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Top & Best Men’s sunglasses Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s sunglasses: See the best 2022 models

Thinking of buying a pair of men’s sunglasses? Then you have come to the right place! We will present quality models and show fundamental requirements so that the best possible choice is made!

More than simple fashion accessories that can give charm, beauty and elegance to someone, sunglasses are increasingly important. Today’s climatic conditions make it very harmful to face the sun’s rays without using one.

How to make the choice? What are the necessary protections? How to be fashionable and at the same time comfortable? Are there better glasses for each face type? In this article, we will talk about all of these subjects!

First, the most important

  • Today sunglasses are a fashion tool, but we can never forget their real use: protection against harmful sun rays. Under no circumstances buy a model that does not have the required security certificates.
  • There are several styles of men’s sunglasses and the choice is more for the personal taste of each one. But some important tips, like following the shape of the face to highlight the desired characteristics, are very welcome.
  • Prices for men’s sunglasses can vary widely. Of course, there are designer models that can reach four or even five digits. The most common, however, is that great specimens are found between R $ 300 and R $ 600.

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Ranking: The 5 best models of men’s sunglasses

We have separated some models of men’s sunglasses that are very effective in protecting against sunlight and, at the same time, have beautiful and efficient designs. After all, these two factors are complementary and necessary.

Check below the list with some of the most recommended models available on the market:

Buying Guide

Are there different types of glasses recommended for each person? Below, we’ll show you information about the necessary eye protection and some important fashion and face tips.

So, you can have a great time with your new men’s sunglasses!

Why wear sunglasses?

Being fashionable is a desire of most people. Sunglasses are used to add beauty and style to faces and, over the years, have become a charming and desired accessory for many.

When in open and sunny environments, the use of these accessories is common. And nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to use them even indoors! In these moments, fashion becomes even more important than protection. Why yes, protection is the primary aspect of wearing sunglasses.

The sun’s rays are more and more potent with the depletion of the ozone layer. Thus, their direct contact with the eyes can be extremely harmful.

Exposure of naked eyes to solar radiation can cause diseases in the corneas, on the ocular surface, early formation of cataracts and wear of the retina.

If you have previous cases of eye problems in your family, wearing sunglasses becomes even more fundamental.

This evolution of sunglasses from protection objects to fashion utensils has transformed them into one of the most desired objects for personal use. Even more in a tropical country like  there is no way to be without yours!


Did you know? Although they have been around since the 1st century (there are records of the use of Emperor Nero), the popularization of sunglasses happened from the 1920s onwards. They were used to protect the eyes of airplane pilots. They were quite large and covered much of the face.

This accessory was falling in the taste of the population and gaining more and more the status of fashion item. Even today, the style of aviator sunglasses is quite popular. But, of course, the design keeps evolving and creating more modern options.

What are the mandatory protections for sunglasses?

We know that it is possible to buy sunglasses at street vendors and specialized stores at low prices. Often, they have no brand or any type of technical specification.

For the price, they can be very attractive. But don’t forget that cheap is sometimes expensive. It is essential that sunglasses have some protection certificates.

the association of Technical Standards (ABNT) grants certification to sunglasses. There are three main factors needed:

  1. It is necessary that the sunglasses filter the ultraviolet rays, thus guaranteeing eye health;
  2. This filtration must last at least 50 hours;
  3. That the lens produces satisfactory light scattering and that it is of a color that does not interfere with basic activities such as driving vehicles or heavy machinery.

Of these, the most important is the filtering of ultraviolet rays. Never buy glasses that do not have certified efficiency against UVA and UVB rays. Check the table below for some differences between these types of rays:

Therefore, you already know: demand that your men’s sunglasses be certified according to ABNT standards. Only then will you know that your eyes are protected.

What styles of men’s sunglasses?

Once you have found reliable sunglasses with all the certifications, it is time to be happy in your choice thinking about the aesthetic aspects. There are different types of sunglasses and they look best in different face shapes.

Of course, you may want to try the glasses on and see which ones look best with a mirror. But there are some tips that will certainly help you. The most common types of men’s sunglasses on the market based on frames and lenses are as follows:

  • Wayfarer glasses: The most famous and used. They are the ones that have discrete angles and the internal edges slightly inclined. They pull more towards the square, but not so much. They look good with just about any face type, but don’t stand out especially with any.
  • Square glasses: They have right angles in the corners, thus being completely square or rectangular. They are also called D-frame. They are ideal for those who have more round or oval faces.
  • Round glasses: They are quite stylish and were immortalized by John Lennon. As the name says, they have completely round lenses. The best use is for people with faces that are more square or full of straight lines.
  • Aviator glasses: With large lenses, unmistakable shape and a lot of history, aviator glasses are still very successful. Recommended for people with heart-shaped faces, with a thin chin and larger forehead, but they go well with all types of people.

There are also some other famous glasses styles, such as shield (or single lens), new wayfarer and mask. However, they are not as sold as the four above.

The ideal is that you know what is the style of your face and, from there, choose the models that best suit him. But don’t get caught up in that! Feel free to experiment and stick with the model that makes you most happy.


Ralph LaurenNorth American stylist

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion goes fast, style lasts forever.”

How much?

There is a huge variation in the prices of men’s sunglasses. You can find some very cheap ones on street vendors, but as we already said, they are not recommended at all.

In department stores, there will already be some good models for around R $ 70. When talking about famous brands and brands, the glasses can reach four or, possibly, five digits. But the average is really between R $ 300 and R $ 600. In this range, you will certainly have beautiful models, totally safe and in fashion!

Where to buy?

The most obvious choice is to buy sunglasses in optics. They work with great brands and know what the needs of each customer are. But we cannot fail to mention stores, where good and cheap models will be found.

If you want to buy your men’s sunglasses on the Internet, we recommend  Amazon for a wide variety of models. Besides, of course, the main optics of the country.


Purchase criteria: Important factors when choosing your men’s sunglasses

In addition to the shape of the glasses and the protection certificates, which are very important, there are other criteria that you can take into account when making your purchase. We have listed some of the most important ones below:

  • Material
  • Measures
  • Warranty
  • Lens Color

We explain below why each of them is important:


There are several different materials that are used in the frames. The most common is ordinary plastic, but it may not be the most durable and resistant. Unbeatable in this respect is cellulose acetate, which is almost unbreakable.

Aluminum, metal (which can be uncomfortable because it gets too hot) and stainless steel are other great examples of durable materials. If your idea is to be in style and stay in style, wood can be an excellent choice.


In the part of the ranking of the best models, we always quote the measurements of the glasses. They are important for you to know if they suit your face: there are different widths of foreheads, sizes of noses, among others.

Glasses smaller or larger than ideal for a face can cause a lot of awkwardness or, worse, discomfort.

Among the main measures to be analyzed are the length of the rod, the width of the lens, the width of the bridge and the height of the lenses. If any specific feature of your face stands out, here’s how to look for the numbers that fit it perfectly!

In the video below, the eÓtica channel explains in depth what the measurements of sunglasses are and how to apply them:


Sunglasses can be extremely used. There are those who go out with them every day and even use them in risky situations. Of course, misuse prevents the guarantee from being exercised, but a quick break from simple wear and tear is not a good sign.

Therefore, always check the guarantee of the chosen glasses model. Some even offer two or three years, which can be very good for those who will use it frequently. If one year is enough for you, that’s fine, but we always recommend a search for longer durations.

Lens Color

The color of the lens does not have much influence on protection or on a daily basis: those that prevent certain activities, such as driving, from being done efficiently, are prohibited. So the question here is more style than anything else.Some people prefer the traditional black or gray lens, which is more sober or discreet. But we also see specimens that stand out for their blue, green or red colors. Depending on the user, it can be very beautiful! And then there are the brown ones, more retro and also stylish.


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