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Top & Best Panama Hat Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Panama Hat: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we will talk about a piece that always comes out in the summer pleasing different types of people: the Panama hat.

Contrary to popular belief, this hat model was not created in Panama, but in Ecuador, and since it started to appear on the heads of the famous people who circulated in Los Angeles, it has been liked by.

In addition to protecting from the heat, this piece is basic, but adds a lot of style to any look. And if you are looking for such an item you have come to the right place. In this review we will talk all about this type of hat and at the end of the reading you will know exactly how to choose yours, come on?

First, the most important

  • The panama hat is excellent for use on beaches and swimming pools, but it also combines with other occasions of daily life such as walks in the park, barbecues and much more.
  • The original models are produced in Carludovica palmata or toquilla straw, but there are also those made from synthetic straw, which are cheaper.
  • Panama hats with a more rounded shape are ideal for lighter compositions, while square ones are more formal.

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Best Panama Hat Models: Our Favorites

One of the ways to make a good choice about a new product to buy is to check what users say about it and thus separate which are the best rated.

For hats, comfort and beauty are essential and we searched for which are the best in these areas to reduce your chance of mistakes. Below, we show you some excellent options below. Check out:

  • Panama hat for different styles
  • Panama Hat for Outdoor Activities
  • Panama hat ideal for parties

Buying Guide

The panama hat is a democratic accessory that can be worn by men and women and that combines with the most different styles and occasions. Very common to be seen in the summer, it is a great piece to be used on the beach.

But is it also possible to use it on a daily basis? What types of clothes can I combine it with? We will answer these and other questions in this shopping guide to let you know all the features of this product. To learn more, just keep reading.


What is a panama hat and how did it come about?

The Panama hat is a traditionally masculine garment, but it has gained the feminine wardrobe over the years. Very different from what is thought, this model so used of hat does not have Panamanian origin but was created in Ecuador some centuries ago.

The story of this piece began in the period of colonization of the country when the Spaniards saw that the native people wore a different hat model. At the time, this accessory was produced in toquilla straw, found exclusively in Ecuadorian territory, and came to be used by Spanish nobles in the 18th century.

However, it was only after Ecuador’s independence that this hat gained success throughout Central America, arriving in Panama at the beginning of the 20th century.

But where did that name come from? The name Panama hat was strengthened when the piece began to be exported to Panama City at the time of the construction of the Panama Canal.

During this period many Panamanians and tourists wore the hat and the name started to become popular. But the baptism only happened when Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States, visited the Panama Canal and said he was wearing a Panama hat.

Regardless of the origin of this piece, this hat model is very successful in  and gains in its timelessness and versatility. It is widely used in the summer and is usually found in white, ivory and natural straw, with a strip of fabric, commonly black, throughout its diameter.

This is not a big hat and can have medium and large brims, serving not only to protect from the sun, but also to complement the look of people of all ages and genders.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Panama hat?

The main advantage of the Panama hat is that it can be used by people with different styles and on different occasions, not to mention the fact that it is unisex.

Precisely for this reason it can be considered a very versatile accessory, which serves mainly for protection on hot days.

Another advantage is that the original models are produced with two or three wefts and can thus be folded without creasing. However, those who have only one plot do not have this facility.

The negative point is that with the popularization of this piece cheaper models have appeared, which have thicker fibers and in less quantity, which end up allowing a greater entry of light, harming the sun protection.

What is a Panama hat made of?

The traditional Panama hat model is produced with Carludovica palmata plant straw or torquilla straw.

However, in  they end up being made in similar materials, being possible to find them in shantung straw and also in synthetic straw.

How to wear a panama hat?

Both men and women have different ways to create stylish looks using a Panama hat. This is an accessory that can be combined with several pieces of clothing and below you will find some tips.

For women

Thinking of women, the most classic combination is with beach and pool clothes, but in addition to these it is possible to use them with jeans as well. Both pants and denim shorts can be composed with a panama hat creating stripped and great looks for the day to day.

Other pieces that go well with this accessory are dresses, skirts, little monkeys, shorts, pantaloons and bodies.

A good tip is to use panama hat with a low bun or ponytail, that way the hair comes out a little from the nape, giving a touch of freshness and elegance.

For men

In the case of male looks there are a multitude of options for pieces that can be combined with this accessory. What we said about jeans in the case of women also applies here and in men it ends up leaving a look that could be basic more interesting.

It is also possible to combine the Panama hat with suits, costumes and tailoring vests and if you are thinking that this is not working, know that it is very cool. In these cases, the accessory adds a touch of elegance, blending with casualness.

It even looks great with linen suits and costumes, which are very suitable for hot climates.

Another suggestion thinking about more formal clothes is to use the garment for outdoor weddings, that way, in addition to protecting yourself from the sun, it is still possible to give an extra touch to the look.

With cotton shirts and lighter tailoring pieces it is also possible to use the Panama hat. This is a way of making clothes that would be very casual more sophisticated.

It also goes very well with clothes in candy colors, basic t-shirts and sneakers.

Which occasions go with the Panama hat?

As we told you, the Panama hat is an accessory that suits different occasions and that is why it is so dear. With this, it is possible to use it both in more informal and more social events.

The only caveat is that this piece has as main indication to be used during the day, so if it is at a night event it is important to rethink the use.

In addition, know that it combines well with beaches and pools, trips to parks, barbecues, outdoor parties and even weddings.



Did you know that according to the rules of etiquette it is not correct to enter any environment closing using a hat? So, if you want to follow them remember this!


How much does it cost and where to buy a Panama hat?

The value of Panama hats is very variable and changes according to the type of material they are produced with. With that, it is possible to find one of these for an initial price of R $ 8 and there are options that exceed R $ 300 reais.

A curiosity is that depending on the quality of the fiber the value of an original Panama hat produced in Ecuador can reach US $ 3 thousand, which is equivalent to about R $ 12 thousand.

Because it is such a popular item, the Panama hat is easily found to buy mainly in beach towns and in the summer. Many stores sell this accessory and you can buy it in those that work specifically with hats or in department stores.

On the internet it is even easier, especially if we think of variety. Many websites sell this accessory, such as Amazon

In addition, the models we put in our ranking are also for sale and to purchase them just click on what you liked best.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare panama hat models

Now that you know everything about panama hats, it’s time to choose yours and to avoid making mistakes we have separated the main points that you should take into account when buying. Check out what they are:

  • Format
  • Number of fibers
  • Color
  • Flap size


As much as all Panama hats follow a similar pattern, there are some subtle differences between them.

There are those that are more rounded with a curve at the top. These are more delicate, stripped and combine with more fluid clothes.

The other option are hats with a more square and slightly taller crown, giving the impression that they have larger brims. These models for having an air of greater seriousness combine with clothes a little more formal.

Number of fibers

The number of fibers that the Panama hat has is directly related to the quality of the product, its durability and also to its degree of protection.

Remember when we said above that those with only one fiber cannot be folded? So, this is where it applies.

This is not always specified by the manufacturers and a way to know if the model you are choosing has more or less quality is to check its price and the material in which it is made.

The cheapest Panama hats are usually made of synthetic straw and have few fibers, so they end up protecting less from the sun and also last less.

Those made with natural straws have a better quality, are safer and have greater durability.


The most common Panama hats are those in raw, white and ivory tones, containing a black band. These are the most basic and also most found in stores.

However, currently they are also sold in other colors and if you want the hat to be the highlight in the production, it is worth choosing one that comes out of the ordinary.

The color of the banner also changes and is another way to get out of the basics, as there are blue, pink, red and more.

Flap size

The size of the hat’s brim is also slightly variable and there are options of medium brim and wide brim. Which one you choose is directly related to where you will use the piece.

The medium-brimmed ones are great for more everyday occasions where there is not so much continuous exposure to the sun. In the case of those who think of using the hat for beaches and swimming pools, the most suitable ones are those with wide brim, because they end up protecting more from the sun.


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