinha sneakers are well known and are present in several children’s stores, as well as malls, department stores and some supermarkets.

The best thing is that all these establishments have online stores, so you can make your purchase without leaving your home. On Amazon, for example, you can find all models of the brand.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying Molekinha sneakers

When buying a Molekinha model for your daughter, it is important to pay attention to some details. These are important points for choosing the ideal model. Check now what they are!

  • Size
  • Style
  • Goal
  • Material

Now that you know what the criteria are to evaluate before choosing a Molekinha shoe, we will explain each one better.


The first point to analyze before buying Molekinha sneakers is undoubtedly the size of the model. After all, there is nothing more uncomfortable for a child than wearing shoes that are too tight or too wide.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this detail, otherwise it does not help all the comfort of the tennis material, if you have the discomfort of a wrong size.


Each person has a style and it comes from childhood, so even if they are young, children have well-defined tastes.

So we suggest that you carefully analyze your daughter’s taste before buying a Molekinha sneaker, if she is more basic you will certainly not like a colorful or shiny shoe. The more daring will prefer these models.

To facilitate the choice, how about asking her directly? So there’s no mistake!


During the week the girls do different activities. Much of the time they spend at school, but on weekends there is always that birthday party or the walk in the park.

Not to mention that many practice some type of physical activity, such as riding a bicycle or practicing some sport.

Therefore, before purchasing, it is also necessary to consider where the Molekinha sneakers will be used.


Finally, the material of tennis is another item of extreme importance. Of course, it depends on the child’s age, where the sneaker will be worn, the style of each and how long you want this item to last.

But keep in mind that rubberized and waterproof sneakers are more resistant and last longer. Velvet and vinyl models are more sensitive.


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