Top & Best Boxer briefs Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Boxer briefs: How to choose the best model in 2022?

When it comes to underwear, we need to combine maximum comfort and style. Therefore, today we will talk about a piece that manages to achieve excellence in this combination: boxer briefs.

Until approximately the beginning of the century, boxer briefs were almost unknown. But soon, it became one of the favorite models. This happened because it is very comfortable and also produces a very nice and modern look.

Whether you’re a staunch user of boxer briefs, or someone thinking of taking it on as your everyday underwear, it’s time to talk about all aspects of the garment. In this article, we will bring a lot of information and take all possible questions!

First, the most important

  • The boxer type underwear is one of the favorites of men today both for offering great comfort as well as for the grip they have, highlighting some regions of the male body.
  • All men can wear boxer briefs if they feel comfortable with it, but the recommendation is even greater for tall men and within the ideal weight.
  • There are several materials from which boxer briefs are produced, mainly cotton and microfiber. They have advantages and disadvantages and are recommended for specific situations.

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The best models of boxer briefs: Our favorites

Among traditional manufacturers of men’s underwear and clothing that seek their place in the market, boxer briefs abound. Sometimes they are sold separately, but because they are quite cheap, they often come in large sets. We have selected exceptional models of boxer briefs that will not disappoint you!

  • The best kit from Lupo
  • Boxer briefs with color versatility
  • The best microfiber models
  • The best underwear kit from Zorba

The best kit from Lupo

No products found.

Lupo is an extremely traditional brand in the manufacture of underwear. And this kit with 10 boxer briefs is of extreme quality. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, providing comfort and grip.

The underpants are soft to the touch and have elastic at the waistband. The shape is quite anatomical, characteristic of boxer briefs. It is a kit with sober colors, varying in black, gray and shades of blue. You can choose between different size options.

Buying Guide

After all, what are the differences from boxer briefs to other models? Why do some men prefer them? And how to choose the ones that best suit you? It is in our Buying Guide that we will answer all these questions!

What is a boxer underwear?

For a long time, the most used underwear was the slip type – the one that was dug, with cloth ending in the groin. But she may not be very comfortable and, depending on her point of view, not pretty.

Boxer briefs are the ones that solve these problems. It continues to the thigh and is very tight, with no looseness at the bottom. Glued to the body, it enhances the shape of the buttocks and legs and, at the same time, reduces pressure in the groin area.

As it manages to offer comfort, style and sensuality, it is now the favorite of most men. Available in all colors and sizes, it can be used by anyone both on a daily basis and on special occasions.

Did you know? “Boxer”, in English, means “boxer”. But what is the relationship between this type of underwear and the traditional sport?


In many martial arts broadcast on television, fighters wore tight, short shorts. Over time, these pieces have ceased to be used only for sports and entered the men’s wardrobe as underwear.

The underpants got their name from their original use. And they made a successful transition to everyday life, right?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of boxer briefs?

We can divide the advantages and disadvantages of boxer briefs into two categories: Comfort and look.

As for comfort, the clearest is what types of underwear that go to the middle of the thigh are best. They prevent pressure in the groin, as well as the very bad possibility that the tissue will “wrap” around there. They are also wider in the buttock region, preventing unwanted dislocations.

In addition to boxers, another famous underwear with fabric up to the middle of the leg is boxer shorts. Between the two, the question is very personal and goes from each one: do you prefer tighter or wider pieces?

In addition to boxer shorts, samba songs are a very common type of underwear.

The only clearest disadvantage that exists in boxer briefs in relation to comfort is that some of the most used fabrics can become too hot and eventually leave the intimate area even stuffy.

If the item to talk about underwear is the look provided, the boxer is practically unbeatable. Among people who are attracted to men, it is almost unanimous that she has the best appeal of sensuality.

The only possible downside is that it does not look great on men too short, as it can cause a feeling that the legs are even shorter.

In the table below, we list the main advantages and disadvantages of boxer briefs:

Is boxer underwear ideal for your body?

Before starting this sector, we must emphasize that the main criterion for choosing clothing items should be your comfort. If you feel good about it, both in comfort and in self-esteem, rules and conventions can be disregarded.

The case of boxer briefs in relation to the others is similar to the comparison we make between swimming shorts and swim trunks .

As we have already mentioned, shorter people or people with shorter legs seem to be even smaller when wearing boxer briefs. For those who are tall, however, it is quite elegant and values ​​the length of the lower limbs.

Another common recommendation is to avoid boxer briefs when you are overweight. That’s because it works as a short on the part close to the belly, and can mark a lot the shape of the fat.

The boxer briefs can be used by anyone who feels comfortable with it.

The boxer is the perfect underwear for those who are not very overweight because it demarcates the shape of the body very well, especially the region of the thighs and buttocks. But, as we have already said, it is also ideal for everyone who feels comfortable with its use!

To learn more about other types of underwear, what types of bodies they fit best and in which situations fit well, we recommend this video from the Modern Man’s Manual:

What is the best material for boxer briefs?

Boxer briefs can be found made with a few different materials. We can mention three main ones: cotton, microfiber and 100% cotton.

Cotton is simply cotton in English, but the underwear with that name mixes the traditional white fiber with other fabrics, such as elastane or polyester, aiming at greater elasticity and flexibility.

This elasticity is its main advantage, as well as complete adherence to the body. On the other hand, it heats up a lot more and can be annoying on very hot days or for sports.

A microfiber underwear is made with many particles of materials like polyamide or cotton itself. It heats up much less, allows greater ventilation and is softer to the touch. The value is also usually more expensive.

For those who have problems with allergies to certain materials or also want good flexibility, another option is to choose a 100% cotton model. The negative point is that the heat will be even higher than with cotton.

Check the detailed comparison between materials in the following table:

How much does a boxer underwear cost?

The unit value of a boxer briefs, although higher than that of a slip, is still relatively low. Therefore, it is very common for models to be sold in large kits with 3, 5, 10 or even more pieces.

Speaking of price per unit, it is possible to find boxer briefs for around R $ 3 or R $ 4. The best models, regardless of the material, will already be between R $ 10 and R $ 25. Depending on the brand or some special technology, it may reach a number well above that average.

Where to buy boxer briefs?

With the huge popularity that boxer briefs have achieved, today they are everywhere. From large supermarkets to street vendors, from shopping mall stores to small street shops, you will undoubtedly find a satisfying diversity of models.

To buy online, our preference is Amazon, which has a good number of boxer briefs. Also be sure to check out the international Amazon, as well as the online stores of your favorite brands.


Purchase criteria: What to consider when choosing boxer briefs

Now that you know all the advantages of boxer briefs, it’s time to think of some more special details that can help you with your purchase! We selected four important criteria:

  • Color
  • Design
  • Size
  • Presence of bulge

Let’s go deeper into each one below!


The choice of underwear color is very personal. The most popular options are the more sober dark colors, cases of navy blue and black. But there are those who are even a fan of white, which is not highly recommended for staining easily.

And know that there are also boxer briefs for those who like more vivid, flashy and original colors! The red, the chocolate, the wine, the brown … with a little searching, they can all be found, thus filling the most different styles!



We can go even further and talk about underwear with innovative designs, beautiful and creative prints or that refer to famous characters from films, series or cartoons. Thus, your own style is even more guaranteed!

And still in the design, but coming out of the color, there are some pretty cool options, like the seamless models, which give the underwear a more modern look. Another possibility is to purchase a piece that has nothing written on it, if your personal brand is sobriety.



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