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Top & Best Men’s dress shirt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s dress shirt: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the men’s dress shirt, a piece of clothing that is indispensable to any wardrobe. It is very useful for occasions that require a more serious or elegant tone. Even at meetings and casual events it goes very well!

Do you know how to choose the best dress shirt for your body? How to separate the perfect model for each situation? And what are the necessary precautions so that it has a long durability? In this article, we will answer any questions about a piece that is part of every man’s life!

First, the most important

  • The men’s dress shirt is so famous for being versatile and stylish. There is hardly a time in a man’s life when he cannot be wearing one.
  • There are social shirts for all tastes and styles, with variety in cuts, colors, trim and modeling.
  • Taking care of a dress shirt is difficult. The piece requires special care not to get too dented or even spoil quickly.

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The best men’s dress shirts: Our recommendations

The number of men’s dress shirts on the market is huge. They have varied patterns, trim, values ​​and cuts. We made a versatile selection capable of pleasing the most different tastes:

  • Ideal for those who prefer plain shirts
  • The model for those who like to be cool
  • The shirt for those who want sophistication

Ideal for those who prefer plain shirts

No products found.

Camiseria Colombo is famous for its most serious models, endowed with elegance and comfort. We know that many men prefer to keep discreet clothing and for that the plain dress shirt is perfect. Light blue, this piece is perfect for use with suit and dress pants. And the best: it does not leave aside a modern cut!

Buying Guide

Now that you know some exceptional models of men’s dress shirts, it’s time to help you with basic questions about the garment. After all, every man wants to know how to choose the best shirt possible for his body and his style!

Why is the men’s dress shirt so popular?

The men’s dress shirt is synonymous with elegance. More than that, it is versatile! You can put together classic or modern looks with it. You can go to weddings and graduations or meet friends at a bar.

There are many men who have some objection to the use of items such as polo shirts or plain shirts. The same cannot be said of the social shirt: This transition across all environments and situations is precisely what guarantees it such popularity!

No matter what your personal style or your tribe is, there is a dress shirt that suits you.


The origin of the social shirt is quite different from the function it has today: it was the underwear, responsible for preventing the noblest garments from coming into contact with the body.

Sometimes even used as pajamas! It was only when it gained fist and collar, already in the 19th century, that it began to be seen as a more elegant piece. Over time, it gained more and more respect until it became the fundamental piece it is today in the middle of the 20th century.

What are the advantages of wearing a men’s dress shirt?

There are short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, plain and printed, with classic or modern cut, traditional modeling or slim fit. This gigantic versatility is the main positive point of the piece.

Gone is the time that she could be worn only with a suit and dress pants. Today, there is little creativity with the men’s dress shirt.

And despite that, in any type of look the dress shirt is still a landmark of beauty and elegance. It is a fact that you will impress more with her than, for example, with a band shirt !



Luciano BarberaItalian entrepreneur and stylist

“Being perceived without being hungry for being perceived: this is what elegance is about.”

The disadvantages of the dress shirt are more related to the practical sense of its use. Some models can be too hot and annoy you on certain days, in addition to kneading very easily and asking for some special care.

We list the main advantages and disadvantages of wearing the men’s dress shirt

What are the models of men’s social shirts?

The men’s dress shirt has three main types of modeling: Comfort, slim fit and super slim.

These models relate to the fit and how the piece fits the male body. Similar terminologies are used in other pieces, such as jeans and dress pants.

The comfort shirt is the traditional one. It has a straight cut and does not fit the body. It gives a more classic look to its user and has the positive point of not limiting movements.

For those who want a slightly modern look, slim fit is the recommendation. The cut is close to the body in regions such as armpits and sleeves. The piece is more glued. It is a type preferred by young people, mainly in good physical shape.

The super slim takes the characteristics of slim fit to the maximum: the buttons seem to almost burst and the body contour is clear. Everything is very marked by this modeling. It is recommended only for men in great shape and with a very particular taste.

Check out the comparison between the models below:

How to combine the men’s dress shirt?

The men’s dress shirt offers a myriad of possibilities for combinations and looks. Your creativity can be used, but there are some precautions to be taken.

For very social occasions, there is nothing to invent: you should choose a plain shirt and wear it inside your pants, preferably with a suit and tie.

When we talk about casual uses, at work or on a date or meeting with friends, we can let that creativity run wild.

How about combining the dress shirt with jeans? You can work on the prints, unbutton a few buttons at the top and even fold the sleeves.

One idea is to always mix colors. A dark shirt with light pants, or vice versa, creates a contrast that can be very beautiful to the eye.


When wearing a dress shirt, take care when choosing your belt!

Also take care when choosing the belt! This piece is fundamental in the use of the dress shirt. It can be darker than the pants and lighter than the shirt, causing an interesting gradient effect.

Finally, we need to talk about footwear. On serious occasions, choose the social shoe. But when wearing jeans, a sneaker can be a great option, especially if it is a stylish model, from a brand like Adidas, Converse or New Balance.

To err with the dress shirt is even difficult for so many options that it offers! Just be

How to care for the men’s dress shirt?

The dress shirt is a difficult piece to be taken care of. Kneads very easily, causes problems when ironing and sometimes even needs to be ironed.

When washing the dress shirt, use water, soap and fabric softener. Other products are not recommended. Let it dry on the hanger, thus allowing it not to knead so much.

The main problem is the time to use the iron on the shirt. Therefore, we selected the following video from the Como Faz channel that explains the process:

How much does it cost and where to buy a men’s dress shirt?

The price of a men’s dress shirt varies according to the model, the cut and, mainly, the brand. You will find models between R $ 40 and R $ 1,000, but most are in the range of R $ 100.

Every clothing store, whether in a neighborhood or in a shopping mall, will have a social shirt sector. There are also some specialized franchises. If you prefer online shopping, check out Amazon! Amazon international is also an option.


Purchase Criteria: What to consider when buying a men’s dress shirt

You already know what type of dress shirt you will buy and how you will wear it. It’s time to get into some more technical issues. We have selected some important items to discuss:

  • Numbering
  • Color
  • Fabric
  • Fist

Below, we talk a little about each one.


Most dress shirts follow a numbering pattern related to size ranging from 0 to 5.

We cannot put a comparative table because there is variation from confection to confection, but what you need to take into account is that, normally, 0 and 1 are equivalent to PP, 2 to P, 3 to M, 4 to G and 5 to GG.


To choose the color of a dress shirt, the first issue is individual taste. There are those who do not give up black clothes, who prefer something more lively and colorful, perhaps striped or even printed. Everything varies!

The good news is that there are dress shirts for all tastes. And of course, you can have different types in your closet! Just don’t make mistakes when combining, for example, wearing a piece of the same color as the pants.


There are four fabrics most used in men’s dress shirts:

  • 100% Cotton : This is perhaps the most difficult type to wash, iron and store, as it tends to knead more. On the other hand, it is cooler than other fabrics, helping in very hot days, and has extremely high durability.
  • Microfiber : It is practically the opposite of cotton: It kneads less easily and is less difficult to care for, but it is very hot, difficult to be used in hot places. In common, durability.
  • Oxford : This is a warm fabric, but it gives the pieces a lot of elegance. It is usually used in expensive and high fashion models.
  • Tricoline : Similar to Oxford, but much cooler and can also be used on hot days.


There are several shapes of cuffs in a dress shirt and they vary according to the level of formality of the occasion and the model’s traditionalism.

The cuff link is the most formal, indispensable for social occasions. Because it is double, it gives the sleeve a harder look.

If the handle is square, it is versatile and can be used on many occasions. The most casual is the flexible handle, which can be round and have only one button.


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