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Top & Best Women’s belt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Women’s belt: Learn how to choose the best model in 2022

Today’s topic is the women’s belt, an accessory that combines utility and style, being much more than an article to keep the pants in place.

Nowadays, the female belt has become a key accessory when it comes to dressing. More than functional, it is endowed with beauty and good taste, becoming a great way to lift a look.

In today’s guide, we will introduce you to all the advantages of the product, in addition to discussing its different forms of use.

First, the most important

  • The female belt is much more than just a piece to adjust the waistband of the pants, but an accessory to enhance a production.
  • It can be used on the most diverse occasions, from work, to clubbing.
  • If you are looking for high quality material, opt for genuine leather belts, but know that they are the most expensive on the market.

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Best women’s belts: Our favorites

A good accessory makes all the difference in production, so choosing the right belt is important. If you are having doubts about choosing a model to call your own, here is a list with some of the best options on the market:

Buying Guide


Women’s belts have been used for many years as an accessory responsible for keeping pants and shorts stuck in place. However, more and more space has added beauty to the productions.

In the guide below, we will talk about the product, and tell you all its advantages and possibilities of use.

What is the female belt?


The female belt is nothing more than a normally leather piece, idealized to be attached to the hips or waist, in order to adjust to the body clothes that may be loose, such as pants, shorts and skirts.

In addition, it has been increasingly used as an accessory, in order to make the look more beautiful and add a highlight.


What are the advantages of the female belt?


Let him throw the first stone who never needed a belt to fit a pair of pants that were loose at the waist. Many times, even, we already bought the pants thinking about using it this way.

This is an accessory that when it comes to functionality, it leaves something to be desired. The belt is capable of adjusting pants, shorts, skirts and even some dresses.

It is practical, versatile and a great help to deal with the wide waistband, but that is not all. It is a piece that exudes style, good taste and beauty.

Nowadays, belts come in all colors, shapes and buckles, and they are often used only to enrich a look, as an accessory.

It is simple to use, not usually very expensive and can be used on different occasions. You can even add some holes, if necessary, but it is important that this is done carefully, otherwise you can destroy your accessory.

In general, it offers good benefits, and it is recommended to have at least one ready in your wardrobe.

How to assemble looks using women’s belts and on what occasions to wear them?


When it comes to women’s belts, we have good news: almost every occasion allows you to insert it into production.

If you have any doubts on how to do this in practice, we will give you some usage tips:

At work

Wearing a belt in a formal setting is quite simple. You can adapt it to jeans or tailoring pants or linen. Avoid wearing it outside the dowel or in dresses, to maintain a more formal pattern.

Choose belts that are medium in width or thin, and also neutral in color. Combine them with blazers, sandals, sneakers, sneakers and blouses of the most different types.

At college or school

The rules for going to college or school are very similar to the rules of work. However, here you don’t have to follow a very formal pattern.

If you are already in college, and if your institution allows it, you can even combine it with shorts and flat shoes, always making the final production fit.

At school, keep wearing it only with jeans, especially if it is a school with mandatory uniform use. Here, opt for simpler models.

At the club or at the bar

It is super possible to wear a belt for fun at night. In that case, you can dare more. Wear it in pants, shorts and high-waisted skirts, as well as dresses, outside the dowel, in order to mark and highlight the waist.

If you like, opt for more striking, wide, colorful and shiny models.

On the sidewalk

On day trips the important thing is to maintain comfort. So, prefer to wear your feminine belt with jeans pants or shorts. Choose medium or thin models and combine them with the garments you like best. On feet, prefer sneakers or flat shoes.

Is it fashionable to wear women’s belts?


If you are wondering if the women’s belt is on the rise, the answer is yes! In fact, it is a piece that never goes out of style.

The female belt has been present in women’s clothing for centuries, and since its creation has adapted to all phases of fashion.

So stay calm! This is a versatile and timeless accessory that will continue to decorate looks around for many years.


How much does a women’s belt cost?


A basic and good quality belt does not cost much, being in the range of R $ 50 and R $ 110. However, there are some models of famous brands or manufactured in genuine leather, which end up being more expensive, in the range of R $ 200.

Where to buy women’s belts?


Buying a women’s belt is quite an easy task. What you will not lack are accessories stores and even clothes selling the product, just look in your city.

If you are looking for affordable prices, it may be worth looking in department stores. However, if you really like the comfort of online shopping, no problem. We can recommend Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare women’s belts

Now that you are able to enjoy all the benefits of a women’s belt, we will point you to everything you should take into account when making your purchase:


  • Size
  • Buckle
  • Material
  • Design


Below, we will explain in detail each of these points.


Most belts follow the standard sizes P, M, G and GG, so it is important that you keep an eye on buying the size corresponding to your measurements.

Each brand has its own modeling, however, here is a table with the average length of a female belt.

tablex] PMG GG Length 105 cm 110 cm 115 cm 120 cm [/ tablex]


The buckle is the highlight of your belt, which draws attention to it. There are classic and simple models, as well as cool and better elaborated models.

For day to day, opt for a belt with a simpler buckle, because it will be easier to combine it with your clothes and accessories.

However, for special occasions, choose a belt that enhances the look, with a better worked buckle and different from most.


As you can imagine, the best quality belts are those whose manufacturing material is genuine leather. They are the most resistant and durable, but also the most expensive.

However, there are options made in suede, fake leather and even fabric.


The design of your women’s belt involves the buckle and the strap. Nowadays, there is no lack of variety, since there are options for all tastes and styles.

If you are more basic, it may be a good idea to buy a classic model, in black or brown, with a silver or gold buckle, without much detail.

However, if you like to dare, consider the wide, colorful models with flashy buckles. They can be incredible choices if you know how to use them with clothes that value them.


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