Top & Best Postpartum brace Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Postpartum brace: how to choose the best one in 2022?

If you are pregnant, about to have a baby or with your little newborn and you know it is time to provide your postpartum brace, this article is for you.

Sturdy and durable, postpartum straps are a woman’s best friends after the baby is born, providing support for the abdominal region, facilitating the recovery and reorganization of organs, fighting sagging and providing more security for women to move and perform activities everyday.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you must pay attention to in order to make the best choice of strap for your postpartum.

First, the most important

  • The market offers hundreds of postpartum strap options. To choose the ideal, some factors must be considered before purchase. Set the user profile to choose the most appropriate model, color and size, for example.
  • Material, model, types of closure and details of the piece are some of the main characteristics to be evaluated when purchasing the postpartum belt.
  • Prices are quite varied. Fluctuations occur according to the material and brand chosen, in addition to other factors such as model and details. You can find simpler straps for less than R $ 50. The most sophisticated ones can cost more than R $ 200.

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Best postpartum straps: Our favorites

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Buying Guide

Many cool examples on our list, right? But before you click on buy, let’s go to the Buying Guide. In this section we will give you tips on postpartum straps: how to use, how to choose, where to buy, values ​​and product advantages, so you can buy your brace without fear of making mistakes!

What is a postpartum brace?

The postpartum belt is nothing more than a piece of underwear made of firm fabric, which wears the abdominal region with light compression. It is used by women after childbirth to reduce the feeling of emptiness in the common abdominal region during the puerperium phase.

In addition to giving a feeling of greater firmness to Organs internal organs, the postpartum brace provides greater support to the region and helps in the recovery of the woman, fighting swelling and making the woman safer to take care of the baby and carry out the daily tasks.

What are the advantages of the postpartum brace?

Available in different versions and models, the postpartum straps can be used by both mothers who have had a normal delivery and a caesarean section.

In addition to helping to hold the belly and give the feeling of “everything in place”, the postpartum straps contribute to the process of contraction of the uterus to its natural position and proportion after the pregnancy has dilated.

The product also prevents frequent back pain, caused by poor posture and weakening of the abdominal muscles. It also helps to refine the silhouette by improving the woman’s self-esteem and well-being.

How to use a postpartum brace?

The use of a postpartum brace is not mandatory, but it is recommended by most doctors and women who have gone through the postpartum with a brace. However, it is worthwhile to consult your doctor to know the ideal time to start using the brace.

Generally, use can be started immediately after natural or cesarean delivery. Ideally, the brace should be worn by the woman all day and every night – including at bedtime -, being removed only for bathing and physical activities.

The period of continuous use of the belt to obtain good results is a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months after delivery. After the 3-month period, it is necessary to allow space for the muscles to strengthen themselves, a process that can be harmed by the constant use of the brace.

Remember that the strap should not be too tight or tight. Inappropriate size products can increase edema and cause complications.

How much does a postpartum brace cost?

The price of the postpartum brace varies widely according to model, brand, material and product details. It is possible to find basic pieces from R $ 50. More sophisticated models, with different levels of compression, materials with advanced technologies and different designs can have much higher prices.

Where to buy a postpartum brace?

The postpartum brace can be purchased at stores specializing in post-surgical products, lingerie and underwear or products for pregnant women. It can also be found for sale in department stores that offer underwear.

However, it is by buying online that you can find a greater variety of brands and models of the product, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, and Fast Shop.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare postpartum strap models

With so much information and tips you are almost an expert in postpartum straps. But before hitting the hammer when choosing the ideal strap, we will give you one more teaspoon, presenting the list of characteristics for which you should be aware when comparing the types and brands of this product. It is to buy without fear of making mistakes! Check out:

  • Model
  • Types of strap closure
  • Hygienic opening
  • Compression size and level
  • Washing and maintenance

And so that there are no real doubts, below we will examine each of these characteristics:


The most popular models for postpartum braces are those in the sash style and those to wear, which can be: without legs (panties style); with legs (short style); and breastfeeding bodysuits. Let’s get to know a little more about the specifics of each model? Follow:

Types of strap closure

The types of closure most used in postpartum straps are velcro, zipper, brackets and pressure buttons. The simpler the belt is closed, the more practical and functional the product will be. Avoid complicated models to close or that require help from third parties to adjust.

Remember: with a newborn baby at home any minute left for rest is precious, and you don’t want to waste them by buttoning endless brackets on a strap, which will need to be done a few times a day.

Hygienic opening

The hygienic opening is an opening present between the legs of the postpartum dressing straps. The opening aims to make the use of the brace more practical, leaving the woman’s intimate region free.

That way she can use the opening to do her physiological and personal hygiene needs without having to remove the entire strap – which can be laborious, depending on the product model.

Compression size and level

The ideal size of the postpartum brace will vary according to the woman’s physical structure. In general, it is indicated that the woman buys the product two mannequins above what she used before becoming pregnant. The choice can also be based on the woman’s measurements in relation to the measurement table provided by the manufacturer.

However, it is important that the chosen strap is comfortably worn, without over-tightening or loosening the belly too much, as the product’s effectiveness will be impaired in both ways.

Washing and maintenance

The types of washing and routine maintenance of postpartum belts will vary according to the make, model and material of the product. The manufacturer usually provides clear washing instructions for each product. In general, the indication is that the straps are washed by hand in cold water, or using the cycle for delicate items in the washing machine.

Chlorine products should be avoided. Correct cleaning of the postpartum brace is essential, especially in cases of women who underwent cesarean delivery, where surgery is subject to contamination and infections.

Ideally, mom should invest in at least two postpartum strapping units. Thus, while one washes the other can be used, avoiding the discontinuity of use, the accumulation of dirt and the proliferation of microorganisms.


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