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Top & Best Michael Kors Watch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Michael Kors Watch: Which is best for you in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Michael Kors watch, which recently was a fever in lands and is still very successful. The famous New York brand produces several exceptional models for this accessory that many consider indispensable!

The Michael Kors wristwatch became famous in for having a lot of quality and beauty without being as expensive as some other brands. People started to bring specimens from abroad to resell here. But today, it is quite easy to find it! Let’s talk now about models, types, specifications and designs. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Michael Kors is a renowned brand in several fields of fashion and accessories. Their watches stand out along with bags, shoes, jewelry and many other items.
  • What makes Michael Kors so famous is the fact that the brand produces first-rate watches, beautiful, elegant and durable, without having a price as high as most of its competitors.
  • There are Michael Kors watches for both male and female audiences, and for all tastes, from the most striking to the minimalist, from traditional to full of technology.

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The best Michael Kors watch models: Our opinion

When looking at a showcase full of Michael Kors watches, you can fall in love. And also have many doubts about which to put on your arm in the most important moments of your life. To help you, we have selected some models of great prominence that can make your eyes shine!

  • The best for them
  • The best for them
  • The best smartwatch

Buying Guide

It’s time to talk about more details about Michael Kors watches. What makes this brand so popular? What does it offer as a differential? How to choose the perfect watch for you?

Stay tuned in our buying guide and have all your questions answered!

Why is Michael Kors a respected brand?

Michael Kors is a brand that is growing fast. Not surprisingly, its founder (who gives the brand its name) recently joined the Forbes list of billionaires.

This is because it is a brand that combines several fundamental characteristics: Durability, resistance, confidence, beauty, elegance and affordable cost. When a part or accessory manages to concentrate all this, success is guaranteed!

Michael Kors does not only manufacture wristwatches: its handbags are very famous, and there is still prominence in areas such as shoes, jewelry and perfumes (both male and female). In none of them are the characteristics mentioned above ignored.

Did you know that Michael Kors started designing and making in his basement? He followed the trajectory of many famous designers, however, his success took time to arrive.

After his initial private label failed to make big profits, Kors got a job as a salesman at a New York boutique. Only then did his talent stand out and, after being elevated as the main stylist in the place, he was able to try again to launch his own brand.

This time, with huge success!

What are the differences of the Michael Kors watch?

When we buy a wristwatch , we look for beauty, elegance, efficiency and durability. Some brands offer all of this, but at a very high cost. Others are cheaper, but fail in some of the aspects mentioned.

Michael Kors is the brand capable of offering all these features at an affordable price.

The brand offers a complete line of models ranging from the simplest and minimalist to the one that uses pearls and crystals, drawing a lot of attention. He also knows how to apply technology very well in his exceptional smartwatches .

There are not many negative points related to Michael Kors. We can only mention that, in a prejudiced way because of the accessible values, some people associated the brand with a reputation for “tacky”. And that, unfortunately, there are many counterfeits.

But you just need to buy in safe and respected places to avoid suffering from fakes.

Below, a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of Michael Kors watches:

Analog or digital Michael Kors watch?

A common question that may arise when buying a watch is: analog (mark the hours with hands) or digital (mark the hours with numbers)?

Michael Kors has exceptional models of both types that can be on your wrist daily.

There is no denying that a digital watch is more beautiful and elegant. It is suitable for social situations, jobs and meetings. It can, of course, be used at any time, but if you prefer a more stripped down look, it may be better to opt for digital.


The digital watch has a casual look.

After all, the digital watch has a casual look and goes great for sports, going to clubs or to a party.

The digital clock allows you to see the time and also set it more easily. Those who have no practice can take a little getting used to the analog model.

We compare the two types in the table below:

What are the main materials used by Michael Kors in his watches?

The elegance of a watch is linked to many aspects. One is the material that composes it. A renowned brand like Michael Kors needs to employ several quality materials in its parts, thus giving buyers a good variety of options.

We have listed below some of the main materials that can compose a Michael Kors watch:

    • Stainless Steel: It is known for its great resistance. It does not rust, it is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and the effects of the weather, it guarantees years of use of the product. It may not be as elegant and coveted as other materials, but it is undoubtedly one of the best.
    • Titanium: It is also a highly resistant material, however, it is difficult to extract. This makes its value more expensive than stainless steel. Usually, their alloys do not allow as much variation of models.
    • Gold: Synonymous with wealth, gold is the most expensive and coveted material for a watch. Michael Kors has some very good models using this noble metal. He needs special care and is quite expensive.
    • Leather: Unlike the other materials mentioned, leather is used only on the part of the bracelet. It can be quite elegant, especially if used in a more rustic way. For being of animal origin, it can displease many. It also requires special care.


Michael Kors still eventually uses some types of crystals (such as Swarovski) and pearls, as well as other precious metals, in its watches. There is something available for every taste!

How to clean your Michael Kors watch?

When we buy a watch from a brand as good as Michael Kors, we want it to last for many years.

For that, it is necessary to take special care. Among them, the main thing is cleaning the piece.

The first step is to clean the bracelet. It will be necessary to identify the material: stainless steel or metals will use one type of solution, leather or silicone will ask for another.


Wipe with soap and water to clean your watch strap.

If your Michael Kors watch is made of stainless steel or metal, regularly wash it with soap and water. Use a lint-free cloth or pieces to spread and then dry the bracelet very well.

The process with the leather is similar, just replacing the soap with vinegar.

For the body of the watch, the ideal for cleaning is to use a cotton swab dipped in water and a little soap. Then, pass it gently over the face and corners of the piece, removing any impurities that may exist.

The ideal thing is to clean your Michael Kors watch every two months.

How to recognize if a Michael Kors watch is original?

A common problem with famous and respected watch brands, such as Michael Kors, is counterfeiting. Many people end up buying cat in a poke and keeping fake models.

So that you don’t take this risk, we selected a video from the Manoela Gomes channel on YouTube, which teaches you to recognize all the differences:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Michael Kors watch?

The price of a Michael Kors watch varies by model, material and technology. The simplest, usually very minimalist, are around R $ 400. They already have a lot of quality. The most expensive are the very modern smartwatches and reach almost R $ 4,000.

Michael Kors has stores and outlets throughout. Going to one of these places to buy your watch is a great idea. Of course, you can also purchase online. If this is your preference, we recommend Amazon. Also, visit the international Amazon.



Purchasing Criteria: What to consider when choosing your Michael Kors watch

The time has come to talk about some more technical issues of Michael Kors watches. We selected some items that can be very important at the time of your purchase:

  • Size
  • Format
  • Technology
  • Resistance

Below, we’ll talk a little more about each of these factors.


To find out what size Michael Kors watch is right for you, you will need to measure your wrist.

If your wrist diameter is up to 18 cm, you should choose a small model, between 38 and 42 mm. An average pulse, between 18 and 22 cm, calls for a model between 42 and 44 mm. And for a larger wrist, over 42 mm in diameter, wear a large watch, over 44 mm.

It is fashionable nowadays to wear watches that are more attached to the wrist, such as the slim type. If it is your preference, you will need to pay attention to specific measures.


What is your ideal watch shape? We are talking here about the body, not the bracelets. There are some round, some square, and recently models even with more modern and deconstructed designs.

Michael Kors offers all these options and the main thing is that you follow your personal taste. The round ones are considered more discreet and elegant, however, follow what suits your style best!


We live in a highly technological world. It is clear that watches are not out of this and that a brand like Michael Kors is also updated.

Smartwatches present a number of possibilities. They connect with our smartphone to show important information from day to day, as well as calls, messages and notifications.

If you prefer a smartwatch to a traditional watch, find out if it is the most updated model and if it has the functions you need. If you love sports, for example, the heart rate meter can be great!


When we buy a watch from an established brand like Michael Kors, we want it to last and spend many years with us. Therefore, it is important to check the specifications and resistance measures of the model.

The two most important resistances of a watch are water and impacts. Always read how many meters deep the model still works and how much force it can support. Thus, you will know in which situations you need to take special care with the piece!


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