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Top & Best Polo Tommy Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Polo Tommy: Which is the best for you in 2022?

In the modern world, we need garments that are versatile and durable. Those that can be used both in the work environment and in the bar with friends, stand out. And one of the best examples of this is the Tommy polo shirt!

Available for them as well as for them, polo Tommy is the version made by a renowned brand of one of the most versatile pieces of current fashion. In the next lines of this article, we will talk more about it and give you all the essential tips for you to choose a model that is your face

First, the most important

  • Tommy Hilfiger is a traditional and respected clothing brand. Their polo shirts are among the best on the market.
  • It is possible to find Tommy polo in various shapes, colors and trim, for both men and women. The brand is very democratic.
  • You can wear a polo shirt in both casual and social situations. Tommy Hilfiger is known for having pieces with a more stripped look, which is great for meetings with friends.

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The best Tommy polo shirts: Our recommendations

There are polo shirts for every body and taste. Therefore, the moment of choice is always important. Thinking to help you, we selected some models that stand out.

  • The most basic
  • The model for those who like bright colors
  • The best for them

Buying Guide

You already know all the versatility of the polo shirt, but still want more details about Tommy Hilfiger? Want to know how to assemble excellent looks with the piece? And how to make it look good on you?

Stay tuned, as we will answer all of this in our buying guide!

What makes the Tommy polo shirt special?

The polo shirt is a piece that is not formal, but does not carry a totally stripped look. In many of its pieces, Tommy Hilfiger manages to bring this difference in relation to other brands.

Of course, there are the brand’s basic hubs, but as it emerged within the hippie movement, you can also see this air that talks to casual fashion.

Today Tommy Hilfiger is a highly admired brand. Its products are durable, resistant and with a first-rate finish. It is already a garment that carries a brand and gives an air of respect to those who wear their pieces.

You can find Tommy polo shirts with different fits for both men and women, in different sizes. It is a democratic brand that looks at all its customers.

See below the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Tommy Hilfiger as the brand for your polo shirts:

How to recognize if a Tommy polo is original?

A quality and high-cost brand like Tommy Hilfiger often suffers from fakes. And the polo shirt is one of the pieces that most goes through this.

To avoid buying a fake Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt, there are a few important points. We list the most important ones:

    • Label : The label on Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts is almost always blue, with the logo between the two words and stitched perfectly on a white background. Pay attention to the quality of the stitching!
    • Buttons : The buttons on the original Tommy Hilfiger shirt bear the brand name. Again, the stitching must be perfect and have no lines showing.
    • Logo : Often, a fake product misses the logo standards. Pay attention if the patterns are correct: two blue bars at the top and bottom, with a white rectangle on the left and a red rectangle on the right inside them.
    • Finish : The finishes of Tommy polo shirts are always perfect. If you notice mistakes or flaws in sewing or embroidery, be wary.


Buying products from trusted stores is important to prevent counterfeiting, especially when it comes to such a respected brand.

Did you know? Tommy Hilfiger began his career in the late 1960s. He did embroidery and prints on his friends’ clothes. They were all hippies and enjoyed the lifestyle of the moment.

In 1971, he opened his own clothing store and started designing pieces. The success was not immediate, with a bankruptcy in 1977. The current brand appeared in 1985 and, since then, it has only gained popularity and respect.

What are the differences between the male and female Tommy polo?

There are not many differences in terms of colors and prints between men’s and women’s Tommy polo shirts. To make the proper differentiation, you need to look at the format.

The first issue is the length. Men’s Tommy polo shirts are longer, while women’s Tommy ends at the waist. This leads to the second question: the cut.

The cut of a male Tommy shirt is quite straight, while that of a female shirt is more sharp, following the very shape of the female body.

We must also observe the collar: in male models, you will find a larger V-shaped neckline, allowing the buttons to be worn open. A female Tommy shirt will be more closed at the neck.

Slim and slim fit models appear for both men and women, but in the second case, the pieces tend to be more glued to the body.

See the comparison below:

How to combine your Tommy polo?

We have already mentioned the versatility of the Tommy polo shirt and that it can be used in various situations, from work to the bar. But how to combine it with other pieces?

The polo can be used with jeans, shorts or dress pants. If the shirt is colored, the ideal is to use a black piece to complement it. The opposite also happens.

When using the Tommy polo shirt with dress pants, it is possible to leave it inside the pants and wear a belt. In this case, the social shoe is the most suitable. Avoid the tie . In casual situations, sports shoes and sneakers fit very well in the look.

In the video below the Manual of the Modern Man, there are great tips for using the polo shirt:

The women’s Tommy polo must never be worn with heels.

For women, there are also many options. Use with jeans or skirt is recommended. The same color rule we mentioned for male models can also be applied in this case.

One tip that may work for them is the use of overlays. Some types of jackets can look great with polo on colder days. Avoid only very social items: Never wear polo shoes with heels!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Tommy polo?

Due to the brand of Tommy Hilfiger, the prices of polo shirts are usually high. You can find some simple models starting at R $ 120, but most are between R $ 170 and R $ 250.

Tommy Hilfiger’s own physical stores are a good idea to find your favorite models. They are in some shopping centers and outlets. If you prefer to purchase online, we recommend theAmazon. Also check out Amazon international.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing your Tommy polo

Now that you understand the benefits of having a Tommy polo and how to use it, it’s time to get into some important questions about choosing the ideal piece.

We have selected four important items to consider when choosing your Tommy polo:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Trim
  • Sleeve length

Below, we explain each of them a little!


Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts are divided into six sizes: PP, P, M, G, GG and EG. This allows people with all types of bodies to be able to find something that suits them well!

Remember that the polo shirt should go a little below the waist for men, and up to the waist for women. And that the ideal is that they do not stick to the body, despite being fair. Unless, of course, you’re using a model with a special trim.


Tommy has quality basic models, in addition to stripes and colorful prints.

Color is one of the most personal issues when choosing an outfit. There are those who prefer to always stay in basic black and those who like really striking models.

Fortunately, Tommy Hilfiger has options for every taste. In addition to beautiful and quality basic models, it also offers others with stripes and colorful prints. The colors of the United States flag are very present.


Slim and slim fit shirts are recommended for those who are in shape.

In several pieces of clothing, it is very fashionable to use models that are closer to the body. We can see that in jeans, in standard T-shirts and, of course, in polo shirts.

When choosing your polo shirt, you can choose between a traditional, a slim or a slim fit. The last two are most recommended for those who are in shape. Otherwise, they will show a lot of fat.

Sleeve Length

The ideal use of a polo shirt calls for the sleeve to be halfway up the biceps. It should not be too short or too long. That goes, of course, for Tommy Hilfiger.

Always pay attention if the sleeves of the chosen shirt are at the correct length of your arm. Otherwise, you can go out of style and even lose the impact of wearing the garment.



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