Top & Best Oakley Sweatshirt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Oakley Sweatshirt: What’s the best for you in 2022?

With great popularity among the youngest hipsters and avid for urban adventures, the Oakley sweatshirt won its place among the most coveted pieces of contemporary fashion. And we know that you don’t want to stop having yours, don’t you?

We have prepared this article with excellent information to help you choose your Oakley sweatshirt. Read carefully and make sure you know everything you need to add a very valuable piece to your wardrobe!

First, the most important

  • Oakley is a brand that already has its name enshrined in the world of streetwear and is indispensable in certain urban tribes.
  • It manufactures durable and resistant sweatshirts, which can be used both casually, on a daily basis, and for protection in times of very cold weather.
  • Despite the focus on certain tribes, Oakley also presents simple and sober sweatshirt models, ideal for those who like a more basic wardrobe.

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Best Oakley Sweatshirts: Our Rating

Oakley has different sweatshirt lines, thus reaching different audiences. Taking advantage of this versatility, we put together a list with our opinion on the best models:

  • The best for those who like the basics
  • The best for those who want to be in urban fashion
  • Ideal for very cold days

Buying Guide

The sweatshirt is one of the preferred types of tracksuit, be it male, female or even children’s. When we talk about a brand like Oakley, we are sure of quality and style.

In our buying guide, we will delve into the Oakley sweatshirt with lots of information!

How did Oakley become a sweatshirt reference?

Oakley is a company that emerged in the business of eyewear and items for motorcyclists and was gradually expanding to backpacks and sports shoes. How, then, did it become so popular in the sweatshirt business?

This happened because the brand was already famous and respected when it came to sweatshirts. By establishing herself as a reference for style and quality in pieces that are part of everyday life in urban life, she guaranteed that her models would be coveted in any new area she ventured into.

Thus, Oakley sweatshirts, in addition to stamping a respectable brand, have already started to be sold with quality assurance. The brand has a clear knowledge of how to please urban young people with style and innovation.



Did you know that Oakley’s name comes from a … dog?

In naming his motorcycle brand in 1975, James Jannard was inspired by his dog, Oakley Anne, of the English Setter breed.

He certainly did not imagine that he would be so successful and that the animal would have his name immortalized in the fashion world!

What are the differentials of Oakley sweatshirts?

The most obvious advantage of Oakley sweatshirts is quality. They are durable and resistant products, made with quality material and that can be in the wardrobe for years.

We cannot overlook the sociological aspect of fashion. When wearing an Oakley sweatshirt, a person communicates his identity: Someone connected with urban fashion, usually associated with sports such as skateboarding and surfing, who likes to dress in a casual and modern way.


Oakley sweatshirts are modern and versatile. They range from basic black to different designs.

But Oakley sweatshirts are modern and versatile. They range from basic black to more distinctive designs. Therefore, even those who are not so connected to certain urban tribes can use them without any major problems.

Not everyone is attracted to Oakley sweatshirts. The brand needs to match who you are and what you like to wear.

And if there is a versatility of models regarding aspects such as colors and pattern design, we cannot say the same about the design of the pieces themselves: Almost all Oakley sweatshirts follow the hood and pullover style, limiting the choices for looks a little.

We have prepared a table with advantages and disadvantages of Oakley sweatshirts:

What types of Oakley sweatshirts?

Some features are recurring in all Oakley sweatshirt lines. We can highlight the presence of a hood, the pullover style (no zipper, forcing the piece to be worn by the head) and the kangaroo pocket.

However, among the brand’s most famous sweatshirts, there are some differences. Check out:


    • Urban Pack : It’s the coolest line with the most modern design. Made for those who like to stand out visually in urban tribes.
    • Poisonous : Also very urban, it looks a little less flashy than the Urban Pack, but it keeps the style.
    • Crossrange : It has a more casual feature and can be used even by people who do not fit the urban tribes that are the target of the brand.
    • Florimoto Fleece Jet : It is a sweatshirt for colder days, with special coating and sober design.


Check the comparison between these models in the table below:

Who is cool to have an Oakley sweatshirt for?

Of course, anyone can have an Oakley sweatshirt. The ideal is to use items of clothing that make you feel comfortable. But for some groups, it is a coveted piece.

If you are young and care about feeling trendy, be sure to have good Oakley pieces. Not only sweats, but also sneakers and glasses are among the highlights of this brand!

Oakley contemplates some urban tribes as practitioners of extreme sports and followers of some musical styles. If you fit, you should already know the importance of having your sweatshirts!

But as long as it’s the right model, you can have an Oakley sweatshirt just to meet up with your friends at night or go for a walk in the cold. Just make the right choice among the types that the brand offers!



James JannardOakley Founder

“Oakley technology and performance are two of the best kept secrets in the world.

How much does it cost and where to buy an Oakley sweatshirt?

Because they carry the logo of a famous brand and are of high quality, Oakley sweatshirts have a high price. You can find them from R $ 130. Most models range between R $ 200 and R $ 300 and some even go up to R $ 500.

You can buy them at your favorite clothing stores, and depending on where you are, perhaps at Oakley’s own outlets. On the internet, the best idea is to buy from  Amazon, but we also recommend international Amazon.

Purchase criteria: What to consider when buying an Oakley sweatshirt

You may already know what type your Oakley sweatshirt wants, but you still need to know a few more criteria before purchasing. We list three:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Pockets
  • Fabric

Below, we talk a little more about each of them:


We know that many people do not give up basic black. So Oakley has great sweatshirts in style. But the brand is also concerned with people who like to take more risks in their looks and still have different colors and prints.

You can choose the most diverse colors for your sweatshirts, but you need to know how to make the combinations with other pieces. Stay tuned before buying one from the Urban Pack line, for example: It needs to match your wardrobe!

The following video from the GNT Channel helps boys and girls with the combinations:


Unless you want to put together a look with an overlay or a sweatshirt much larger than your measurements, it is important to get the size right.

Oakley provides a measurement guide on its official website and we reproduce it here. Measurements are in centimeters:


Many people have a habit of storing items like cell phones and wallets in their pockets. If this is the case, pay attention if the sweatshirt has enough of them.

Almost every Oakley sweatshirt is equipped with the kangaroo pocket, but it is not ideal for storing objects. Check if there are others, or be sure that you will always combine the piece with a pair of pants that solves this need.


Most Oakley sweatshirts are made predominantly of cotton. However, due to small variations in manufacturing, some models end up having a “thicker” fabric, which protects more from the cold.

When choosing your Oakley sweatshirt, take this factor into account. There is no point in buying a sweatshirt that will not warm you up or, even worse, buying something very hot if in your city it is not usually so cold.


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