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Top & Best Halloween Costume Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Halloween Costume: How to choose yours in 2022?

Whenever October 31 is approaching, several stores begin to offer products that are characteristic of the famous Halloween, or as it is called in  Halloween. And there is nothing more synonymous with that date than the Halloween costume and it is what we will talk about today here at ReviewBox Brasil, welcome!

Originating in the United States, this date has for some time been celebrated with several parties. It’s time for adults and children to transform and become vampires, witches and many other characters, from the cutest to the scariest.

And if you are already preparing for the date know that in this text we have gathered the best costume ideas for Halloween. At the end of the reading you will know exactly how to choose yours, just keep reading.

First, the most important

  • There are no rules and there are a plethora of Halloween costume options to suit all ages and tastes.
  • Which one to choose depends a lot on taste and in the case of children the ideal is to let them say they want to become this party.
  • A Halloween costume has a variable price and depends on the number of pieces it contains and also on the amount of details it has.

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The best Halloween costume ideas: Our favorites

It is not easy to choose a costume for Halloween and that is why we have separated in this ranking the options best evaluated by consumers so that you can already start thinking about which one to buy.

  • A classic Halloween costume
  • To turn into a scary zombie
  • For the little ones to play too
  • An option full of details

Buying Guide

Halloween is a typical American party, always celebrated on the last day of October. It is there that many adults and children dress up and have fun becoming the most different creatures and characters.

However, there are many types of celebrations on that date and knowing which Halloween costume to choose can be a bit complicated. But don’t worry because you are in the right place and in this buying guide we will talk about them all.

What is a Halloween costume?

Typically known as the scariest time of year, Halloween is a time when witches, vampires and many other creatures are on the loose.


Halloween is known for the fantasies of witches and vampires.

Is it where kids typically use the phrase “trick or treating?” and that many adults participate in theme parties.

And one of the best ways to get into this climate is with fantasies, which fortunately exist in several options. The Halloween costume can be made in different ways, even handmade, and is found in the most varied formats and with different characters, which adapt to all tastes and styles.

How did Halloween come about?

Also called Halloween, Halloween was created by the Celtic people over two thousand years ago and contrary to popular belief, it has European and not American origins.

Halloween means “All hallow-eve”, which in Portuguese means “the eve of all saints”, which is related to the date on which the party is celebrated, in which between the sunset of October 31 and November 1 there was a sacred celebration.


In the United States, halloween appeared in the middle of the 19th century, being brought by Irish immigrants, and due to a historical legend it became associated with scary creatures.

Gradually some elements were included in the celebration of the date, such as the famous pumpkins and costumes, in addition to the habit of children knocking on the doors of houses asking for treats.

In this party grows every year and even in small condo witches and vampires are found collecting sweets.

What are the most popular Halloween costume options?

It is inevitable that Halloween is associated with witches and vampires. These beings gave rise to the date and there are endless options for their fantasies.

However, there are not only them and new options are always found. Soon it is also very common to find zombies, scary clowns, mummies, murderers, Mexican skulls, ghosts, characters from horror movies and even fairy tales that are adapted to the theme of the party.

In addition, every year new fantasies arise that are associated with series and other content that are at the time. There are also those that are more delicate and less scary, ideal for parties with children.

How much does a Halloween costume cost?

The value of a Halloween costume depends a lot on your style. There are those that are simpler and more luxurious, not to mention that there are individual accessories that can be purchased to create a costume.

Therefore, thinking about the complete outfit, there are options ranging from R $ 50 to an average of R $ 300, with children being cheaper than adult ones. Accessories can be found in value starting at R $ 10.

Where to buy a Halloween costume?

Stores that sell party, costume and department items usually have Halloween costumes, and finding options for children is often easier than for adults, stores there are always pieces of this type when the date approaches.

Online is even easier as there are several specialized websites that sell these products all year round and with a wide variety of options. Some in which you will surely find a fantasy are Amazon.

In addition, if you liked one of the options in our ranking, just click on your favorite to purchase it.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Halloween costume options

Now that you are already in the whole universe of Halloween costumes, it’s time to choose the best option and for that there are some important factors, they are:

  • Fantasy type
  • Party style
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Additional

Below you will find an explanation about each one.

Fantasy type

The first step is to define which character you want to become. Those who do not wish to leave the tradition can easily choose the most typical costumes such as witches and zombies, which will certainly be perfectly associated with the style of the party.

However, there are those who want to innovate and that is where the most different fantasies come in. They are not difficult to find, but depending on the theme it may be necessary to make adaptations and even create your own fantasy.

Not to mention that there are still fun costumes and whoever wants to follow this line can go dressed as a pumpkin, for example.

Party style

Knowing what style of party is going to be is also important to define which costume will be chosen, because there are some that are lighter and others that really get into the Halloween atmosphere.

If the party has children, for example, the ideal is to opt for a costume that is more related to the theme than scary itself. If he will only have adults, then he can free his imagination and expose all the terror.


There are children’s and adult costumes and it is essential to choose the appropriate size so that it is neither too big nor too small. Especially who will make the purchase online should pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Most of the time the costumes are sold in sizes ranging from P to G or GG, and when it comes to children it is important to compare with the numbering of clothes they normally wear. To help you with this we put some information in the table below.

There are also juvenile children’s costumes that are for the little ones who use a number greater than 12.


Often Halloween is celebrated with parties and comfort in these cases is essential. In this sense, in addition to the size, it is important to check the material in which the costume is made. The vast majority are made of polyester, which is an excellent fabric for this, but it is worth paying attention to the variations.

It is also worth thinking about masks, several options have this element and as much as it is very interesting, anyone who does not feel well with them is better to decline.

Another factor is the temperature, if at the time of the party it is very hot, avoid the most closed fantasies.


Many costumes come with special accessories that help to get even more into the character’s mood and this can be a differential when choosing.

Masks, gloves, hats and many other elements help to complement the look and it may be worth investing in one of these.


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