Top & Best Tie Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tie: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today, we are going to talk about a male accessory in the closet of anyone who wants to dress in style: the tie. Although ties are proportionally a small component in the wardrobe, they are pieces that attract a lot of attention and make the look much more stylish. However, it is necessary to choose them carefully, as a wrong tie can ruin the whole look. Therefore, we separate all the necessary information about them, models and the criteria to choose the ideal tie.

First, the most important

  • Always try to match your tie with the rest of the outfit.
  • In addition to choosing the right tie, you need to know which knot to use.
  • There are a multitude of ties available of all types and colors, it is important to know how to choose the best one for the occasion.

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Ranking: The 4 best ties

Ties are small and seemingly insignificant items, but in reality they make all the difference in the look. Therefore, it is necessary to choose them correctly. So, we have separated some incredible models for you to make no mistake when selecting a tie to match your look.

Buying Guide

With more than 150 years of history, the tie is a very versatile item that has been produced in all possible styles and models. Given the many varieties, it is often difficult for men to choose one that suits their style.

Therefore, we have prepared a super complete guide with everything you need to know so as not to make mistakes when choosing your tie. Keep reading and see everything about this item.

What is a tie and why wear it?

No one knows for sure who invented the tie, but historians believe it has been around for more than 2,000 years. The ancient terracotta warriors of the Chinese Qin dynasty wore silk cords around their necks as symbols of their elite category, which can be considered an ancestor of today’s tie.

Most modern ties, which are usually 130 cm long and about 8 cm wide, are based on a patent created in 1924 by tailor Jesse Langsdorf. His experience with clothing allowed him to create a tie model that was visually appealing and more durable.

They must always be tied with multiple knots, which are often difficult to learn. Some examples of common types of tie knots are Pratt, Four-in-Hand, Half-Windsor and Full Windsor.

Once you learn how to tie your tie properly, you will soon understand why many people choose to wear them. Clothes are always more beautiful and elegant with them!

How to choose the right tie for the occasion?

A tie should always be chosen according to the occasion when it will be used. That’s because depending on the place, you can wear ties more or less formal. Check the most suitable for each event:

  • Wedding : Especially for the bridegroom, it is interesting to bet on plain silver ties or choose a thin, soberly colored bow tie.
  • Business meeting : Try to bet on more conservative models, with sober tones such as black, graphite, brown, navy blue or burgundy.
  • Romantic dinner : In a romantic meeting or dinner bet on more vivid and striking tones or pleasant tones, such as pink, lilac or light blue.
  • Work : The right tie for your job depends a lot on the area in which you work. A doctor, for example, should use warm colors, as they convey confidence. A lawyer, on the other hand, can opt for darker colors that give the impression of seriousness.

How to choose the ideal knot for your tie?

To find out what type of knot to use on your tie, check out some important things that you should pay attention to.

The correct collar for your face shape : The wider collars are more suitable for men with angular faces, thus helping to accentuate a feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, the pointed and narrow collars will better complement men with a round face.

The right knot for your collar : After choosing the right collar, it is time to choose the ideal knot. Wide collars are best used with the full or half Windsor knot, the pointed collars are best combined with a “Four In Hand” knot, while a medium collar offers more flexibility and can be used with “Four In Hand”, “ Half Windsor ”or“ Full Windsor ”.

The right knot for the occasion : The type of event or occasion you are attending can also influence the type of knot you will wear with your tie. If you dress for a social night with a skinny tie, it is better to opt for a Four In Hand. However, if you are going to attend a cocktail party or a gala event it is best to opt for a Half Windsor or a Full Windsor knot.

The right knot fabric : The type of tie fabric you are wearing should also be taken into account when choosing the type of tie knot to use. Thicker ties with wool interlinings are more suitable for Knights Half and Full Windsor, while thinner ties with a polyester stabilizer are best used with a Four in Hand knot.

How to combine the tie with the shirt?

One of the main points for knowing how to dress well is to combine the tie with the shirt properly. This is because these are pieces present in different situations of social and professional life that always give a tone of elegance to the looks.

Therefore, we have separated some tips to make this task easier, since it can be a little confusing due to the variety of shirts and ties on the market.


    • Choose colors carefully . Avoid exceeding 3 tones by adding the gifts on your shirt and tie;
    • Combine flashy ties with more sober shirts . This will make your look look more elegant;
    • When in doubt, choose neutral and sober tones . It is always better to choose between the basic and darker tones when we are not feeling confident and bold enough yet. Gradually, dare with more attractive ties;
    • Before dressing, be sure to test the combinations . Place the tie in front of the available shirts and balance the colors. Then, do the same with the suit and pants;
    • When getting ready, think about what you want to convey wearing your clothes . Choose combinations that convey this feeling.


How to wear a tie correctly?

Many people are confused when wearing a tie, so we have separated some key tips for you to look stylish and use this item correctly in your clothing. Check out some information:

  • The end of your tie should always touch your belt line.
  • If you are wearing a tie pin, always place it between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt.
  • Never leave your tie crooked or out of place.
  • The thin part of the tie should be a little shorter than the wide part.
  • Your tie should never be visible under the collar of your shirt.
  • For people with a shorter neck and a narrower style, Four in Hand Knot works best.
  • People who work as lawyers, salespeople and CEOs should wear regular ties with more regular knots.
  • Different colored ties say different things about your personality, so choose wisely and don’t get the message wrong.

How much?

A tie can vary widely in price, from R $ 10 to more than R $ 1,000, depending on the model, brand and fabric. But most ties will cost around R $ 50 to R $ 200.

Now, if you want a designer or branded tie, you will need to pay a larger amount. The best-known brand neckties start at R $ 300.

Where to buy?

The most common place to buy a tie is at men’s clothing stores, especially those that specialize in suits and dress. However, they are often expensive.

A cheaper option is department stores, but they don’t have that many varieties and usually have low quality ties. Therefore, the best alternative is to invest in stores like Amazon, which has good variety, low price and home delivery.


Purchase criteria: Factors that allow you to compare different tie offers

A tie can seem like a simple item, without much mystery when choosing. However, they exist in a multitude of types, sizes and styles that can complicate the selection process.

With that said, we have compiled some criteria to be observed in the process of buying a tie. That way, you will avoid buying a tie that is uncomfortable or that you will never wear.

    • Proportion
    • Fabric
    • Quality
    • Cut
    • Sliding knot

So, let’s detail each of these items so that you can choose a perfect tie for your style.


Like most things, ties come in many shapes and sizes. It is essential to obtain a tie that matches well with your body structure and the clothes you will be wearing.

The width of your tie should be dictated by the size of the lapels on your jacket or blazer. Not having this consistency will make all your clothes look unbalanced, which draws attention negatively.

  • Fabric

As with most fashion items, fabric is the most important part of a tie. Silk is the fabric that should be chosen when it comes to the men’s tie and should make up most of the ties in your wardrobe. That’s because it is one of the most durable fabrics in the world.

If you want to try other fabrics, these are also of the highest quality:

    • Cashmere : It is once again gaining prominence in the market. Since the finish of a cashmere tie is not as shiny as silk, they are best used in less formal settings.
    • Cotton : If you live in a colder climate, the cotton tie is a great alternative to the silk variety. The cotton tie is versatile enough to be used in various environments and can also be found in many styles and colors.


A quality tie must be well stitched, and it is necessary to observe each element of the body of the tie. A well-made tie should consist of three parts:

    • Tip : Final part of the tie.
    • Tail : Small, thinner part of the tie.
    • Reinforcement : Piece that joins the two and reinforces the construction of the tie.

Searching for these key components of a tie will not only guarantee the purchase of a quality tie, but will also guarantee you a cost-effective piece.


A quality tie should have a good cut. That is, it must be cut in the bias, which means a cut of 45 degrees. This will make her look very presentable after being tied up.

In addition, a well-cut tie is not deformed and is much easier to iron. It will always be straight and will be well aligned in your suit or shirt.

Sliding knot

The best handmade ties will contain a sliding tie that protrudes from the end of the tie. This means that there is no wear when tying and untying.

The sliding knot will allow men to adjust the tension, returning the tie to its original shape. This is a criterion that will make your tie much more durable!



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